[RBI Officer] Prelims 2014- question lists given from comments Page No.2 onwards

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Unacademy Plus Mrunal Economy for Prelims and Mains UPSC!

You can find the list of questions from comment page number 2

Request: share your exam experience

RBI Grade B officer (Preliminary) exam was held on August 3, 2014 (Sunday) in two sessions. But since this exam is to be conducted online=>difficult for next years’ aspirant to find “previous question” papers. Therefore, I request all the readers, to share following data AFTER exam is over, in the comments below.

  1. What was the Span of current affairs latest and oldest topic asked in General Awareness?
  2. How much PIN (persons in news?) by the way, PIN-2014 series has been uploaded long time back. in case you missed, go to https://mrunal.org/current#pin
  3. General idea on “topicwise breakup” – in general awareness. How much economy (budget related), how much banking sector related and so on. Did they ask computer awareness in it?
  4. How tough was English section compared to SBI PO and CSAT?
  5. How tough / lengthy was Maths/DI section compared to other exams. Did they ask chillar questions like profit loss, or was it entirely focused on lengthy data interpretation as in SBI PO? what was the overall breakup?
  6. Reasoning section: did they ask high level reasoning like syllogism, assertion-reasoning, course of action etc?
  7. Other observations about pattern, trend, wisdom, tips for future aspirants.

To check your Prelim result
What next?

RBI will send call letters to selected candidates via email

Timetable for RBI Mains 2014
Paper I – English September 13, 2014
02.30 PM to 05.30 PM
Paper II – Economic & Social Issues September 14, 2014
09.30 AM to 12.30 PM
Paper III – Finance & Management September 14, 2014


02.30 PM to 05.30 PM

RBI Previous Mains papers (2002-2012)

Following link contains questions papers fro 2002 to 2012 (2012’s prelim held in August 2013 and Mains in November 2013)

Cutoff marks for RBI Prelim 2014

GA/GK 80 32 28 26 26 26
English 30 12 10 9 9 9
Maths 30 12 10 9 9 9
Reason 60 24 21 19 19 19
TOTAL 200 104 94 89 69 69

Overall, cutoff has “decreased”- compared to 2013’s prelim. but that is expected given the toughness of this year’s exam.

RBI Prelim 2013 Cutoffs
Section Max Gen OBC SC ST PH
GA/GK 80 36 32 30 30 30
English 30 14 12 11 11 11
Maths 30 14 12 11 11 11
Reason 60 27 24 22 22 22
TOTAL 200 126 113 106 96 96

Thank you all for sharing your prelim experiance in the comments- it’ll be of great help to future aspirants.

Indian History Freedom Struggle Pratik Nayak

592 Comments on “[RBI Officer] Prelims 2014- question lists given from comments Page No.2 onwards”

  1. Civil Service prelims admit card is out. Prelims on 24th August.


  3. can anybody tell me if we mark any question for “mark for review and next” and does not answer the question and leave it as it is….will they take for evaluation????

  4. My center for UP-PCS pre 2014 is at Meerut . Is there any one who has center in the same city? we can travel together either by cab or personal vehicle. Thanks

  5. Borivali mumbai 1:30 any body1 else?

  6. Any ideas abt tis gk thng… Any1???

  7. guys pls tell me yee ssc ka exam jo hua hi wo sabka hua hi kya
    how to know on which date in 2013 mn exam diya tha

  8. Economics part is unpredictable,, only 10 -15 questions are static rest are so versatile and current related…. Any one plz help regarding economics section . Seems most are current related..

  9. although i download the admit the call letter via the link provide by this site. but i donot find the link in RBI official site. where is it?

    INDIA 20 130 6

    Anyone with this center??
    I have afternoon session.. Pls let me know…

  11. hello i had an urgent query.my cousin will be attempting the rbi exam for the first time.he is visually handicapped but can do without a scribe.does he need to produce the disability certificate along with the hall ticket during the online stage itself ? or will the hall ticket alone do as any other candidate??

  12. A 280 metres long train, travelling at uniform speed,
    crosses a platform in 60 seconds and a man standing
    on the platform in 20 seconds. What is the length of the
    (1) 640 metres (2) 420 metres
    (3) 280 metres (4) Cannot be determined
    (5) None of these

    1. 560 metres , So none of these… RBI 2013 similar question.. aajkal naya question aata hi nahi kisi exam mein ,,, :)

  13. RBI grade B exam ka reporting time hain 8.30am. Exam kintne baje start hoga?

  14. Grade B officers main phase 1
    Ke marks add honge kya final merit m
    ya sirf qualifie karna h

    1. Qualifying only

      1. har section main m paas hona h kya
        yaa fir total

  15. anybodys centre rawal institutions sohna road.. help with directions pls. m coming frm faridabad

  16. Hello guys,
    any folks writing RBI GRADE B exams from BENGALURU.??
    please revert back
    All d very best bhaiyo

  17. Cab sharing?????


  18. Your hall ticket bears your signature also??

  19. anyone to abhay garg engineering college ghaziabad
    tomorrow 8.30
    interested in sharing cab

  20. Somebody going to
    HARYANA INDIA 1220 0 1

    1. me going for 2nd half

    2. me going

  21. mail or call me @ 8826187427

  22. Morning session questions: detective in bobby jasoos.
    Fdi limit in banking?
    Budget amt allocated for bullet train?
    Imf ceo
    Attorney general.of india
    No of female MPs?
    Oldest cabinet minister in Modi govt?
    one question was on BIFR?
    SEBI regulations?
    One was on Bandhan Bank?
    kochadaiyaan movie star?
    Call money – time period?
    infosys ceo?
    apple ceo?

