UPSC had conducted Civil service and Forest service (combined) preliminary exam aka CSAT-2014, on 24th August 2014. Here are the scanned copies of Booklet no.”C” for both papers:

  1. Download CSAT-2014 General studies Paper
  2. Download CSAT-2014 Aptitude Paper

In above PDF files, the text is searchable and copy-able, so you can cut-paste-search it anywhere for discussion, google-ing. For example, if you want to find out which passage was lifted from which newspaper/googlebook?
CSAT 2014 GS1 Overall Analysis v1
CSAT 2014 DP Agrawal Trend

  • Detailed Analysis and Topicwise Answerkeys with explanations (for all sets), coming soon.
  • You’re most welcome to provide your inputs, answers, observation, analysis and experience in the comments below.
  • If you want to discuss then discuss MCQs, (and not cut-offs.) Everyone who had prepared sincerely, and did not risk too much negative marking, he/she has a fair chance of clearing prelims.
  • Internet user sample size too short to make any predictions. So don’t lose blood pressure, if Mr.X, Y or Z says he ticked more MCQs than you.

Courtesy: An old friend Mahitosh Kumar Singh for providing the question papers.