[RTI] Official Answerkeys for CSAT 2011 received (all 4 Series: A,B,C,D)

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here are the Official Answerkeys for CSAT 2011 that I received today through RTI, Click on the following links to see them

Answerkeys: CSAT 2011 Paper I (General Studies)

  1. (Series A)
  2. (Series B)
  3. (Series C)
  4. (Series D)

Answerkeys: CSAT 2011 Paper II (Aptitude)

  1. (Series A)
  2. (Series B)
  3. (Series C)
  4. (Series D)

But answer-keys are meaningless without question papers! so here are the question papers:

Question Papers of CSAT 2011

To download the Question Papers of CSAT 2011 click following links

GS Paper I (A series)


Aptitude Paper II (A Series)


Reply of UPSC Jt.Secretary (FAA)

Reply of UPSC Secretary

Reply of UPSC Jt.Secretary (Click To Enlarge)

Background of the events

Earlier I had filled an RTI to UPSC asking for

  • Model answers for GS Mains and Essay
  • Official answerkey for CSAT-2011
  • Cut off for CSAT 2011
  • Whether optionals will be removed from 2013’s exam

The reply of UPSC was posted in earlier article Click ME. As stated in that article, their envelop didnot contain the answerkeys for CSAT-2011+ they had not provided the model answers for mains exam and essay. So I had filled an Appeal to Joint Secretary, UPSC last month and today I received the official answerkeys for CSAT 2011 for all four series (A,B,C,D). Although Joint Secretary also refused to provide the model answers for mains and essay so the game is not over, I’m moving to CIC.

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70 Comments on “[RTI] Official Answerkeys for CSAT 2011 received (all 4 Series: A,B,C,D)”

  1. thank you very very much. wish you luck and keep up the fight

  2. Plan to go further?? CIC??

      1. Mrunal,
        Cant thank you enough for all the things you have done/ continue doing for civil service aspirants.
        I have one doubt. Please clarify.
        Is it true there is a separate cut off for each paper in prelims. If yes what would approx. be the % cut off for GS. Else would only the combined marks from both paper matter?

  3. I can’t understand why upsc had not released an official for UPSC exams.

    As a aspirant everyone must now there marks.

  4. this is disgusting to see that answer keys for an exam conducted 16 months back is being provided now. Is this a matter of internal/external security which demands so much of secrecy. this is an open violation of RTI which can’t be deciphered through any reason.

  5. Hi Good morning Sir, Im a civil aspirant and going to appear in 2013.I have heared about the pattern change .SHOULD I START WITH THE…OPTINALS OR THE GS???? SIR PLZ REPLY

  6. Hello Jyptika There is No any Official declaration By UPSC that it will remove Optional or Not.so and in Case it would be then it would be G.S + Pub Ad which will Compulsory so U sud start with G.S and PUb ad as mains.and wait to Declaration by UPsc.

  7. Great work Mrunal.
    This really helps.

  8. Hey Mrunal….great job…Atleast now we can know our actual score…I wonder why upsc doesn’t upload it online?.. But Thanks a lot

  9. great effort…..thanx for always being there

  10. If model answers are available to all questions in Optionals. Then rote memorization of answers is possible. I wonder how coaching institutes will misuse this. How much of the line will be blurred between good n excellent aspirants. Dont go for Model Answers unless you are at a personal war against UPSC.
    If UPSC publishes model answers, they should not be elaborate and should just mention the topic. That is my personal opinion and also everyone has Right to Information.

    1. i agree with himanshu….coaching instt will agn fool students….

    2. But it will give a fair idea of depth as well as width of answers UPSC seeks.
      This idea is a must for next level of preparation, would be greatly helpful.
      Questions are not repeated, so I doubt the coaching rote logic.

