1. Prologue
  2. My Question: Model Answerpapers
  3. My Question on removal of optionals
  4. My Question on CSAT answerkeys
  5. My Question: CSE 2011 Cutoffs at each stage
  6. Scanned copy of RTI reply


Earlier, some people had sent me scanned images of RTI replies related to CSAT 2011 cutoffs but some readers had said they were fake letters. I had some doubts myself about the authenticity of those anonymous RTIs, So on 26th June 2012, I (Mrunal) myself had filed an RTI to UPSC asking a bunch of questions and they’ve sent the reply today (July-25-2012) so here it goes. [And the Original letter of UPSC has been posted at the bottom of this article]


CPIO-Joint Director (Examination),

UPSC, New Delhi

Sub: Application under RTI 2005, about Civil Service Examination (CSE)

My Question: Model Answerpapers

Does UPSC provide model answer-papers to the examiners for CSE (Mains) examination? If “yes”, then provide model answer-papers given to the examiners for the following subjects, in CSE (Mains) 2010 and CSE (Mains) 2011.

i. General Studies Paper I and II (English Medium)

ii. Public Administration Paper I and II (English Medium)

iii. Essay (English Medium and Hindi Medium)

UPSC replied

No. [we donot provide model answersheets to examiners for Mains Exam!]

Mrunal comments

but I still believe that atleast GS (Mains) Model answersheet exists, otherwise how can xyz professor who is checking your GS mains papers, know the correct answer of all 2 markers by himself, when even we’ve hard time finding their answers at home after the exam?

So, UPSC must be giving him some sort of booklet containing the correct answers for GS Mains questions- atleast for the 2 markers and yearbook question. Certainly every professor can’t be knowing all the Government schemes by heart! I’m going to file an Appeal against this RTI reply, to Joint Secretary of UPSC.

My Question on removal of optionals

2. Is UPSC going to remove optional subjects from Civil Service (Mains) Examination 2013? If the answer is “No”, then in which year will UPSC remove optional subjects from the Civil Service (Mains) examination?

UPSC replied

You are informed that the RTI Act, 2005 neither envisage nor it is possible for the

PIO to predict the future course of action of the Public Authority. However, it is informed that a committee to review the existing structure of Civil Services (Main) Examination and suggest necessary changes has been constituted, under the chairmanship of Prof. Arun S. Nigavekar, Ex-Chairman, UGC and Committee is yet to submit its report.

Mrunal comments: ya, I knew you wouldn’t give an exact answer to this question, but didn’t hurt asking!

Question on CSAT answerkeys

3. Provide the official answer keys for CSAT 2011 and CSAT 2012 for following papers

i. General Studies (Paper I)

ii. Aptitude (Paper II)

UPSC replied

The answer keys of Paper-I and Paper-II in respect of Civil Services (Pre.) Exam.,

2012 cannot be provided as, the process is not yet complete and section 8(1)(j) is invoked. However, the Answer Keys of all four sets of CS(P) Exam., 2011 are enclosed.

Mrunal comments: but the envelope that I received contains no such answerkey of CSAT 2011.

That means another appeal against the PIO.

My Question: CSE 2011 Cutoffs at each stage

Provide the category wise cut-off marks for CSE 2011 for all three stages viz.

i. CSAT (Preliminary exam)

ii. Mains Exam

iii. Personal Interview

UPSC replied

The requisite information is an under :

Marks of last guy selected in CSAT-2011.

Out of 400 marks

Marks of last guy selected for Interview

Out of 200 marks

Total marks of last guy selected in Final merit list of CSE-2011

Out of 2300 marks

General 198 842 1090
OBC 175 822 1059
SC 165 807 1023
ST 161 798 1009
PH-1 135 767 1008
PH-2 124 767 1047
PH-3 096 663 0911

Mrunal: and finally, here is the scanned copy of UPSC’s letter. See the following image

Scanned copy of RTI reply

UPSC Reply to RTI

UPSC Reply to RTI filled by Mrunal.org