[Essays] September Week2: 21 Topics for UPSC Mains: Fanaticism, Colonizing Culture, Age of Loneliness, piecemeal WW-III

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Write Essay on one of the following topics. 2500 words, 3 hours. 

  1. “Sectarianism, bigotry, and its horrible descendant, fanaticism, have long possessed this beautiful earth. They have filled the earth with violence, drenched it often and often with human blood, destroyed civilization and sent whole nations to despair.” (Vivekanand, Parliament of Religions in Chicago in 1893. Modi cited in in 9/11 remembrance tweet)
  2. Had it not been for the horrible demons of violence and fanaticism, human society would be far more advanced than it is now. (Vivekanand)
  3. There is no greater human virtue to be practiced than the ability to show compassion. (some column)
  4. Today’s victims are tomorrow’s perpetrators hidden in plain sight. (UNICEF- in context that child victims of extreme violence in their early years, end up as perpetrators themselves.)
  5. Global economy is not utilising women effectively (IMF chief)
  6. Independence of judiciary is non-negotiable (CJI Lodha)
  7. A Justice System for the Resurgent India. (Seminar topic of CJI Lodha)
  8. Spate of conflicts around the globe today are effectively a “piecemeal” Third World War. (Pope)
  9. Greed, intolerance, the lust for power- the three motives for War. (Pope)
  10. Benefits of living in a multipolar world (editorial topic)
  11. Indian tradition of tolerance is showing signs of strain. (some column)
  12. Globalization does not only mean the conversion of the world into a common market.  (Harsh Vardhan)
  13. Innovation is a form of forgetting, of erasure in the name of improvement. (some column)
  14. Smart leadership and smart people are essential pre-requisites for making cities smart. (Minister in a seminar)
  15. Culture is a device through which all values acquired over generations is filtered (some seminar)
  16. Colonizing powers used culture as a tool of domination (some seminar)
  17. Only cultural approach will solve the problem of caste system (some seminar)
  18. There are no “natural disasters”- only inadequately planned human settlements. (J&K floods related column)
  19. “It is not the strongest nor can the most intelligent will that survive but those that adapt to changes.” (Charles Darwin- in context of House sparrow not becoming extinct but shifting to other areas)
  20. The Age of Loneliness. (Context: one day entire biodiversity will be lost, and then human race will feel emotional shock.)
  21. Families are the bricks that build society. (Pope)
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52 Comments on “[Essays] September Week2: 21 Topics for UPSC Mains: Fanaticism, Colonizing Culture, Age of Loneliness, piecemeal WW-III”

  1. Sir
    kindly send me current topics for essay preparation. thanks

  2. Instead of MS WOrd, can we upload scanned copy of handwritten articles?

    1. Lord Dufferin,
      scan=>pdf=>upload on google docs but do ensure that images are compressed enough so that even low speed internet users can see the pdf.

  3. Sir I m going to attempt ssc dis year..m totaly confused wat do be studied…and help me out in ibps also plz sir..I hav to clear dis time..m not able to find d way

  4. mrunal sir pls………. tell me what should i do about essay writing . i am preparing for 2015.

  5. Key points on sectarianism, bigotry and fanaticism quote…

    *The trinity of words sectarianism, bigotry and fanaticism has one basic thread that ties all of them together- Intolerance, the natural corollary of which is hatred against others.
    *Though traditionally these concepts are related to religion, they are actually quite extensive and the victims can include people from different races, those having different sexual orientations etc. The only deciding factor is the divergence of opinions.

