[IBPS]CWE PO/MT-III Written result declared, Interview Call letters in January 2014, Final Allotment in March 2014

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Update: Interview call letters available on this link: http://ibpsreg.sifyitest.com/cwepodec13/login.php?appid=iqasaec134alqsdindwe

@IBPS 2013 PO/MT III Players: CWE Written Result is declared. Click following link
Marks will come after 10 days, above link only tells whether you’ve cleared written exam or not.
To check the result, keep two things ready:

  1. Roll number OR Registration number
  2. Password OR Date of birth

AND (if you’ve the time and mood) Post your score, experience and wisdom for the future aspirants, in the comments below.

Those who couldn’t make it- there is no need to lose hope. Whatever you’ve prepared for economy, reasoning, maths, English – that’ll continue helping you direct/indirectly in any other exam you appear in, but you must sustain the study-momentum, good vacancies will keep coming. (check the right hand side column of this page.)

What next?

First Week of January

  • Interview call letters will be released.
  • You’ll have to download them from the official website of IBPS

Third Week of January

  • The participating banks will start interviews.
  • Minimum qualifying marks in interview will not be less than 40% for general category and (35% for SC/ST/OBC/PWD candidates).

March 2014

  • Final Allotments of probationary officers / Management trainees based on their written + interview score.
  • weightage of written : Interview score in final merit list= 80:20
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1,149 Comments on “[IBPS]CWE PO/MT-III Written result declared, Interview Call letters in January 2014, Final Allotment in March 2014”

  1. yes i have also same tension. i attempted only 74 and selected. dont know about finial selection. friends i want to share one bad experience i faced during my ibps po 2013 exam. i attempted less because of server problem. after half an hour systems of our room started hanging. some times it happened that countdown was going on and i was not able to submit my answer. in my room only i changed 4 to 5 computers. then institute person changed my room and alloted another system. but there also mouse was not working properly. anyhow i completed my exam with tears in my eyes. but by God grace i am selected but because i attempted less so worry about final selection. i have been preparing for last one years for this……can anybody suggest me is ibps consider such problems.

    1. yes but ur centre has to report then how will they know bec when u were giving exam at that time all over india candidates were giving exam so how come they will know u had that problem and if there was server problem in ur centre then its for everyone then how come u only changed 4-5 computers and countdown timer stops as soon as server connection is severed so then ur lab attendant has to lock the exam and restart it and I think ibps allot 10 minutes extra time for such kind of error that I read somewhere but in case of computer not functioning problem it depends on lab attendant as how much time u lost as was the case in my centre when one guy was having problem with computers the attendant logged in to different computer and asked the guy to shift there without allotting any time for it as it hardly took 10 seconds and previous system he was working he asked his colleague to lock it so it all software controlled as instructed

  2. hey guys, i attempted 124 questions and got selected for interview. i belong to obc cat. is there any possibility to make it into final list??

    1. please wait for scores but if ur twss is around 120 u can make the cut gud luk

  3. Hi i have a doubt regarding ibps po 3.did all the students who qualified in written test will call for interview or again is there any cut off for interview.please reply

    1. everyone will be called.. start preparing….

      1. How can u be so sure!!!!!!!from where did u get this information……plz help…..

  4. In a hurry, I signed my signature as I.Sowjanya in the ibps po written test, instead of T.Sowjanya. I got selected for interview. Will there be any problem at the time of interview, regarding my signature? please advise me what should I do at the time of interview?

    1. sign wot u have signed in the application as u have to submit it at the time of interview and at the time of exam its the job of the invigilator to verify signature in the attendance sheet so if they have passed u then u don’t have any issue and wot matters is whether u have signed correctly in admit card/call letter and I think u did that why u have been shortlisted hopes that helps u gud luk

      1. My ibps po score is 70. Being General category, will I get a call for the interview? please let me know

        1. don’t know but others r saying those who cleared will be called


  6. i got an it job in ahmedabad.i have to join on 1st jan 2014.but at the same time i am selected in ibps po.is there any way by which we can change interview place. need help???

