RBI Assistant Question paper 2014: Topicwise sorted from readers’ inputs

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Mrunal's Economy Course
  1. Prologue
  2. Section1: General Awareness
    1. Economy: Budget 2014 related
    2. RBI, Banking, Insurance related
    3. PIN: Government related
    4. Movies related
    5. Sports related
    6. Books & Authors
    7. GK: Dance, Culture related
    8. GK: Indian places
    9. GK: Foreign capitals, currency, leaders
    10. GK: days celebration
  3. Section2: Computer
    1. Internet
    2. DBM
    3. Software
    4. Hardware
    5. OS
    6. MS-Office
    7. Security
  4. Section3: Maths and DI
    1. BODMAS
    2. Time speed work
    3. Simple-Interest/Compound-Interest/Profit-Loss
    4. Pipe and Cistern/Boat-stream
    5. Average
    6. Mensuration(Area-Volume-Perimeter)
    7. Number Series
    8. Data Interpretation
  5. Section4: Reasoning
    1. Blood Relation
    2. Syllogisms
    3. Mathematical Inequalities
    4. Number Series
    5. Data Sufficiency
    6. Direction-based
    7. Circular/Seating Arrangement
    8. Dictionary-based Arrangement
    9. Symbol-Alphabets-Numbers
    10. Coding-Decoding
  6. Section5: English
    1. Error spotting
    2. Fill in the blanks
    3. Sentence Arrangement
    4. Reading Comprehension
  7. Cutoffs: RBI Assistant 2012 (for interview call)
  8. Cutoffs: RBI Assistant 2013 (For interview call)


  • From the list of questions shared by our readers cum RBI-assistant candidate, this list and analysis is prepared for the benefit of future aspirants.
  • Credit: readers of Mrunal.org for sharing the question list in comments. And Ankiit Srivastava for compiling those comments.
  • Note: some of the maths-reasoning-English questions given in this article- they were not verbatim asked in the exam but given here for illustration/demo. For example comprehension- since no one can recall entire passage from the exam, so we’ve to create demo question of similar level.
  • For more insights, read comments posted below this article.

Section1: General Awareness

  • Total 40 questions. They call it “General” awareness, but I would call it “Trivial-GK” awareness- because you’ll find truckloads of foolish questions about some exact figures in crores allotted to xyz scheme or about the venue where 3rd test between India & England in 2014 test series held and so on.
  • But, if you want the job, you’ve to prepare. Question is how to proceed for next year’s RBI assistant exam?

Resources for preparing RBI assistant GK

Static GK

  • country-currency-capital
  • places: tourist attractions, hill-stations dances, powerplants etc.
  • important days
  • HQ of international organizations

  • Sarkaari people in news
  • Committees, visits of foreign dignitaries
  • books-authors-awards
  • sports, trophies, players, awards
  • defence, satellite,
  • Mrunal.org/PIN
  • monthly current affairs magazine
banking GK

  • Reserve Bank & its terminology such as Repo,Reverse Repo,CRR,SLR, LAF,Bank rate,NEFT,MSF,
  • Nationalization of RBI,Nationalization of Banks,SEBI & its functions etc.
Pretty much all of them covered under banking section of Mrunal.org/Economy
Budget Budget speech of Finance minister. because this exam requires command over trivial-GK, fact-places-figures from budget, so you’ve to refer directly to Finance minister’s speech.

Let’s check the GK-questions asked in RBI Assistant 2014 exam

Economy: Budget 2014 related

  1. States where IIM is to be opened as declared in budget other than Punjab,Bihar,Maharashtra & Odisha : (Himachal Pradesh)
  2. Sanitation Program in Budget till – 2019
  3. Fund for Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sichayin Yojana as declared in budget : (Rs. 1000 cr)
  4. Fiscal deficit according to union budget : (4.1%)
  5. According to Budget 2014, how many new Govt. Medical Colleges will be opened : (12)
  6. What is the percentage increace in the amount allocated for cleanliness in this railway budget : (40%)
  7. what is the FDI limit in railway infrastructure : (100%)
  8. How much percent of passenger traffic increased in railways according to Railway budget? : ( 9%)
  9. According to Budget;e-visa in how many cities to promote tourism : (9)
  10. Income exempted from tax (below 60) according to budget : (2.5 lakhs)
  11. According to Budget,Metro rail project in Ahmadabad and which city : Lucknow

RBI, Banking, Insurance related

  1. Which insurance company extended Jan Dhan insurance cover to 1 lakh? : (HDFC Ergo)
  2. Life Insurance in Jan-Dhan yojana : (Rs.30,000)
  3. How much was the foreign exchange reserves in march 2014 ?
  4. Newly elected deputy governor : (S.S. Mundra)
  5. RBI proposed for 5th deputy governor by post : (Chief Operating Officer)
  6. Tibor full form : Tokyo Interbank Offered Rate
  7. When RBI was established ?
  8. What is R in RTGS ?
  9. What is L in LAF ?
  10. What is the full form of SARFAESI ?
  11. When RBI was nationalized ?

