[RTI] Official Answerkeys for CSAT 2011 received (all 4 Series: A,B,C,D)

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here are the Official Answerkeys for CSAT 2011 that I received today through RTI, Click on the following links to see them

Answerkeys: CSAT 2011 Paper I (General Studies)

  1. (Series A)
  2. (Series B)
  3. (Series C)
  4. (Series D)

Answerkeys: CSAT 2011 Paper II (Aptitude)

  1. (Series A)
  2. (Series B)
  3. (Series C)
  4. (Series D)

But answer-keys are meaningless without question papers! so here are the question papers:

Question Papers of CSAT 2011

To download the Question Papers of CSAT 2011 click following links

GS Paper I (A series)


Aptitude Paper II (A Series)


Reply of UPSC Jt.Secretary (FAA)

Reply of UPSC Secretary

Reply of UPSC Jt.Secretary (Click To Enlarge)

Background of the events

Earlier I had filled an RTI to UPSC asking for

  • Model answers for GS Mains and Essay
  • Official answerkey for CSAT-2011
  • Cut off for CSAT 2011
  • Whether optionals will be removed from 2013’s exam

The reply of UPSC was posted in earlier article Click ME. As stated in that article, their envelop didnot contain the answerkeys for CSAT-2011+ they had not provided the model answers for mains exam and essay. So I had filled an Appeal to Joint Secretary, UPSC last month and today I received the official answerkeys for CSAT 2011 for all four series (A,B,C,D). Although Joint Secretary also refused to provide the model answers for mains and essay so the game is not over, I’m moving to CIC.

Indian History Freedom Struggle Pratik Nayak

71 Comments on “[RTI] Official Answerkeys for CSAT 2011 received (all 4 Series: A,B,C,D)”

    1. it will only be revealed once complete exam process for 2012 is over….that is after 2012 final interview result…..bcz this exam is still in process…..

  1. Dear Mrunal,
    GS PAPER I – SET A – Modern History
    Q.54) Which one of the following observations is not true about the Quit INDIA movement?
    a/ It was a non-violent movement.
    b/ It was led by Mahatma Gandhi.
    c/ It was a spontaneous movement.
    d/ It did not attract the labour class in general.

    The correct answer as per the key is b. What do you think of option a?. Yes, Bapu was arrested before night, but he was the leader who gave up the call and sprung the people into action. It was a violent movement. Comment please….

      1. Yes A should have been the option and more over option D says labour didn’t take part, but it was confined to places only where CPI had influence.. In places where congress had influence, labour took part right?

  2. Dear Sir,

    Could you pls let me know ,what is the approx cut off for IAS Prelims i.e paper I & paper II seperately and how to plan so that it can be achieved by balanced study of all sections .


    1. for preliminary exam UPSC doesn’t have seperate cut offs for paperI and II. they combine the scores of both papers and then prepare merit list.

  3. Dear Sir,

    I have taken CSAT 2011. As per Answer key of UPSC my score comes 73.34 in GS-I & 105.67 in GS-II total score comes 179.
    But cut off for OBC is 175. SO I asked UPSC to provide me following information-
    1. Official Answer keys for Paper I and Paper II.
    2. Photocopies of OMR Answer sheets of my roll number.
    3. Marks allotted to my Roll Number in each paper.
    4. Cut off marks of each category (Gen,ST,ST,OBC,Ph) in CSAT 2011.
    UPSC did not provided Photocopies of OMR Answer sheets of my Roll Number further as per UPSC my Marks in CSAT 2011 is 174.34(69.34 in paper-I & 105 Paper -II).I am not satisfied with reply also as OMR sheet is not provided by UPSC. What should i have to do now should I have to write to Jt. Secty.(Exam) for OMR sheet?

  4. in paper 1 question 91 code C, how is the answer (a), rather it should be d????
    anyone plzz clarify!!!!

  5. sir, I need 2011 answer keys , but could not able to download it from your site . it shows an error. please tell me way to download it.

  6. Plez tel me about upsc exam my gereduTion is raning last year i applly upsc exam plz enfrm me sir

  7. Sir me agust 2015 me ba final year ka exam duga me upsc ka farm dal skta hu or prsantage kitna rehta he sc ka es exam me dalne ke liye

  8. sirjee ashirwad dijiye, 8months hai exam ke liye job nahi karke ias k liye prep kar raha hu, koi simple tarika ho to batadijiye first attempt me clear karne e liye

  9. Hello sir could u provide suitable and important topics for economics optional. please !!!!!!

  10. Paper 1 set – A question no. 8 Usha Mehta.. Ques. Answer should be option (a) she was known for running the secret Congress radio but in Upsc answer key they have marked it wrong. Please someone clarify.

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