    1. Which state has highest representation in Modi Council of ministers

      1. uttarapradesh

    2. amount allocated in budget for bullet train?

  23. Hi Mrunal sir,

    I gave Exam in morning shift(I have to sacrifice my UP PSC exam) but I opted for short term dividend.I had given this exam last year and got 112(GEN) category after studying some 4-5 days. This year due to cacophony surrounding UPSC I could not decide till the last moment which exam to go for.In the end I am here writing the review about RBI “grade B” here without studying anything specific about this exam.

    I must confess that this year exam was overall simple than that of last year. Here is the sectional review of exam:

    Economy and General awareness: Much more simpler then last year specially Bank PO guys will be gainers given the nature of questions.Questions like Number of Female MPs in 16th Lok Sabha,Which state has most Ministers in Modi’s cabinet, eldest minister in Modi’s cabinet and Narmada Dam after increase in height will became — Highest Dam,I attempted 79/80 in this section needless to some of them are guesses but we have to do it if cut off is hovering around 130s.

    English: This section was a mixed bag and RBI had set up some innovative questions to consume our time and test our nerves. They have given Two types of para jumble.One was traditional type and second was like small para was given and we have to identify other types of formations with same meaning with same initial words of alternate formations are given. Both questions were difficult. Other questions were very easy.Attempted 25/30

    Quantitative: This was the section where people should only look for securing cutoff marks. I would rate it above average and below difficult. I attempted 15/30

    Reasoning: All type of questions including high level reasoning like strengthening/weakening statements, seating arrangement, inequality,data sufficiency types reasoning, input/output. I attempted 40/60 in this section. Questions were of average toughness,

    Based on above feedback I came to conclusion that paper was easier than of last years.Last year I attempted 143 and this year I am able to attempt 159.Cut off will be around 130-135 for general category students. All the best to all my of you. Although I am not able to recall much of economy section but almost all of them were discussed by you in your articles. Thanks for your incessant efforts.

    1. Sir Vinay,
      I respect u for attempting 159 questions in this paper and specially for 40 in reasoning. For people like me it is simply impossible.
      With greatest respect.
      Yours very very respectfully,
      Your fan.

      1. Dear Abhijit,

        Once you see the cut off declared by RBI you will be astonished as I was last year.Everyone was predicting cut off to be 110 but it was perhaps 128 or 127.It is the beauty of competitive exams

      2. Time was the biggest constraint. ..questions were average but.time made it even tougher

    2. Thank you very much Vinay for sharing your detailed experience.

    3. Hello vinay
      I m preparing for RBI grade b 2015. This year i have given the paper nd cleared phase 1 , secured 121(Obc)
      but failed in phase 2 .
      I m preparing it my own but don’t know much about the preparation for phase 2. I stared with indian economy by takesh Singh nd pratiyogita darpan from october 2014 onwards.
      can u plz suggest me other material from where I can prepare for phase 2

  24. Appeared for the Exam 8:30 am from gurgaon..
    GS was extremely easy —attempted 70 ques….Popping SBI clerk capsule last night worked brilliantly..(World bank,IMF related,Impo days,fifa ques,budget & eco survey ques)
    English, Quant was tough than last time,I cud attempt only 18-20 each.Lot of calculations …..Series ques,Graph ques were no cakewalk.
    I found reasoning extremely difficult–especially for UPSC candidates (like me)–attempted 20/60 –>>-expecting nothing(very disappointed wid myself).No question was straight forward.
    -Blood relation ques —asked with ques mark to fulfil given criteia—>>all options had to be verified.
    -I/p O/p was very time consuming.
    I wud say UPSC candidates cannot expect to qualify dis xam unless they do sum serious sittin wid REASONING portion .(which I ve been avoiding for last two attempts).

    Best of Luck .

    1. @ankit
      you r right ankit. Rbi specific preparation is needed especially in quant and reasonin so as to cross the cut off.
      Upsc and rbi are different games. But yes, gk and english became very easy due to upsc preparations :-)

  25. Exam kaisa raha friends?
    I got my quant section screwed..
    attempted 145 in all..
    gk, reasoning, eng went good. Attempted only 15 in quant in the final 20 minutes and accuracy is doubtful in 4-5 questions.., time management cost me as I had not prepapred for this exam even for a single day!