PIN: Government related

  1. Recently elections held for which loksabha? : (16th)
  2. Modi is the _______ prime minister of india? : (15th)
  3. Law and justice minister
  4. Water resources minister
  5. Defence minister
  6. Urban Development Minister
  7. Railway Minister of India
  8. Atomic Energy minister of India
  9. Home Affairs Minister
  10. Rural Development Minister
  11. Smriti Irani is holding which ministry: HRD Ministry
  12. Governor of Maharashtra: C Vidyasagar Rao
  13. Kerala new Governor – P Sathasivam
  14. Newly elected Deputy speaker of Loka sabha : (Thambi durai)
  15. Who is lady election commission officer? (V.S. Ramadevi)

Movies related

  1. Oscar 2014 Best supporting actress – Lupita Nyong’o
  2. Best actress in film fare awards 2014 – Deepika Padukone
  3. Which film got Best Film Award at Film Fare Awards: Bhaag Milkha Bhaag
  4. Oscar winner in leading role actor – Matthew McConaughey
  5. Best Director National Awards? Hansal Mehta
  6. Best actor in national film awards ? – Suraj Venjaramoodu(Malayalam), Raj Kumar Rao(Hindi)
  7. Best actress in Oscar? Cate Blanchett
  8. Oscar best movie – 12 years a slave
  9. National award for best Hindi film – Jolly LLb
  10. Which movie got the best movie award in 61 national film awards?

Sports related

  1. South African cricketer retired – Jaques Kallis
  2. In the Wimbledons 2014, Petra Kvitov defeated whom to conquer her maiden title in the women’s championships – Euginie Bouchard
  3. Arjuna Award for which cricketer: R. Ashwin
  4. Male singles French open 2014 winner: Rafal Nadal
  5. India and England Test Series Man of the Series for India – Bhuvaneshwar Kumar
  6. Who of the following won gold medal in athletics for india in common wealth games 2014?
  7. How many gold medals india won in common wealth games 2014?
  8. Man of the series in India-England test series ?
  9. Gopichand is related to which sport – (Badminton)
  10. Leander Paes related to which game? : Tennis

Books & Authors

  1. “The God of Small Things” novel author: Arundhati Roy
  2. “The suitable boy” written by? – Vikram Seth

GK: Dance, Culture related

  1. Kuchhipudi dance form which state – Andhra Pradesh
  2. Kathak dance associated with which state : (UP)
  3. Sattriya is the dance form of which state? : (Assam)
  4. Bharatanatyam associated with which state : (Tamil Nadu)
  5. Kathakali dance from which state: (Kerala)
  6. BKS Iyengar is related to which field? Yoga

GK: Indian places

  1. Rawatbhata power plant in which state: (Rajasthan)
  2. Kakrapar nuclear power plant is in : (Gujarat)
  3. Cheruthoni dam in which state? : ( Kerala)
  4. Indira sagar dam located in which state : (Madhya Pradesh)
  5. Taj Mahal in which state : (Uttar Pradesh)
  6. Kaiga nuclear plant is in which state : (Karnataka)
  7. Panchmarhi Hill station is in which state : MP
  8. Hill station ‘ARAKU’ in which state: (Andhra Pradesh)
  9. Narora Power Plant situated in? (U.P.)

GK: Foreign capitals, currency, leaders

  1. Denmark currency: (Danish Krone)
  2. Li-tatina (tomator tyoha) festival of which country: (Spain)
  3. Mogadishu is the capital of which country: (Somalia)
  4. Adis Ababa capital of which country : (Ethiopia)
  5. Full Form Of UNCTAD – United Nations Conference on Trade and Development
  6. U.K. Prime Minister? : (David Cameroon)
  7. Malaysia Currency – (Ringgit)
  8. Bangladesh currency : (Taka)
  9. Head quarters of WTO is located in which country?
  10. Amsterdam is the capital of which country : (Netherlands)

GK: days celebration

  1. National Sports Day: (29 Aug)
  2. World Environment Day – (5 June)
  3. Laughter day : (1st Sunday of may)
  4. Heart day is celebrated on?

Section2: Computer

  • 40 questions, most of them easy. don’t require special knowledge or preparation.
  • still if you want, you may go through NIOS’s computer awareness material.
Type No. of Qs
Internet/Email/Networking 6-7
Database Management 5-7
Software/Programming 4-5
Hardware 5-7
Operating System 7-8
MS-office 7-8
Security/Hacking 5-6

let’s check the questions asked in RBI-assistant 2014


A device that connects to a network without the use of cable is said to be :

  1. Distributed
  2. Non-wired
  3. Centralized
  4. Wireless
  5. None of the Above

Which of the following is a valid domain :

  1. .gom
  2. .tom
  3. .cam
  4. .com
  5. None of the Above


You organise files by storing them in a :

  1. Index
  2. Yard
  3. Folder
  4. List
  5. None of the Above


The legal right to use software based on specific restrictions is granted via a :

  1. Software policy
  2. Software Password
  3. Software Key
  4. Software License
  5. None of the Above

Compiling creates a :

  1. Error free program
  2. Good Environment
  3. Bug
  4. Restarting of Computer
  5. None of the Above


A ………. is used to read hand written or printed text to make a digital image that is stored in memory.

  1. Printer
  2. Mouse
  3. Joystick
  4. Scanner
  5. None of the Above


Linux is an example of :

  1. Virus
  2. Freeware
  3. Open source software
  4. Bug
  5. None of the Above

Which of the following act as a bridge between User and the device ?

  1. Printer
  2. CPU
  3. C.OS
  4. Monitor
  5. None of the Above


What is the keyboard short-cut for new slide ?

  1. Ctrl+M
  2. Ctrl+N
  3. Ctrl+S
  4. Ctrl+Shift+N
  5. None of the Above

Which of the following is used for Presentations ?

  1. MS Word
  2. MS Excel
  3. MS Outlook
  4. MS Power Point
  5. None of the Above


Junk e-mail is also called ?

  1. Spool
  2. Spam
  3. Stam
  4. Junk-mail
  5. None of the Above

A program designed to destroy data on your computer which can travel to “infect” other computers is called a ?

