[Science] Nirbhay, NAG, NAMICA, Helina, LAHAT, Tropex-2012, RISAT, SPOT-6, Project, Glass and Glivec

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Some more Important Science and Tech topics for General Studies.

  1. Nirbhay
  2. NAG
  4. Helina
  5. LAHAT
  6. Tropex-2012
  7. Shoor Veer
  8. National Large Solar Telescope (NLST)
  9. RISAT 1
  10. ISRO’s 100th mission
  11. Project Glass
  12. Glivec


  • sub-sonic cruise missile
  • Nirbhay is India’s equivalent of Tomahawk, a long-range, sub-sonic cruise missile, developed by the U.S.
  • developed by Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO)
  • will travel at a sub-sonic speed (less than the speed of sound).


  • ‘fire and forget’ anti-tank missile.
  • can destroy enemy tanks four km away


  • Nag Missile Carrier
  • It is a vehicle to carry and launch NAG missles.



  • the helicopter-fired version of Nag.
  • Helina =Helicopter + Nag


  • Laser Homing Attack or Laser Homing Anti-Tank missile
  • anti-tank missile, will be used in the upgraded Arjun battle tanks.


  • theatre-level readiness and operational exercise
  • conducted by the Indian Navy
  • To test new platforms, weapons sensors, communication systems and tactics in order to optimise the network combat power of the fleet.
  • Do you recall JIMEX? If not go to www.mrunal.org/diplomacy

Shoor Veer

  • Combat exercise in the Thar Desert in 2012
  • To test Army’s operational readiness to undertake swift multiple thrusts across the border.
  • Army and IAF tested new battle fighting concepts with real time pictures of the battle zone provided to a centralized command using fighter jets, unmanned aerial vehicles and attack helicopters

National Large Solar Telescope (NLST)

  • world’s largest solar telescope
  • set up by the Department of Science and Technology, in Ladakh.
  • aims to study the sun’s microscopic structure


  • RISAT 1 is India’s first radar imaging satellite
  • It can scan the earth surface during both day and night under all weather condition.
  • It will help in paddy monitoring and management of natural disaster like flood and cyclone.

ISRO’s 100th mission

  • Using PSLV-C21 rocket, ISRO launched two foreign satellites
  • SPOT 6: French satellite
  • Proiteres: Japanese micro satellite
  • From Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh

Project Glass

  • a research and development program by Google.
  • resembles a pair of normal eyeglasses where the lens is replaced by a heads-up display.
  • Project Glass is a wearable computer that provides information not through a screen, but rather through your “eyes.”
  • It gives you data about your surroundings without the need to whip out your smartphone and know what to search.
  • For example, if you go into a bookstore, Google Glass will be able to provide you with an indoor map of the place, and lead you to your desired book.


  • blood cancer drug
  • Novartis is fighting a patent case in India for this drug.
  • Treatment of Glivec costs Rs.1,20,000 per month per patient. But Novartis maintains they give it free of cost to the needy patients.

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  1. thanx mrunal for providing usefull information regarding NIRBHAY ,NAG , NAMICA ,HELINA””””””””””’!

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    i want to be a airforce pilat but confuse how to start study i m graguate now

  4. WOW @Project Glass :-)

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  7. Nice artictle Mrunal.What is the difference between a cruise missile and the missiles like Agni.

    1. Cruise missile – these are guided to the target throughout their path eg: Brahmos
      Ballistic missile – These are not guided throughout their path eg : Agni

      This is what I know. :)

  8. Your articles are very helpful. I want to add a little detail about RISAT program of India.

    RISAT-2 is the first Radar Imaging satellite launched by India in 2009 from Sriharikota. But it was built in Israel as we did not have technology of SAR then. RISAT-1 is the second Radar imaging satellite launched by India in 2012 from Sriharikota with the SAR made by us. RISAT-1 is the first indigenously built but the second to launch by us.

  9. thanks for such valuable information

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  11. What is icbm project of india

    1. Inter Continental Ballistic Missile programme

  12. Ballistic:

    Higher altitude , faster speeds, detected by radar(travel beyond atmosphere and reenter)
    Rockets with warheads
    Launched vertcially from ground or submarines
    Guided only initial and Final stage
    cannot change direction of path


    Low altitude,slow speed, cannot be detected(very close to ground)
    Jet engines
    launched from aircraft
    Guided whole way by GPS GLONASS
    can change direction

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