[Decision Making] Official Answers for CSAT 2012’s Decision Making Questions

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Economic Survey
  1. Subordinate’s report
  2. Batchmate
  3. Project review
  4. Sports chairman
  5. Project Deadline
  6. Water supply
  7. Bribe
  8. Bad answer
  9. Good answer

In the previous article, we saw the Decision Making questions asked in 2011’s paper. click me
Now let’s check the 2012’s questions- with the official answer key for CSAT 2012, uploaded by UPSC on http://www.upsc.gov.in/exams/answerkeys/index.htm#PageTop

Subordinate’s report

You have differences of the opinion regarding the final report prepared by your subordinate that is to be submitted urgently. The subordinate is justifying the information given in the report. You would

  1. Convince the subordinate that he is wrong
  2. Tell him to reconsider the results
  3. Revise the report on your own
  4. Tell him not to justify the mistake

Official answerkey says A or C

Since this report is to be submitted “urgently”.

B or C will only lead to more talking. A or C deliver result.


You are competing with your batch-mate for the prestigious award to be decided based on an oral presentation. You have been asked by the committee to finish on time. Your friend however, is allowed more than the stipulated time period.

a) Lodge a complaint to chairperson against the discrimination.
b) Not listen to any justification from the committee
c) Ask for withdrawal of your name
d) Protest and leave the place

Official answer says A or D

B= arrogance or hot tempered person.
C= withdrawal= shying away= not upright guy.

Project review

You are handling a time bound project. During the project review meeting, you find that project is likely to get delayed due to lack of cooperation of the team members. You would,

  1. Warn the team members for their non-cooperation
  2. Look into the reasons for non-cooperation
  3. Ask for the replacement of the team members
  4. Ask for the extension of time citing reasons

Official answer says A or B

  • Just like 1st question (subordinate’s report), this too contains the “time/urgency” element.
  • C= Asking for replacement= bad because time bound project.
  • D= asking for extension of time= bad because time bound project.
  • Thus we are left with A or B.

Sports chairman

You are a chairperson of a state sports committee. You have received a complaint and later it was found that an athlete in junior age category who has won a medal has crossed the age criteria by 5 days. You would…

  1. Ask the screening committee for a clarification
  2. Ask the athlete to return the medal
  3. Ask the athlete to get an affidavit from the court declaring his/her age.
  4. Ask the members of the committee for their views

official answer key says A or D

  • A and D=Committee mindset. But then again you’re chairman of the Committee.
  • Asking athlete to return medal or file affidavit is like you running the act solo.
  • (although looking at the phrase “received a complaint and later it was found”….seems the investigation part is over and now it calls for some action= B or C, but official answerkey is A or D)

Project Deadline

You are handling a priority project and have been meeting all the deadlines and planning your leave during the project. Your immediate boss does not grant leave citing the urgency of the project. You would…

  1. Proceed on leave without waiting for the sanction
  2. Pretend to be sick and take leave
  3. Approach higher authority to reconsider the leave application.
  4. Tell the boss that it is not justified.

Official answerkey says C or D

B= liar = pliable
C or D=upright guy.

Water supply

You are involved in setting up a water supply project in remote area. Full recovery of cost is impossible in any case. The income levels in the area are low and 25% of the population is below poverty line (BPL). When a decision has to be taken on pricing you would….

  1. Recommended that the supply of water be free of charge in all respects
  2. Recommended that the users pay a onetime fixed sum for installation of taps and the usage of water be free
  3. Recommended that a fixed monthly charges be levied on the non-BPL families and for BPL families water should be free
  4. Recommended that the users pay a charge based on the consumption of water with differentiated charges for Non-BPL and BPL families.

Official answer key says C or D

  • A= implausible/impractical, and more importantly unsuitable given the fiscal deficit issue.
  • B= fixed installation charges= difficult for BPL. And later free for everyone = impractical, fiscal deficit.
  • C or D=humane, upright because BPL are getting either water free or at a differentiated =lower cost while remaining junta has to pay.