  1. Disaster
  2. Bacteria
  3. Virus
  4. Disease
  5. None of the Above

Section3: Maths and DI

Topics under Numerical Ability QS.
BODMAS/Basic-Maths/Simplifaction 20-25
STD: speed time distance 1-2
Simple-Interest/Compound-Interest/Profit-Loss 2-3
Pipe & Cistern/Boat-stream 2-3
Average 2-3
Mensuration(Area-Volume-Perimeter) 2-3
Number Series 4-5
Data Interpretation 4-5


Q : (8/13) /(192/559) = ?

  1. 1(19/24)
  2. 4(19/28)
  3. 2(17/28)
  4. 3(17/28)
  5. None of the Above

Q : 283.56+142.04+661.78=?

  1. 1080.28
  2. 1087.28
  3. 1080.38
  4. 1082.48
  5. None of the Above

Q : if the fraction 3/5, 1/4, 5/6, 7/9, 8/11, are arranged in ascending order, which value will be third?

  1. 3/5
  2. 1/4
  3. 5/6
  4. 7/9
  5. 8/11

Q : ½ of ¾ of 1240=?

  1. 220
  2. 465
  3. 410
  4. D.800
  5. None of the Above

Time speed work

Q : 12 men can finish a work in 6 days,10 men + 21 women can finish it in 3 days. How many days will 12 women alone take to finish the work?

  1. 10 days
  2. 9 days
  3. 8 days
  4. 11 days
  5. None of the Above

Q : A car covers a certain distance in three hours at the speed of 62 Km/hr. What is the average speed of a truck which travels at a distance of 120 Km less than the car in the same time?

  1. 45km/hr
  2. 60 km/hr
  3. 75km/hr
  4. 100 km/hr
  5. None of the Above


Q :The owner of an electronic store charges his customer 11% more than the cost price. If a customer paid Rs. 1,33,200 for an LED TV, what was the original price of the TV?

  1. 1,20,000
  2. 1,14,000
  3. 1,18,000
  4. 1,22,000
  5. None of the Above

Q : Ram sold an item for Rs.8410 and incurred a loss of 45%. At what price should he have sold the item to have earned a profit of 50%?

  1. 8510
  2. 8710
  3. 8800
  4. 8304
  5. None of the Above

Pipe and Cistern/Boat-stream

Q : Pipes A and B can fill a tank in 5 and 6 hours respectively. Pipe C can empty it in 12 hours. If all the three pipes are opened together, then the tank will be filled in time(in hours)?

  1. 30/17
  2. 30/11
  3. 60/17
  4. 55/17
  5. None of the Above

Q : A man can row Upstream @15kmph and downstream @21 kmph, what is the speed of water in river(in kmph)?

  1. 4
  2. 3
  3. 7
  4. 14
  5. None of the Above


Q : Find the average of the following set of scores: 214, 351, 109, 333, 752, 614, 456, 547 ?

  1. 482
  2. 428
  3. C.444
  4. 424
  5. None of the Above

Q : The average of four consecutive odd numbers A, B, C and D is 54. What is the product of A and C?

  1. 2905
  2. 2805
  3. 2703
  4. D.2404
  5. None of the Above


Q : The length of a rectangle is 20% more than its breadth. What will be the ratio of the area of a rectangle to that of a square whose side is equal to the breadth of the rectangle?

  1. 2:1
  2. 6:5
  3. 3:4
  4. D.4:5
  5. None of the Above

Q : What would be the circumference of a circle(in cm)whose area is 745.36 sq cm?

  1. 94.4
  2. 88.8
  3. 76.5
  4. D.84.5
  5. None of the Above

Number Series

Q : What will come in place of question mark(?) in the following number series?

45, 38, 31, 24, 17,?, 3

  1. A.33
  2. B.45
  3. C.15
  4. 10
  5. None of the Above

Q : What will come in place of question mark(?) in the following number series?


  1. 295
  2. 315
  3. 275
  4. 305
  5. None of the Above

Data Interpretation

Examine the following Diagram

RBI assistant 2014 DI set

There were three rival candidates in a Loksabha constituency and the number of votes got by them in a certain village in different elections are shown in the following diagram,answer the following questions after examining the diagram

By what percentage,number of votes got by A have increased in 2008 election from 2003 election?

  1. A.12.5%
  2. 25%
  3. 40%
  4. D.45%
  5. None of the Above

By what percentage, number of votes got by A in all election is less/more than the number of votes got by C in all the elections?

  1. 16%more
  2. 12%more
  3. 16%less
  4. 12%less
  5. neither less nor more

Section4: Reasoning

Topics under Reasoning QS.
Blood Relation 3-4
Syllogisms 4-5
Matematical Inequalities 4-5
Number Series 3-4
Data Sufficiency 4-5
Direction-based 2-3
Circular/Seating Arrangement 8-10
Dictionary-based Arrangement 3-4
Symbol-Alphabets-Numbers 3-4
Coding-Decoding 4-6

Blood Relation

  1. If A + B means A is the father of B
  2. A × B means A is the wife of B
  3. A – B means A is the son of B…then

Q : If M × N – O is true, then which of the following is definitely true?