  11. surprising to know that there are 2 correct answers for decision making questions. In these type of questions, most of the times 2 options are obviously incorrect so dilemma remains between the other 2. One is finally picked using all the common sense, experience, thinking politically correct and humanistic approach and of course with investing time in all this process but I am surprised to know that 2 options are correct. :)

    1. Yup.., this would be the game changer next yr pre onwards-lesser time invested to sort out most optimum answer.

  12. UR SIMPLY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!


  14. Its really helpful. Evan i filed an application to RTI for the key and cutt off marks but dint get any response. It would have been great if they mentioned cutt off too. Ur work is really great

  15. thank u mrunal u are an angel in disguise:)

  16. is anybody finding faults with the key povided by upsc? my series was “c” and i am sure shot that many answers are absolutely wrong for eg a question was asked about the aim of rowalt act and the answer is given to suppress khilafat movement but it was passed to extend emergency like situation which was put during ww1. their is a question about core industries and the answer is wrong as i have looked up the government portal press information bureau, then their is a question about what is nagara dravida and vesara basically they are architecture styles but the answer is given as racial groups of indian subcontinent…..i am in shock right now…. plz people look up the and plz comment so that i can make out what is happening and in case of discrepancy further action can be taken.

    1. The answer key of for CSE Prelims 2011 and you are checking the 2011 answer key against 2012 prelims question paper

      1. Yeah…. the answers are not wrong… you got confused!

  17. Dear Mrunal,

    It’s really commendable work….!!
    But it seems to be me that there are some more hidden info. in case of paper-2.

    In series-B answer key it says:- (I suppose this instruction will be there in each answer key)
    “For Question Nos. 73 to 80, there are two answer keys for each question, and there is no negative marking. The procedure for evaluation of these questions has already been given earlier to Senior Manager (IS wing).”

    What is the meaning of this statement? What’s this evaluation procedure?
    are there any different weightage for both the answers? because both answer can’t be equally correct. if it is, then why can’t they make it like 4TF questions?……

    Interesting to understand this as well….


    1. In series-B answer key it says:- (I suppose this instruction will be there in each answer key)
      “For Question Nos. 73 to 80, there are two answer keys for each question, and there is no negative marking. The procedure for evaluation of these questions has already been given earlier to Senior Manager (IS wing).”

      What is the meaning of this statement? What’s this evaluation procedure?

      IS wing is information system wing.
      Traditionally the UPSC computer system is programmed to accept only one answer per question in an OMR answer-sheet and give negative marks for wrong answers.
      So the boss had to send instructions to IS wing Manager to reprogram that computer system for accepting any one of those two correct answers for those Decision Making questions and not give any negative marks in case ofwrong answers in those Decision Making questions.

  18. Dear Ram,
    As far as I think these questions on decision making are made so as to ensure the rational thinking of the candidate. May be I repeat “may be” these are put on for elimination at the core itself. These are made free from negative marking so as to ensure that everyone attempts it.

    1. That would be too much speculation.

  19. @Aparajita.

    This answer key is for CSAT 2011 and not 2012. U r mistakenly checking the answers for CSAT 2012.

  20. thank you sir……
    very helpful

  21. Great Job………..

  22. great job……it helps to all….

  23. Hi sir you have done great job . it helps to who are appeared to analyse there mistakes and guides them and also to the feature aspirants …. and thank you so much..

  24. Gr8 work Mrunal… thanx a lot & keep it up.!

  25. Hi Mrunal, I tallied my answers with the official answer sheet . Surprisingly, I am getting 209.5 /400. Cutoff has been 198 for pre 2011.I knew that I was making it enough to cross the pre. That did not happen. My roll no. did not appear among the qualified candidates. Had it been there , I might have given a shot to mains in my very first attempt. In pre 2012 also, my roll no. is not there .
    It has really taken a toll on my confidence level.

    1. Hi Vishal..

      You should in fact, you must file an application under RTI to unveil the reason.

    2. How many questions are correct from Question nos. 73 to 80 in Paper-II?

  26. Hi Mrunal..

    Very Good.

    What I think that the UPSC might not design the Answer key for ESSAY paper. It might be entirely judged by the examiner.

    There might not be a model answer for that. But UPSC should supply the requested info as it would serve as a basic reference and would enable the candidates to examine themselves and their level in the battlefield.

    Commendable Work.. Mrunal

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