As a citizen you have some work with a government department. The official calls you again and again; and without directly asking you, sends out feelers for a bribe. You want to get your work done. You would…

  1. Give a bribe
  2. Behave as if you have not understood the feelers and persist with your application
  3. Go to the higher officer for help verbally complaining about feelers.
  4. Send in a formal complaint

Official answerkey says B or C

  • A =pliable = bad.
  • B= under the assumption that he will do your work for “free” when you don’t reponsd to his bribe tactic.=legit answer (Although doesn’t feel right, because bribe seeker doesn’t quit that easily in real life!)
  • C= good enough.
  • D= formal complaint won’t help much because he is not “directly asking you”. (although again doesn’t feel right, ACB will never get any cases if people did not come up with formal complaints. And what is the guarantee that “higher officer” in option C will listen to your complaint! May be he too gets a share from this bribe! but then again #officialanswerkeysayso)

Anyways, this ends the Decision Making questions in CSAT 2012, what do we get from this?

Bad answer

Good answer

  1. Implausible/ impractical (e.g. free water to everyone)
  2. Pliable (bribe giver)
  3. Arrogant
  4. liar (like office leave case)
  1. The guy maintains the time schedules (e.g. in subordinate report and non-cooperating team)
  2. Upright guy
  3. Humane (BPL water)

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  2. 1.upright, 2.humanitarian, and 3. time restriction(at least do something good). What a conclusion! Thank you so much Mrunal.

  3. How to know which of these Differential marking solutions carry more weightage?

    Lets say for a question option A or C is correct… but which of them carry the maximum weightage? As it is said these 2 options don’t carry the same weightage… As discussed by others best option carries 2.5 marks and 2nd best carries 1 or 1.5 marks….

    Any idea?

  4. can you please explain the marking scheme of decison making questions.
    equal marks for both options or ???

  5. Great Work Mrunal!!
    I got some clue on how to answer decision making questions..Thanks

  6. protest and leave the place lolz
    what good will it do to him !!! upsc _/\_

  7. They declared answer key ,,what abt cutoff ??

  8. Thanks Mrunal….

  9. Hey guys i have a doubt.. Can you please help me in solving this..
    1. Either it is sunny or it is not shady
    A.it is sunny
    B.it is not sunny
    C.it is shady
    D.it is not shady

    1. NONE. It has to be BC or CB. Kindly let me know if the answer is correct,then i can help you further

      1. Either it is sunny = ~p
        It is not shady = ~q

        Sol: statement is ~p–>~q
        Solution is p–>q
        i.e it is sunny it is shady
        So AC is the correct answer.

        Correct me if I am wrong.
        Thank you

        1. Correction

          Either it is sunny = ~p
          It is not shady = q

          Sol: statement is ~p–>q
          Solution is ~q–>p
          i.e it is not sunny it is shady
          So BC is the correct answer.

    2. Both of you are wrong i guess..
      The answer is b) BD.
      Technically the answer is both CA and BD, but CA is not there in the option. AC is not same as CA.
      therefore, the answer is b)BD

        1. I have cross-checked it from TMH. The answer is BD & CA ( i was right)…. but as CA is not there so it would be d) None.

          1. Apologies in that case. However, if TMH says u r right, why is it d) and not b) because BD option is very much there.

          2. sorry bro. galti se d) likh diya. :)
            the answer is b) BD.

          3. @Mrunal – I know it is a trivial matter but could you possibly look at the question at hand and the possible answer, pls? Because I think getting the concept right is more important than just this particular question. How does it really work? Negation of the first part before the “or” & consequent negation of the part after it shud go together, right?

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  13. Murnal Ji,

    I found lot of questions wrong in RC in paper 2.Please put some highlight so can make strategy…….
    Unable to understand UPSC mindset during setting answer.

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  17. @Mrunal

    Dude in decision making questions, does both the options carry equal marks ? or first one fetches more ?

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    Its a really helpful article. Can you pls guide me if it is relevant for the XAT level also?

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  26. Thank u sir for the above to keep before us
    tell us please that in case if 2 choices are probable as right answer then what we will do ?????

  27. thanx sir,it was very helpful.

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