  1. O is the wife of N
  2. O is father of M
  3. M is daughter of N
  4. N is father of M
  5. None of these



  1. All Home are insert
  2. Some Insert are Design
  3. All Design are Page
  4. Some Page are Layout


  • I:Some Design are Home
  • II: Some Insert are Layout.

answer choices

  1. only I follows
  2. only II follows
  3. neither I nor II follows
  4. both I and II follow
  5. either I or II follows

Mathematical Inequalities

If M>O ≥N≥Q=R<T then

  1. N<M
  2. T>Q

answer choices

  1. only 1 follows
  2. only 2 follows
  3. neither 1 nor 2 follows
  4. both 1 and 2 follow
  5. either 1 or 2 follows

Number Series

Find the next number in the sequence:

2, 6, 8, 16, 30, 54,?

  1. 74
  2. 88
  3. 100
  4. 110
  5. 105

Data Sufficiency

Who amongst E,F,G,H and I is the heaviest ?

Statements :

  1. I.F is heavier than I,E is heavier than H,H is lighter than G
  2. II.E is the second heaviest, E is lighter than G

Answers :

  1. if data in Statement I alone is sufficient to answer the question
  2. if data alone in Statement II is alone sufficient to answer the question
  3. if data either in Statement I or Statement II alone are sufficient to answer the question
  4. if data given in both Statement I and Statement II are not sufficient to answer the question
  5. if data given in both Statement I and Statement II alone are not sufficient but together sufficient to answer the question.


A man started from a place walked towards North for 5 km, then turned right and walked another 5 km. Then, he turned 45° to his right and walked 2 km and finally turned 45° to his left. What is his direction now.?

  1. South
  2. South-East
  3. North
  4. East
  5. West

Circular/Seating Arrangement

Eight persons P,Q,R,S,T,U,V and W are sitting around a circular table facing the centre but not necessarily in the same order. Also

  1. Q and S are immediate neighbours of R.
  2. U sits third to the left of P, P is an immediate neighbour of Q
  3. T sits third to the right of W.

Then what is the position of W with respect to Q.?

  1. Third to the left
  2. Third to the right
  3. Immediate right
  4. Second to the left
  5. Second to the right

Dictionary-based Arrangement

How many meaningful English words can be formed with the letters T, D, E, I using all the letters, but each letter only once in each word?

  1. One
  2. Two
  3. Three
  4. None
  5. More than Three

In the word MORNING, how many characters are there which have same gap with their adjacent letter as they have in alphabetical order in English?

  1. One
  2. Two
  3. Three
  4. None
  5. More than three


M L 5 # U 5 Q $ 5 & O 8 U F ! 7 C 9 D N 8 A % P O G N L 3& P M G ! # $ A 9 H P % 9 $ A G D # W

In the above sequence, how many symbols are there which do have a number just before it and a vowel just after it?

  1. One
  2. Two
  3. None
  4. Three
  5. More than three


In a certain language, ‘what are we do, is written as ‘pa la ma sa, ‘when time are do’ is written as ‘pa la ta na, ‘do what time think’ is written as ‘pa na ma ca’ ‘time think before finish’ is written as ‘ca na da fa’ & ‘do finish time fast’ is written as ‘da pa na ga’
How will ‘before ’ be written in that code language?

  1. ca
  2. na
  3. da
  4. fa
  5. None of these

Section5: English

Topics under English Language Qs.
Error spotting 5-6
Fill in the blanks 4-5
Cloze test (i.e. Paragraphs with lots of fill in the blanks) 8-10
Sentence Arrangement 5-7
Reading Comprehension 13-15
(within above passage) Direct questions 5-7
(within from above passage) Vocabulary type 6-7

Error spotting

Identify the part of sentence which do have any error, if no error is there mark it as No error :

Many poverty alleviation schemes(1)/ are not applicable of(2)/ slum dwellers in metro cities(3)/ as they are above the poverty line(4)/ No error(5)


  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4
  5. 5

Fill in the blanks

The Taj Mahal at Agra had ____ world wide attention.


  1. Perceived
  2. Proposed
  3. Attracted
  4. Referred
  5. Preferred

Sentence Arrangement

Rearrange the following 5 sentence to make it a complete meaningful sentence :

  1. (1)They found that much of the drop in yield came from air pollution caused by fine particles
  2. (2)with heightened air pollution adding to the impact of climate change on crop yields,
  3. (3)India’s food grain production is facing a double whammy
  4. (4)according to a recent study.
  5. (5)like soot as well as ozone generated by sunlight acting on emissions of precursor molecules.

Q : What will be the order of the Rearranged sentence

  1. 2,3,1,4,5
  1. B.3,1,2,4,5
  2. C.3,2,4,1,5
  3. D.3,1,2,4,5
  4. E.None of the Above

Reading Comprehension

Read the following passage:

British Airways-owner IAG laid out plans to pay a maiden dividend on Friday, coming of age three years after the merger between BA and Spain’s Iberia in 2011 that created the group.

IAG said it was confident of growing earnings by over 10 percent a year between 2016 and 2020, on top of significant profit growth this year and next, and as such, it anticipated declaring next year it would start paying shareholders.