  7. Hi sir.. Can you plz help me??
    I gave IBPS po 2 interview last year but couldnt clear it. I have done Mass Communication & Journalism..full time 3 year bachelors course from Delhi University. My education background is nowhere linked with banking industry so does it give any negative imppression? How do I convince d interviewers that this degree can also help in someway or the other in banking industry and that m equally capable as other candidates are.. Plz help sir!! M not able to thnk of any imppressive answer to why I left my field n chose banking sector..

    1. first u should clear urself why u have chosen banking then only u can convince interviewers and there is no impressive answer but if u r asked how mass communication and journalism can help banks u can say that as in name mass communication and journalism itself we can deduce that I have the ability to listen to people and understand their need and provide satisfactory solution to their need even in conflicting situation and reporting there of to the concerned parties in a an efficient manner as bank job is providing customer satisfaction within the bank principles. hope that help gud luk.

      1. hi, I got 63 marks, cutoff for my category was 50, is there any chances of getting interview call…even if i didnt select in the final list, i wont bother as im preparing for CSE 2014, i want to have experience of interview…so plz tell me

  8. Is there anyone who can help?? Please.. Help Anyones precioys suggestions will be appreciated.

    1. @ Aki–>> Relax the get all negative thoughts out of ur mind first…they just asked for graduation…they did’t said B.Com of M.com or MBA….u did ur Grad in Mass com…it does not matters…only thing that matter to them is that the person they are interviewing should make a good BASIC knowledge of banking and he shd be aware abt whats happning around him in this world…!! ok…remember RBI gov is B>tech from IIT,..admin head of SBI in Msc phy…!! there r many examples of person with diverted fields who are serving in banks…but yes make up gud answers..n stop worring

      Gud Luck…!!!

  9. i have been called 4 interview of ibps ..but m preparig 4 ssc cgl in 2014..shud i continue preparin 4 cgl..what prospects are in cgl 4 women(post preferences) when compared to bank po..

    1. cgl is a long process so u shuld continue with it and give ibps po interview and first u should where u want to go and in terms of cgl women preference it will be decided on your preferences like desk job or field job and then u will allotted one of ur choices keeping ur gender in consideration but basically u will be considered for desk job before male candidates hope that help gud luk

  10. Hi,i cleared the written and selected fr interview.but i have one query
    In the notification pg 7, its mentioned that OBC caste name should tally letter to letter with central govt list…but there is a one letter difference in my OBC caste certificate..what should i do…anyone pl help.

    1. either call ibps or get it rectified as there is still time or u can get an affidavit from the court for the time being or contact ur district magistrate office as they can give an undertaking that u r the same person belonging to obc category hopes that help gud luk

  11. I am not able to see my results due to expires session. Need help..

    1. try in different browser and problem persist enable java script.

  12. I have been selected for the interview in IBPS PO 3. But i have lost my application form accidently. How can i get my application form now. Is there any problem regarding that ?

    1. last time they activated the link to download the application but don’t know this time and this time u have to mention ur preferences of bank so if u know ur preferences accurately then u can be helped

  13. my name is gade kalyana chakravarthi.

    gade is my sir name.

    in my tenth to m tech certificate name is like chakravarthi gade kalyana.

    but remain in all certificates like caste etc it is like gade kalyana chakravarthi.

    i got qualified in ibps po3.

    is there any problem for facing interview with this one, pls mrunal sir, reply to this one.

    1. Kindly read the instructions.

      Your name will not cause any problem reason being – Your Name is KALYANA and its mentioned in your marksheets etc, etc

      What they need is that only. It should NOT be like in Tenth it is SALMAN and in 12th you changes it to SULAIMAN and in exam you again mention as SALMAN.

      That is what they mean that name as per tenth marksheet. ORDER DOES not MATTER.

