[RTI] Official Answerkeys for CSAT 2011 received (all 4 Series: A,B,C,D)

In RTI by Support Staff

here are the Official Answerkeys for CSAT 2011 that I received today through RTI, Click on the following links to see them

Answerkeys: CSAT 2011 Paper I (General Studies)

  1. (Series A)
  2. (Series B)
  3. (Series C)
  4. (Series D)

Answerkeys: CSAT 2011 Paper II (Aptitude)

  1. (Series A)
  2. (Series B)
  3. (Series C)
  4. (Series D)

But answer-keys are meaningless without question papers! so here are the question papers:

Question Papers of CSAT 2011

To download the Question Papers of CSAT 2011 click following links

GS Paper I (A series)


Aptitude Paper II (A Series)


Reply of UPSC Jt.Secretary (FAA)

Reply of UPSC Secretary

Reply of UPSC Jt.Secretary (Click To Enlarge)

Background of the events

Earlier I had filled an RTI to UPSC asking for

  • Model answers for GS Mains and Essay
  • Official answerkey for CSAT-2011
  • Cut off for CSAT 2011
  • Whether optionals will be removed from 2013’s exam

The reply of UPSC was posted in earlier article Click ME. As stated in that article, their envelop didnot contain the answerkeys for CSAT-2011+ they had not provided the model answers for mains exam and essay. So I had filled an Appeal to Joint Secretary, UPSC last month and today I received the official answerkeys for CSAT 2011 for all four series (A,B,C,D). Although Joint Secretary also refused to provide the model answers for mains and essay so the game is not over, I’m moving to CIC.