Q : IAG is confident of growing earnings in which of the following year :

  1. 2013
  2. 2015
  3. C.2018
  4. 2011
  5. None of the Above

Q : Which among the following is most opposite to CONFIDENT as shown in bold in passage :

  1. Hopefull
  2. Hopeless
  3. Sad
  4. Amazing
  5. None of the Above

Cutoffs: RBI Assistant 2012 (for interview call)

2012: Cutoff in written exam for those called for interview
AHMEDABAD 107 123 141 127
BANGALORE 120 113 120 138 124
BHOPAL 146 116 156 159 145
BHUBANESWAR 142 151 154 140
CHANDIGARH 139 160 146
CHENNAI 121 136 141 127
GUWAHATI 117 127 133 119
HYDERABAD 142 126 149 154 140
JAIPUR 139 135 151 158 144
JAMMU 101 107 145 131
KANPUR AND LUCKNOW 143 153 163 149
KOLKATA 128 135 153 139
MUMBAI 109 119 137 123
NAGPUR 136 136 146 132
NEW DELHI 141 144 156 142
PATNA 136 154 163 149
142 151 158 144

Cutoffs: RBI Assistant 2013 (For interview call)

2013: Cutoff in written exam for those called for interview
AHMEDABAD 119 # 108 121 88 85 104
BANGALORE 96 92 107 114 92 @ 119
BHOPAL 114 111 126 135 112 @ @
BHUBANESWAR 113 101 127 136 103 @ @
CHANDIGARH # # 121 136 106 72 116
CHENNAI 109 # 124 128 113 @ @
GUWAHATI 105 99 107 113 108 @ 102
HYDERABAD 123 # 130 138 123 @ @
JAIPUR 120 110 126 135 117 @ 129
JAMMU 101 71 100 123 @ @ 102
KANPUR AND LUCKNOW 118 # 130 142 120 @ 131
KOLKATA 114 89 116 133 98 @ 141
MUMBAI 103 80 # 111 82 95 90
NAGPUR 109 # # 116 @ @ @
NEW DELHI 122 # 128 142 @ @ @
PATNA 109 113 129 135 111 @ @
# # 134 136 62 121 110

# No vacancies in these centres for the given categories.
@ No candidate from the category qualified.
For more on RBI assistants’ exam question list, preparation strategy visit http://Mrunal.org/IBPS

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160 Comments on “RBI Assistant Question paper 2014: Topicwise sorted from readers’ inputs”

  1. Respected Mrunal sir,

    Sorry to interrupt in between this conversation . But the matter is associated to my future .

    I had always dreamt to be a railway engineer and now WHEN i had done my B.Tech. from computer science and the notification for rectt. has also come.

    But i don’t know from where to start the preparation .

    Sir , Please provide the examination strategy to follow to crack this section engineer railway recruitment board exam and also tell which books to prefer.


    THANKING YOU : ..)

    1. Rajan I don’t have much idea on railway engineers’ exam. Suggestions:
      1. get old papers, observe pattern, prepare accordingly.
      2. find serving officers via facebook, seek their advice.

    2. sir ..i need ur help..in the form of railway there is no option for btech from cs ..it is having btech from IT..shld i apply from IT?

      1. Dear Ankita…IT nd CS are considered as same for d different performas under d Govt initiatives such as d Railways nd PSUs…

        I hav also gone through d enng from CS stream nd everytime u hv to consider it as IT only(if separately CS not given)..

  2. Gk was mostly factual
    3 cabinet minister
    Somalia capital
    Penalty on dlf
    1 governor
    Us vice president
    3 question on budget
    Euro central bank head
    Eprom full form

    2 books
    Padam vibhushan 2014 in science

  3. Reasoning was very easy
    5 question each on sitting arrangement puzzels(bike and days), syllogism, inequality, data sufficiency, alphabate-symbol-numbers arrangement,
    I did 34 questions

  4. reasoning:

    sitting arrangement -easy 4 to 5 question
    data sufficiency:easy 5 question..,like sitting arrangement,
    no cat is dog,,,some tiger are cat easy 5 question,


    comprehension question on meaning opposite easy,
    sentence error finding,
    in paragraph find bold letters words which are wrong in spelling or the word not needed,
    fill in the blanks in paragraph,


    compound interest,simple interest,simplify the expression,time work,

    current affair:

    growth in railways user,
    rural development minster,
    port louis whose capital,
    what min percent of share is required for a company to call as fdi,
    in which state IIm is there,

  5. exam was on 23sept2014 at 1.15pm at titiksha public school,rohini,delhi..do reach on time & always carry multiple photographs,gluestick & photocopy/original ID card..they were not accepting College/university ID card as valid Identity proof though it is mentioned as acceptable in call-letter..representative from RBI was unfriendly in this matter but luckily i was carrying Driving License also,so i was in no mood to fight & upset my own mood & performance..some others had issues with respect to photocopy but fortunately there was a stationery shop next door (though that shop-pwner was overcharging 3rs per copy…lol…crony capitalists…there was a question about what is crony capitalism too..haha)…my mouse wasn’t working as it was having a time-lag in click & selection..gratefully, the school staff duly changed it in time..anyway,coming to the exam questions..Those who are good at English & GK & Computer, but are slow in Maths & Reasoning should focus on Practicing & getting well-versed with the relevant formulae..Else, you will not be able to clear the cut-off for these sections & hence, will have to wait for subsequent job openings in the next year, if any..keeping up-to-date with Gk/Banking Awareness isn’t tough if you read Business Standard regularly..there were few budget related questions wherein %age allocation for a particular sector..other Fiscal Policy related questions were anyway in news such as CSR spending by firms..A question was there like “what do we call writing a particular programming language”for which answer was coding though one of the options was programming too..so,keep your basics strong in computer section..on a completing note,RBI has a decent brand value and being an assistant there is also a “thik-thaak” thing to look forward to..hence, competition is tough & amount of hard-work you would put in to get this job is quite rational & prudent..so go ahead and crack this silly nut..

  6. One question, unprecedentedly was wrong.. In 5 IIMs question.. there was no option of Maharashtra, I was shocked after seeing the options as I had diligently mugged the important figures and points in the Budget.. The options were Goa, Chattisgarh, Kerala and Karnataka.