    1. My experience was exactly as yours. Quant and reasoning were unsolvable for me. For a moment I thought my lack of practice ruined me, but after seeing others experience seems like paper was tough for everyone.

  26. Attempted 145 but only 23 in reasoning
    … 90percent accuracy overall. Whay are my chances

    1. attempted 137
      gs 62
      eng 20
      qa 20
      reasoning 37
      quant was a challenge for me .. else reasoning wud have been 47 .. as had been ignoring it.. nice wakeup call before upsc… ..thanks pple for sharing ur views

  27. Rbi morning shift

    1. Oldest member in the modi cabinet
    2. Address of Website of prime minister modi where you can contact him
    3. Secretory department of economic affairs, finance ministry
    4. CEO of Apple
    5. Venue of FIFA 2014
    6. Organization who won NOBEL peace prize 2013
    7. IMF chief
    8. Which out of the following five is not an organ of World Bank
    9. Which of the following five is not correct regarding WTO
    10. Which of the following statements is/are correct about SLR
    11. Which of the following can be used for tighten the liquidity by RBI
    12. Which of the following countries is not having rupee as their currency— options Nepal , Sri Lanka , Pakistan , Malaysia, none of the above
    13. Which of the following not correct pair of country-capital– options Philippines – Manila, Libya -tripoli etc
    14. Which of the following is not a function of RBI
    15. Capital market is also known as — option money, equity, cash and spot, futures
    16. A science related indian award given to whom, don’t remember the name of award
    17. One question related to how RBI control liquidity
    18. Who recently participated in president elections of Afghanistan
    19. Who wrote tales of two cities
    20. Who played deductive role in bobby jasoo
    21. Who played lead role on Mr Beans
    22. Largest thermal power plant in India
    23. After increasing the height of Narmada dam, what has become its rank in the world
    25. India forex reserve as on 31 mar 2014 as per economic survey
    26. How much percent investment allowance in budget 2014 after investment of 25 carore in plant n machinery
    27. How much allocation to bullet trains in rail budget
    28. Related to definition of balance of payment
    29. International women day celebrated when
    30. Most costly city in the world according to some world livelihood index report
    31. Air Asia alliance with which indian company
    32. Recently banking license given to which — ans bandhan
    33. Which among the following not a PSU– ans bandhan
    34. Highest number of ministers in the cabinet from which state
    35. Ajit doval recently appointed as ?
    36. First indian to be appointed as chief of Interpol
    37. FDI limit in private sector banks

    1. quite a sharp memory…

    2. **detective I.e. Vidya balan

      1. did u mug up Qs?? :o :D

    3. Lol….seriously if RBI sees this they will select you without correcting ur paper….

      1. 38-call money
        39-ceo of infosys
        40-kochadaiyaan’s star
        41-detective in bobby jasus
        42-chancellor of germany
        43-bifr related
        44-rbi’s giro advisory committee head
        45-which country dont have rupee as its currency
        46-fmc full form
        47-obama is getting unpopular like
        48-mono rail in mumbai
        49-one on sebi regulations
        50-plastic notes-not introduced in which city
        and for ques no 16-it was shanti swaroop bhatanagar prize
        please append the list to maximum…

    4. How did you recall all these questions? I m surprised. I couldn’t recall 20 questions. You are blessed with a sharp memory.

      1. ap 642,annanagar


    5. Mrunal sir thanks to you too.
      Thanks all for appreciating, but center bhot door tha, so while coming back I utilised one hour in recalling these questions :P

      1. wow what a memory!

  28. GK was cakewalk.Those who are reading for upsc newspaper daily no desperate prep required. Economy most of banking and finance related.Some questions tricky eg which is not belong to sebi work…eco survey based questions.. Budget… Bullet train allocations…FDI in private bank 74%…name of mr.bean….viability gap funding…demand deposit….credit fixing by bank…tale of two states book…IMF head…ajit rival….Mr MODIS first navy outing on which Ins ship….how RBI decreases liquidity……etc….English easy but new type included make one sentense from two by using starters…we have to mark which starter we can use….so tougher than last year….quant do time taking…much time exhausted and end up with 12 questions only…. Reasoning was half easy half time taking….total 137-73 gk…eng-29….quant-12….reasoning-23……mudofff

  29. profoundly astounded to know that today was HCS too, damn these orgs who do not care about schedule, and damn the technology still roaming around some stray corners in india.
    Anyways Thanks very much mrunal . document.write(“Thankyou”);

    FRBM, Why FRA proposed — bank failures, whats not among WTO ramifications, how much forex reserve declared in march report, aarvind mayaram suggestions, 3 ques on recent appointments, world’s second largest concrete gravity dam, 10 rs notes where not to issue, no of female mps, air asia tata, bis, MTRA , Feudiciary sth, BoP, swanti swarup bhatnagar, world most expensive city
    Syllogisms ..yes, Coding … same.

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