Finally, UPSC has declared the result for CSAT-prelim-2013 (for both IAS and IFS). Earlier The result system was= you enter your roll number and the UPSC website would tell you whether you’ve passed or not. But this time, UPSC adopted the desi method (uploaded PDF file that contains big list of roll numbers)

I’m uploading the same PDF files on google docs (because UPSC server will become slow as hell for a few days). click on the following links:

  1. Result: IAS/IPS/Civil Service candidates: click me to see result (~15000 selected)
  2. Result: IFS candidates: click me to see result (~1000 selected)
  3. Forgot roll number?Click me but you’ll need registration id

@Those who didn’t qualify

Try again next year with full strength, rectifying whatever shortcomings you had in your preparation. And if this was your last attempt, then my best wishes for all your future endeavors.

Back in 2010, a lady from Chennai committed suicide for failing in prelims, Even in CSE-2012 a guy from Banglore committed suicide. Please remember that setbacks and success will come but life is more precious than one exam, government job, girlfriend, boyfriend or (temporary) nagging of parents/relatives.

I take the liberty of copy pasting a few paragraphs from Mr.Tirumala’s blogspot:

//Start of copypaste//

When I started (UPSC preparation), I always dreamt about what I would do once I am a civil servant. I failed the first time. That’s when things changed. Thereafter, I was more concerned about how to clear this exam than about what I would do once I become a civil servant. The question as to ‘why’ I wanted to be a civil servant was relegated to some back corner of my mind. It was the exam and it was me. Years rolled by. Until this happened. I was too old for this exam and out of attempts.

(So) I am back in industry. My career is progressing well. Biwi and baby are fine. Life has changed. Priorities have changed. And I am moving on.

The job, the workload, project deadlines, cafeteria, cubicle, bitching about the HR policies and the wait for the next weekend. It’s all there. However, there’s one difference. I had the courage to risk it all. I once did. I lost the bet. And I know that I have the courage to build my dreams once more. Brick by brick, I will build. I believe this is my takeaway from this exam, where I didn’t, ‘qualify’…….I spent a lot of time wondering why I didn’t make it to civil services. I thought I will carry the burden of this failure all my life and will never get over this….That’s not so. I moved on, (and) quite well to my own surprise, I must say. In retrospect it looks so stupid of me to even think that I failed. I now look back with a smile…It must have been fun while it lasted. I now work in the field of aerospace with one of the biggest aeroplane makers in world, and I am proud to be an engineer.


//end of copypaste//

@Those who qualified in CSAT 2013

Congratulations. What next?= You’ll have to fill up a separate form for the mains examination known as DAF (Detailed application form)

It will be an online application form, you fill it up, take printout and post it to UPSC, New Delhi along with photocopies of necessary documents and fees.


IAS/Civil Service

IFS (Forest service)

UPSC will upload DAF form on 20 August 3 August
Last date to fill online DAF form 10 Sept. 20 August
last date to send printed DAF form to UPSC 18 Sept. 30 August
mains starts from 1st December 3rd October
hallticket and Mains time-table 2-3 weeks before exam 2-3 weeks before exam

For any doubts call the helpline of UPSC: 011-23385271, 011-23098543 or 011-23381125

By the way, Result of Roll Nos.290376, 722998 and 783890 have been withheld on Court direction.