  7. General awareness questions, morning 24th session

    1. mogadishu is the capital of which country

    2. Denmark currency

    3. Urban Development Minister

    4. Smriti Irani is holding which ministry

    5. Arjuna Award for which cricketer:

    6. “The God of Small Things” novel author

    7. Public provident fund interest rate:

    8. Rawatbhata power plant in which state:

    9. New IIM’S will be in which state ?( four states have given and asked for the fifth one)

    10. National Sports Day:

    11. Kathakali dance from which state:

    12. e-visa in how many cities to promote tourism

    13. M singles French open 2014 winner:

    14. FIDE world (rapid chess championship) won by which player

    15. Vice President of USA:

    16. Which film got Best Film Award at Film Fare Awards

    17. Governor of Maharashtra:

    18. Li-tatina (tomator tyoha) festival of which country

    19. Hill station ‘ARAKU’ in which state

    20 . cutoms duty of sugar increased to:

    21 some over draft amount related to jan dhan yojana:

    22 padmavibhushan 2014 in enggg

    23 oscar best actor

    24 europian central bank chairman

    25 80c tax reduction amount

    26 railway will b paperless with how many years

    27 SC fine amount to DLF

    28.Related to CSR ,some amount

  8. i attended 24th morning rbi assisstant exam and did 162, comp-35, eng 40, reasoning 36, maths-29, ga-22 with 95% accuracy excpt ga where 6 to 7 guesses.. guys wht r my chances m frm up

  9. very easy question , any serious candidate can score ,have a little watch on current affairs upto July 2014
    All the Best .

  10. I forgot to take the print out of the application form. Can it be done afterwards?
    Is it a big concern?

  11. General knowledge>>>>> was entirely based on facts and figures, all they asked were names of this and that and amount of this and that..

    Computer >>>>> was very difficult ( nah ! Easiest part of the exam -Bachcha level )

    English >>>>> wahi, paragraph, asli nakli words, appropriate words etc etc… ( dont waste your time asking yourself if you are right or wrong just tick that bubble)

    Reasoning >>>> depends on how fast you move numbers, symbols and alphabets on your paper or mind, relatively difficult than ssc cgl and time consuming too…

    Numerical Aptitude >>>> easiest of all, but time consuming…, no trick works here just add, subtract, multiply divide… You need to have practice with numbers thats it…

    I attempted 174, Can anyone tell me what they ask in interview ? I failed my ibps interview this year…

    1. maths ke kitne attempt huye .. ? .. i attempted 164 .. n maths 21 … is it enough to clear exm ? plz tell me

  12. I attempted 110… What is expected cut off for RBI ASSISTENT..

  13. hello mrunal sir….can anyone tell me what wud b the expected cutoff for patna zone….As i appeared from here….i cud do only 130……plzzz

  14. wat was sectional cut offs last year .. ?

  15. Hi everyone,
    While filling up my RBI assistant online form I had made a mistake under educational qualification ..where it was asked about graduation field. There I had filled science by mistake. I have graduated in comp engg.
    While this be any cause of concern for me.

  16. I’ve attempted 110 only becox of numbers fear…! What is expected cutoff …

  17. rbi assistant exam 25th afternoon shift

    i have given a lot of exam in past few weeks… so i will tell all aspirants… that ibps rrb po data interpretation part was like sbi po DI level… so for IBPS PO practice more and more… because level or DI QUESTIONs have rose a little… because ibps po is more demanding then ibps rrb po.

    now todays paper… english section was very easy and computer section also…
    1) PUZZLES were a little time consuming… sufficient practice needed for puzzle… (CIRCULAR AND LINEAR BOTH)
    2) SYLLOGISM – 5 questions total.. simple by both analytical and venn diagram method
    3) mathematical operations: again simple… 5 questions…
    4) data sufficency- i think 2 or three questions were asked..
    this section could be easily completed in 30 mins attempting all 40… though i attempted 38/40 no higher reasoning questions not even 1..

    QUESTIONS FROM ratio and proportion, simple interest, partnership, profit loss , average, percentage… all direct formulae based not need to apply brain if formulae learnt or maths is practiced sufficiently… data table was there for DI… series question(STRICT NO NO) PLEASE FRIENDS DO NOT WASTE TIME EVEN IF U HAVE PRACTICED series this kills time… simple add and subract.. multiple..

    current affairs was factual completely… oscar… award book.. deputy speaker external affairs ministers… indira sagar dam.. budget based questions…. fiscal deficit brics bank… world bank head (all time all exam fav question), total goals in fifa…. world laughter day…(all fact based)…

  18. My exam was on 24 sept evening session in Lucknow.
    GA : who is the head of atomic energy commission?
    Current railway minister?
    FDI in insurance raised to ?%
    Coal blocks licences allocated from which year has been suspended by Apex court?
    Who is David Cameroon?
    What is the currency of Malasiya?
    Best director 61st national films award?
    Tax exemption limit raised on loan for self occupied house in budget 2014-015?
    Where is Narora?
    Diu comes under which state or UT?
    Full form of SARFAESI?
    What is asset reconstruction company?
    Cry,……… a book written by whom?
    What is recent minimum salary for PPF as per budget? I think 15000/-
    Winner of French open(Rolland garross) men’s single?
    Who was awarded man of the series in recently conluded series b/w India and England?
    Which country developed technique to detect Ebola quickly? I think Japan.
    Where is Rihand dam?
    On which river Signature bridge is to be built ?
    What is demat account?
    What is Capital account?
    Interest calculated on savings account on which basis?
    Best actor award in academy awards ?

