1. How to file RTI to know the score?
  2. Step 1: Copy paste the draft RTI application
  3. Step 2: IPO worth 10 Rupees.
  4. Step 3: Envelop
  • UPSC has announced the CSAT-2012 result, Click on following link to see the PDF containing roll numbers of successful candidates


  • Those of you, who [unfortunately] failed in the UPSC CSAT 2012 exam: there is no point in joining the cut off speculation game prevalent on various online forums- it will only add insult to your injury. Many of you will feel “I ticked answers worth XYZ marks and still not selected, but another person online who claims to have ticked answers worth only ABC marks is selected.” So browsing such forums and threads will only increase your agony.
  • If you want to find out the truth about what went wrong in your case -“How many marks did UPSC actually give to you and what was marks of the last guy who got selected in your category?” then better ask UPSC to give you the photocopy of your OMR answersheet and the official answerkey and the number of marks officially allotted to you and to the last guy in your category.
  • Everyone who fails in the prelims, either fades away or gives another attempt. All these years, this attitude from our side has turned UPSC into a Lord Curzon- otherwise what is so sacred about prelims that UPSC doesn’t publish the marks of every candidate? If only 10000 failed candidates file RTIs asking for marks, the UPSC staff will get tired digging through computer database to take print outs of every RTI applicant’s marks  and their boss will get tired signing each RTI-reply letter, and next time they’ll upload the result + marks of each candidate right on their official website to save themselves from this fatigue. (or atleast I hope so.)

How to file RTI to know the score?

Please note that, UPSC might not immediately the give the information citing “the Examination process is not yet complete, because the Civil Service Exam 2012 will complete only when final merit list is published somewhere in April-May 2013.

But doesn’t hurt trying the luck for Rs.15 (10 for IPO and 5 for postal stamps). So, here is the standard procedure to file an RTI to UPSC, inquiring about marks. (IPS LCE candidates can also use this letter, just replace CSAT-2012 to IPS LCE 2012)

Step 1: Copy paste the draft RTI application

Copy paste following letter in your MS Word program (or manually write this in a plain paper.)

Replace XYZ with your name and roll number at appropriate places.


Insert your name and Address


CPIO-Joint Director (Examination),


New Delhi

Sub: Application under RTI 2005, about CSAT 2012 Result


Provide me the following information regarding Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination 2012 [also known as Civil Service Aptitude Test (CSAT) 2012.]

  1.  Official Answerkeys for Paper I and Paper II.
  2. Photocopies of OMR Answersheets of Roll Number XYZ.
  3. Marks allotted to Roll Number XYZ in each paper.
  4. Cut off marks of each category (Gen,ST,ST,OBC,Ph) in CSAT 2012.

Along with this letter, I’ve attached the Indian Postal Order Worth Rs.10, as  RTI Application fees.

Yours sincerely,


Step 2: IPO worth 10 Rupees.

Go to nearest post office, ask them to provide a Rs.10 Indian Postal Order.

Write “Accounts Officer, UPSC, New Delhi” on it.

Write the date and Tear out the slip from left hand side as evidence. and ask the clerk to “cross” (put stamp on) the IPO.

Step 3: Envelop

From the same post office buy an envelope worth Rs.5 OR take a blank evenlope and affix stamps worth Rs.5 as postage charges
Now slip the Drafted RTI application Letter + the Rs.10 IPO in this envelop and send it to following address
Union public service Commission (UPSC),

Dholpur House,

Shah Jahan Road,

New Delhi-110069

Wait for 40 days. (yea the RTI act says 30 days but the timer starts only after UPSC receives your letter. 10 days are added by me, considering the time it takes to send and receive letter to and fro)

And please note down the details of date when you sent the letter + serial of IPO as evidence.

Update: September-02-2012

Some readers filled the RTI and UPSC didnot provide them the necessary information. So what to do next?
Answer is in the following article