Some more Important Science and Tech topics for General Studies.

  1. Nirbhay
  2. NAG
  4. Helina
  5. LAHAT
  6. Tropex-2012
  7. Shoor Veer
  8. National Large Solar Telescope (NLST)
  9. RISAT 1
  10. ISRO’s 100th mission
  11. Project Glass
  12. Glivec


  • sub-sonic cruise missile
  • Nirbhay is India’s equivalent of Tomahawk, a long-range, sub-sonic cruise missile, developed by the U.S.
  • developed by Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO)
  • will travel at a sub-sonic speed (less than the speed of sound).


  • ‘fire and forget’ anti-tank missile.
  • can destroy enemy tanks four km away


  • Nag Missile Carrier
  • It is a vehicle to carry and launch NAG missles.



  • the helicopter-fired version of Nag.
  • Helina =Helicopter + Nag


  • Laser Homing Attack or Laser Homing Anti-Tank missile
  • anti-tank missile, will be used in the upgraded Arjun battle tanks.


  • theatre-level readiness and operational exercise
  • conducted by the Indian Navy
  • To test new platforms, weapons sensors, communication systems and tactics in order to optimise the network combat power of the fleet.
  • Do you recall JIMEX? If not go to

Shoor Veer

  • Combat exercise in the Thar Desert in 2012
  • To test Army’s operational readiness to undertake swift multiple thrusts across the border.
  • Army and IAF tested new battle fighting concepts with real time pictures of the battle zone provided to a centralized command using fighter jets, unmanned aerial vehicles and attack helicopters

National Large Solar Telescope (NLST)

  • world’s largest solar telescope
  • set up by the Department of Science and Technology, in Ladakh.
  • aims to study the sun’s microscopic structure


  • RISAT 1 is India’s first radar imaging satellite
  • It can scan the earth surface during both day and night under all weather condition.
  • It will help in paddy monitoring and management of natural disaster like flood and cyclone.

ISRO’s 100th mission

  • Using PSLV-C21 rocket, ISRO launched two foreign satellites
  • SPOT 6: French satellite
  • Proiteres: Japanese micro satellite
  • From Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh

Project Glass

  • a research and development program by Google.
  • resembles a pair of normal eyeglasses where the lens is replaced by a heads-up display.
  • Project Glass is a wearable computer that provides information not through a screen, but rather through your “eyes.”
  • It gives you data about your surroundings without the need to whip out your smartphone and know what to search.
  • For example, if you go into a bookstore, Google Glass will be able to provide you with an indoor map of the place, and lead you to your desired book.


  • blood cancer drug
  • Novartis is fighting a patent case in India for this drug.
  • Treatment of Glivec costs Rs.1,20,000 per month per patient. But Novartis maintains they give it free of cost to the needy patients.

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