    These r the questions which I exactly recalled…….rest when recalled I’ll share accordingly.
    Thank you mrunal sir for your guidance with that I attempted 146 queations overall. 33 questions in GA with confidance. Except few mistakes in questions related to films n awards.

  19. I appeared RBI Assistant exam on 25 sep 14. After completion of my exam when the computer screen showed the final evaluation of my attempts, i had to enter ok on the screen. I delayed to press the mouse as i was noting down the data of my exam performance. When after sometime, i pressed ok, it showed ‘error’ on the screen. I didnt confirm it from the staff then but now i m worried whether my result would have been submitted or not. Please clarify my doubt.

  20. hey i appear on 23 september exam in morning i done 156/200 and have accuracy of 92% what r the chances from lucknow/kanpur
    as i am a SC candidate

  21. RBI Assistant exam- 25 sept 2014 – Afternoon shift
    Exam centre- Geeta institute of management and technology Kanipal kurushetra Haryana
    GK total Q- 40
    1) Who is current external affair minister 2) Total no of goals in World cup football 3) Which cricketer took 10 wickets in recent series ….?4) New proposed IIM in 5)CAD of india in 2013 6) Where metro projects are sanctioned 7) Portfolio of Mainka Gandhi ?? 8) Current WTO chief 9) Bharatnatyam dance related to which state ? 10) ILO head Quarter ? 11) Where is indra gandi dam ? 12) Where is panchmani ?? 13) Addis ababa is the capital of ? 14) 1st BRICS bank chief will be from ?? 15) Padma awards are announced on the eve of ? 16) Rajeev Gandhi equity scheme …17) Insurance amount in pradhan mantra jandhan yojana is ? 18) RBI current news (Q i am not able to recall )19) Some full forms of economic terms 20) FDI in insurance sector ?? 21) DY speaker of loksabha ? 22) TAJ MAHAL is in which state ? 23) Oscar award winning film current year ? 24) Which movie got national film fair award ? 25) Rail budget amount ?? 26) No of members in ASEAN ?? 27) FII full forms 29) Restriction put on Russia due to its role in …?? 30) Laughter day is celebrated on ??
    Rest remaining 10 Q i m not able to recall….

    1. 31) full form of GAAR ? 32) a question on securitisation, some future event was there ?? 33) spi full form?

      1. Who wrote The_Inheritance_of_Loss ??

        1. Kiran Desai aunty

  22. Reasoning – 40 Q
    Q 1-5 – on syllogism (some keys are locks + some locks are keys etc)
    Q- 6-14 – Puzzles (2)- one puzzle was on sitting arrangement and other one on Days and programme
    Q15- in word MORNING – how many characters are there which have same gap with their adjacent letter as they have in alphabetical order
    Q16- AUERWXZ ETC arrange them in alphabetical order and which one is 6th from the left.
    Q17-20 – four Q on blood relation puzzle
    Q21- 24 – four Q on data sufficiency –
    Q25- 28- four Q on order-
    P> Q=SP
    Q29- S@G#J$GTER%$67 etc which characters have special character after it but no integer before it?
    Q 30-33- four Q on series (all were simple and can be solved easily)

    Rest remaining 7 i m not able to recall….
    Q1- 15- only multiplication division etc…
    Q-16- Tank and water problem ….1 tap can fill a tank in 6hrs, after tank is half filled then one more tap of same efficiency start working- calculate total time in filling the tank ??
    Q17- 18- Two Q on velocity and distance
    Q 19- one boat and stream Problem
    Q 20- one mixture problem
    Q21- 22- Two Q on profit loss
    Q 23- 26- four Q on DI
    Q- 27- Age problem Q on father son
    Q28-29- two Q on ratios

    Rest remaining 11 i m not able to recall….

  23. English- 40 Q

    Q1-5 five Q on errors
    Q 6- 12- passage (lamb and jaikal story )
    Q 13-18- 6 Q on improvement
    Q19- 24- Fill in the blanks
    Q 25- 31- seven Q on sentence arrangement
    Rest remaining 9Q i m not able to recall….

  24. Computer – 40 Q

    Q1- Full form of HTTP
    Q2- Full form of URL
    Q3- what is data mining
    Q4- what is bus ?
    Q5- What is downloading?
    Q6- virus is a …..
    Q7- Which of the following are the browsers ?
    Q8- Which of the following are operating systems?
    Q9- Oracle is a ??
    Q10- SQL is a ??
    Q11- DOS is a ??
    Q12- Full form of WAN ?
    Q13- chip is …?
    Q14- Intel is relate to ??
    Q15- Excel is collection of ?
    Q16- In a word document if spelling mistake is done by user than it is underline in which colour?
    Q17- Main page of any website is called ??
    Q18- Printer is ……
    Q19- What is debugging ??
    Q20- Full form of BIOS ??
    Q21- For selecting full page – short cut key is ??
    Q22- Directly go to end of a page by pressing ??
    Q23- What is spoofing ??
    Q24- junk mails came in which folder ?

    Rest remaining 16 Q i m not able to recall….
    Any Query , please post i will reply them…

    1. 24. eprom ?
      25. usb ?
      26. databus ?

      1. electronic programmable read only memory
        universal serial bus
        data bus is used for transportation of data b/w 2 registers

      2. eprom : Erasable Programmable Memory
        usb: Universal Serial Bus

        1. eprom = electronic programmable read only memory
          eeprom = electronic erasable programmable read only memory.