      Hope this helps

      1. my name is kalyana chakravarthi.

        surname is gade.

        so i have no problem at all..

        thank u very much for ur rep…

    2. tricky situation but u must have mentioned it in application like this ur first name ,middle, last name and must have a print out of the same and secondly ur school and college follows some format of mentioning name on certificates for all student like format of date is different for different countries and tehsil in ur state has different format as in gazette so in my opinion u r fine but still u want to be on the safer side u can get an affidavit from court that u r the same person in case need arises hope that help,gud luk

      1. ya thank u…nishant

  14. sir..is computer certification compulsory.during registration i do not have..so i filled NO..but now i do have..will there be any problem for me..please reply

    1. not compulsory but preferred and if u have computer application subject in ur qualification then ur fine and in my opinion please do a 60 hr course in computer application from a recognized institute as some banks like union bank of india asked in 2011 and I didn’t had so to be assured hope that help gud luk.

  15. how many of them cleared in ibps po 3 written exam??????

  16. after ibps interview in how many days will the result come

  17. Dear Aki..

    as my background is b.com , i dont know much about your stream.but i felt that i should write something in answer to ur problm…i m not very sure that will this be good answer but atleast it can help u to find some relation between banking nd ur stream…

    1. Banking nd journalism both are closly related to masses.. means in banking we have to manage with diffrnt persns nd customer relationship is an integral part of banking…nd in the same way ur stream helps u to communicate better with diffrent people on the basis of opinions nd reasons nd u can say that if according to education someone can have good communication skill then a mas comm nd journ student will be better than other stream students.

    2. A journalism studend carry a logical approach to anything he faces nd u have learnt this in ur studies…nd frm a point of view of a manager it shud be his basic skill while taking any decision…

    3. You have less scope in public sector as a journalist so u r trying in public sector…nd its like same that if an engineer can work as manager in bank so can u.

    ( sorry for spelling nd gramatical errors….m nt good with english although i have tried with the content….so only mind that…)) best wishes to everyone going for interview :)

  18. sir i have mention wrong date of passing if i will be qualified for an interview

  19. I got shortlisted for interview but i applied twice coz first time i did mistake while applying? is there any chance that they will found it?? Please reply me friends!! Im waiting for your replies..

  20. Please tell me approximately how many persons were shortlisted? or how many vacancies can we except in all branches??

  21. Dear Mr. Rajan and Mr. Nishant Sahai,
    I am really thankful for your valuable comments to my query. Your replies have certainly given me a sense of direction to link my field to banking, and towards which ill definitly proceed.
    Thnx alot for replying.
    It really helped..:-)

  22. sir score is out. got 64 marks. does stand any chance? i am general.
    Scheduled Caste (SC) 50
    Scheduled Tribe (ST) 26
    Other Backward Classes (OBC) 60
    General (Gen) 61
    Hearing Impaired (HI) 26
    Orthopaedically Challenged (OC) 47
    Visually Impaired (VI) 27

  23. scores r out…. cut off is 61 for general category… i have scored 88… what r my chances.. any suggetions???


      1. @ shivani.. i m from rajasthan..

      2. i have lost my softcopy of application form.. as my pcs hardisk crashed.. how would i get it from ibps again.. as it is required for interview..

    2. @ Vaibhav…>> congrats 88 is gud…!! u got a very fair chance…prepare well for interview…n u will be unstoppable

      1. thanx neeraj bhai… ur comment is like a booster for me…

  24. IBPS Score is Out …>Check it

  25. mine 83- gen. any chance of getting job

  26. My score is 62 and cut off is 61.
    I should not even think about an interview.

  27. hey scores are out and i got 68. from obc
    pls all tell me ur marks


      1. humara tho 64 hi hai… :-(

    1. why friend? if u get chance of interview then why not? you cant predict anything. prepare yourself good for interview and left every thing to GOD. even i got only 63.

  29. I got 73marks any chance of getting job?

  30. I had started preparing for interview. But will not now. I have scored 62 and cut off is 63

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