[Tech] Using Microsoft Onenote to organize your study-notes: Image to text, Audio notes and more

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To those readers who’ve Microsoft Office 2007, 2010 or 2013 installed in their computer.
  1. Why Microsoft Onenote?
  2. Step 1: Creating a new notebook
  3. Step 2: Basics (Sections and Pages)
  4. Step 3: Audio-notes for working Professionals
  5. Step 4: OCR (Image to Text)

Why Microsoft Onenote?

Microsoft Office comes with a program called Microsoft Onenote, that provides very convenient way to organize notes. In MS Word, you’d need to create new file for every topic, in long run it leads to creation of many folders and files, however in MS Onenote, you can organize them all in just one “Notebook”, under various sections and pages = way easier to navigate, search and take backups. Observe this demo image:

Microsoft Onenote

  1. Automatically saves whatever you type or paste. So no need to hit save button/Ctrl+S every few minutes.
  2. When you copy paste text from a webpage, it also preserve the URL address of that webpage, for future reference.

Step 1: Creating a new notebook

  1. Goto Start Menu> all programs >Microsoft Office >Microsoft Onenote.
  2. The Onenote window opens.
  3. Goto File > New >Select “My Computer”
  4. Give name for your notebook,
  5. Finally Click on “Create Notebook”.

Microsoft Onenote Screenshot

Step 2: Basics (Sections and Pages)

Observe this screenshot.

Microsoft Onenote Screenshot

Step 3:Audionotes

  • Onenote’s Insert Tab, allows you to do many useful things, such as scanning images, recording Audio Notes-if you’ve headphone with microphone Microsoft Onenote Screenshot
  • You can then copy those audio-notes into your mobile and listen them during office recess, bus travel!

Microsoft Onenote Screenshot

Step 4:OCR (Image to Text)

Biggest Advantage of Onenote=Converting Image into text. For example, you download a question paper (PDF) but its text is un-copyable (due to low-resolution scanning).

  1. Open PDF usion Adobe/Foxit reader.
  2. Come back to Onenote, click on Insert tab> Screen Clipping. Now draw a rectangle around your PDF file. It’s copied image will be pasted here.
  3. Select on that image (in onenote page)> right click “Copy Text from Image”

Microsoft Onenote Screenshot

  1. then place your cursor anywhere on the page and press “Ctrl+V” (or right click>Paste).
  2. The text will be pasted. Although text-recognition depends on many varibles such as resolution of input image, number of colors, background etc.

There are many other useful features too, such as tagging, unfilled pages etc. The best way to master a software is by using it. So go ahead and try all buttons.

Microsoft Onenote Screenshot

56 Comments on “[Tech] Using Microsoft Onenote to organize your study-notes: Image to text, Audio notes and more”

  1. Hello Mrunal..
    i followed the procedure.. but i couldnt find my computer suboption in Option New. i have ms office 7 installed on my laptop.
    need your assistance..

  2. very informative…..I never knew of page thing….always used it as word and often thought it’s just for synchronizing across devices….thanks a lot….

  3. Mrunal , I used to keep uninstalling this Note as it used to keep using my RAM.
    Now it shall enrich my Asli RAM #Brains.

    Thanks a lot.

      1. I am a commerce graduate and i have done mba in finance.Is there any good site for reading finance and accounts related topic like your site or forum i am regularly read your post.And also i added one thing that i am preparing for Bank po and ssc also.
        Thanks in advance for your reply please if possible reply me in my mail.

      2. Sir, I am a working professional, please tell me the easiest way to sync my notes on One Note 2007 at my work place computer and home laptop using internet

  4. Thank you sir. But one question? How to delete those unwanted staff after committing a mistake, I have a problem on that.

    1. Use Ctrl + z or jsut select the box u have created and press the delete button or after selection rt click and delete

  5. u are awesome..!!…
    i like ur blog…all the articles are awesome…
    thank you, Mrunal for your valuable effort & articles…

  6. Sir,
    Could you please clarify whether I should make note of current affairs in loose papers or use Microsoft One note instead. I usually prefers to write in soft copy rather on loose papers.

  7. Mrunal , Personally what do u feel regarding loose paper notes or MS one note , which should be preferred.
    During ur that 5 posts on how to study u had told regarding the loose paper and how to maintain it sectionwise and how to add more info later on.

    Now that this knowledge of One note has come up and i used it for 2 days i dont want to go back to that loose sheet method but writng few things always help in memorizing but at the same time is time taking !!
    What do u feel is better ?

  8. hi Sir,

    Is it possible for Ms Office 2003 users to install this software alone because I can’t upgrade to 2007 due to work related requirements.
    If can’t please suggest some other note making softwares..please sir…

  9. Thankyou Mrunal . Its good and very helpfull as I really want to copy and store things like this and making notes.

  10. Hi Sir,
    I have Macbook, and I am not getting any useful link to download this OneNote application for the Macbook, so can u please help me to get the compatible link for downloading this application…….

    with regards.

  11. Bhaut achha software h yeh ….. Par sachi mehnat to jab hum apne hath se likhte h tab he hoti h

    ias sirf mehnat se banege hum shorcuts se nahi
    Mrunal bhai ne pehle jo kaha I.e loose paper wala method best

  12. Hi Mrunal!!! Great Work!!
    I need your help. I don’t have Onenote and Use Evernote for keeping my notes in my laptop. But i have yet not fully understood the features of the application and how to make the best use of this student friendly software.
    Can you please give an Analysis of Evernote like you did for Onenote? That would be really helpful. Thanks in advance.

  13. @anuraag

    Evernote is one of the awesome softwares u’ll get to manage ur note across multiple platforms,be it linux,android,windows phone or windows 7/8 etc.

    The thing is i’d suggest if u r on chrome download chorme extension called ‘evernote clipper’ now each time u find something useful on any webpage just right click and it can save entire page or just the area u want to clip or just a picture,as soon as u clip it it’ll sync that data to evernote cloud and this way it’ll be available to all those devices where u have evernote installed,u just have to press ‘sync’….

    Suppose u r in a cafe,log into the google chrome,mind it for this to work u should already have synced the extensions to google,so that wen u log into chrome from some other location u get the same plugins…..now lets get back to our topic,u are in cafe and u have all ur plugins synced,just right click anywhere and clip any part and it will be synced to evernote…. :)
    for any doubts comment here….

  14. Mrunal i don’t have One Note in my laptop and i have also lost cd…is it possible to download it from net without any malicious software coming with it.

  15. seriously i want to meet u and thank u for ur extraordinary work and the job u r doing for every true aspirant really u r great once i got selected surely i ll come nd meet u mr.mrunal hats off to u manvu r doing a gr8 job silently where many ppl are spoiling many aspirants life by misleading them and getting too much money from poor aspirants… u r simply superb man want to talk to u atleast drop ur no in my inbox pls

    1. I have MS Office 2007. Is that enough or should I get 10,13 versions?? if yes then kindly provide me.

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