  25. My exam was on 24 sept evening session in Lucknow.
    GA : who is the head of dept of atomic energy?
    Current railway minister?
    FDI in insurance raised to ?%
    Coal blocks licences allocated from which year has been suspended by Apex court?
    Who is David Cameroon?
    What is the currency of Malasiya?
    Best director 61st national films award?
    Tax exemption limit raised on loan for self occupied house in budget 2014-015?
    Where is Narora?
    Diu comes under which state or UT?
    Full form of SARFAESI?
    What is asset reconstruction company?
    Cry,……… a book written by whom?
    What is recent minimum salary for PPF as per budget? I think 15000/-
    Winner of French open(Rolland garross) men’s single?
    Who was awarded man of the series in recently conluded series b/w India and England?
    Which country developed technique to detect Ebola quickly? I think Japan.
    Where is Rihand dam?
    On which river Signature bridge is to be built ?
    What is demat account?
    What is Capital account?
    Interest calculated on savings account on which basis?
    Best actor award in academy awards ?
    A question from Venice film festival.
    Under which article J&K given special status?
    Five new IIMs?
    Recent visit by US secretary of state?
    World environment day?
    Where is khajjar hill station?
    Full form of UNCTAD?
    Total house sanitation target year?
    Upper Limit RTGS?

    These are the questions which I exactly recalled…….rest, what i remember that this year questions are also being asked related to static gk I.e. history, geography, polity,culture, general science, technology, at least one- two questions from every field. In the recent bank exams (Sbi po, rbi grade-b, Bob, sidbi etc.) I have seen that the trend to ask only banking related questions have been fallen drastically now one would be able to score good in GA only when he/she has complete preparation(without leaving any topic). With special attention to budget and past 4-5 months current affairs related to every field and this could be achieved only by continuous reading of mrunal sir articles and one healthy newspaper.
    Thank you mrunal sir for your guidance with that I attempted 146 queations overall. 33 questions in GA with confidance. Except few mistakes in questions related to films n awards.

  26. Computer section was nothing but a superfluous knowledge of basics related to softaware, internet, hardware etc. Nothing but regular use of computer.

    Full form of ASCII: American standards code for information interchange.
    What is pixel called? Resolution
    1 byte =?
    Process of starting of computer is called?
    TCP/IP=? Not full form but a bit different question.
    File extension of Exel?
    Open source software?
    What is hub?
    What is Icon?
    Mac? Don’t remember exact question.
    Corporate network connected to a wide area is called?
    Non-volatile memory in computer?
    Band strip related to which type of printer? (Don’t remember the exact question)
    Permanent memory which don’t get lost due to power loss?
    Application/utility/system software?
    Executable file type?
    Where copying of of data stored temporarily?
    Null constraint?
    What to do to change a file name?
    One question of MS word- bar chart related?
    No question from powerpoint in recent exams but excel and ms word is importatnt.

    1. But these all are very easy.

  27. i attempted 179 questions in total( ga 30, maths 29, english/reasoning/computer 40 each). was that enough ? please tell about cut off

    1. As mrunal sir said earlier “it is not possible to guess cut-off of any examination without a extremely large sample of reliable data” and even if mrunal sir get it any how then he will not be able to guide us in our preparation furthermore because he will be busy in doing calculations to arrive at a expected cutoff. so please be serious and prepare for next exam without wasting your time on guessing cutoff.

    2. RBi assistant mai english easy ati h kya?

      1. bahut easy aati hai kanika bina bhi nikal sakte hai……..

  28. 1.General Awareness
    a) last 3 months to 4 months
    b)its full of current affairs- facts n figures
    c)Budget, awards(oscar,flimfare), PIN(sports),Capitals,Currencies,India(dams, rivers locations), Prime ministers of country.
    d)Serious candidates-nothing is difficult in this exam!(bcs other sections r quiet easy, focus on last 3 – 4 months CA, n u ll rock the exam )

    2.Reasoning – Easy
    a)variety: seating(5 ques)- circle, tabular(5), DS- (3 ques), puzzle(5) inequality(5ques),coding decoding(5),Syllogism(5) ,, blood relation(3),Anology(4)
    c) NO non verbal ques

    3.Maths: Moderate
    a)As everyone said, each topic one ques: P &L, Partnership, time and work, boats n streams,DI(5),percentage,SI, CI,numerical ability(15), etc

    4.English-very easy(cake walk!)
    a)Sentence correction(5), comprehension(story-10 ques incl title, synonyms,opposites, etc) , spelling error(5), cloze test(10),sentence arrangement(5).

  29. for credit information bureau one is CIBIL ,Others are ,

    At least 13 companies had applied to start credit information bureaus, but the Indian banking regulator has allowed only three—

    Experian Credit Information Co. of India Pvt. Ltd,
    Equifax Credit Information Services Pvt. Ltd
    High Mark Credit Information Services Pvt. Ltd.

  30. मृणाल भाई,,हम धन्य हो गए जो आपने मुझ जैसे व्यक्ति का नाम अपने कमेंट में उल्लेखित किया(अब तो किसी परीक्षा में भी न निकलूं तो भी चलेगा..)…
    आप धन्य हो मृणाल भाई…जैसा काम कभी अंग्रेजों के खिलाफ हमारे स्वतंत्रता-संग्राम सेनानियों ने किया था,लगभग वैसा ही आप इन लुटेरों कोचिंग वालों के खिलाफ कर रहे हैं..
    आप के लिए हमारे ह्रदय में एक विशेष स्थान है,आप स्वस्थ रहें यही मेरी मंगल कामना है…

    1. exam nahi nikaloge to bhikh mangoge………..

      1. माँग लेंगे भाई…गर्व तो रहेगा कि मृणाल जैसे महापुरुष के शिष्य तो हैं..

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