    What foments this rigidity/hatred?
    * Disenfranchisement-In the sense of depriving a group of people of their rights. Lack of representation leads to a feeling of victimization which further leads to hatred against the others (Sunni-Shia scenario in Iraq, Catalan history and so on.)
    *Absence of stable employment opportunities- Is counted as one of the major causes of radicalization. The youth of Kashmir valley can be cited as an example.
    *Vote bank politics.
    *Colonialism also had a considerable effect- The imperialist powers played off one against the other and picked their favourites in colonies they ruled. For instance, the Belgians’ favoured the Tutsi as being more ‘racially superior’ over the Bantu Hutu. In South Africa and Nigeria, British imperial rule resulted in tribal and ethnic divisions.
    *Certain Psychological factors- Some parenting styles and personality have been found to make one more prone to prejudice which leads to inability to accept others viewpoint. A study of members of Klan and neo-Nazi groups found family histories of alcoholism, violence and a high rate of psychopathy as being common factors (Ezekiel).

    Ways to counter this menace…
    Work on the factors which cause them in the first place.
    * Channelizing the energy of the youth by offering them employment opportunities.
    * Representation- Making governing bodies which are more inclusive.
    * Nobody is born a bigot or a fanatic. It is through a process of social interaction that prejudices are absorbed which lead to narrow tolerance levels. So imparting values which infuse toleration and respect for others viewpoints will be helpful.
    *Increased interactions between different communities, nationalities and groups help break rigid viewpoints and conceptions. Focusing on the youth in this context could be very helpful since a majority of those who get disillusioned are from this segment. A good example is Mondialogo which is an initiative launched by Daimler AG and UNESCO that seeks to promote intercultural dialogue and exchange among young people.
    *Strengthening the security structure to deal with threats.

    Wrapping up…
    A multipronged approach is the best bet. I came across an interesting counter-terrorism strategy being used by the UK government. It is called Prevent. They use a multidimensional approach in which they provide guidance to local authorities and institutions, fund a specialist police unit which removes online content which breaches terrorist legislation, work with at risk individuals (who might get drawn into terrorist groups) and provide them services such as health, education, special mentoring etc.
    Sources: Internet, World affairs Journal, Sage publications (chapter on Hate Crimes)

    1. Thanks Monali for some real good points, it really helped

  6. It would be a time consuming sir…..can’t we have an option to upload jpeg format hand written essays in comments section…

  7. Sir please capf (ac) 2014 ki answerkey upload kr dijiye kafi time ho gya we are waiting.

  8. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzvpMEVpomxkaG9uelNPSmZhTGs/edit?usp=sharing

    Essay on first topic(2200 words approx). Written in 2 hrs 50 min. There are few flaws and some trash matter I think. I had tried very hard to pull it above 2000 and due to this way broke the chain of ideas at few places.
    Constructive criticism is invited. Please take out time to guide me, I am preparing in home only with the help of your website . Apology for writing! Ignore it for now, the handwriting angle, I am already working on it. It is really pathetic.
    I went for scanning it on cafe but charges were high (10 rupees per page, IDK why?) so came back and used mobile. Complete file is just of 2.5 Mb. Please ignore the brightness aspect, it is cloudy here I couldn’t get it more better.
    Anyways, Mrunal sir two more I have written but uploading this one only for now to get insight into my writing skills. Based on feedback I will rewrite them again and upload.

  9. Sir….
    Result of capf ac-2014 is expected till ….??

  10. Great step !! Thank you so much

  11. Sir… We are waiting for capf answer

    1. after mains is over-like i said earlier i don’t have manpower to handle so many projects.

  12. I read it in a hurry …it was fine essay …as per upsc however nice u write ..u wont get more than 50 percent marks

  13. @mohib…………highest this year is 160/250

  14. sir,
    is it necessary to explain the background of statement such as why one said ,when one said ,please guide me

    1. Sandip, it depends.
      Vivekanand’s quotes “Sectarianism, bigotry, and its horrible descendant,….”= yes. because its a famous statement.
      Harsh Vardhan’s quote etc.=not necessary, because one may not even recall that who, when, why and where said this statement “Globalization does not only mean the conversion of the world into a common market.”

      1. sir plz do something for hindi and indian language students…..

  15. Brother,you did a fantastic job,your ideology is good keep it up,just now i came to this blog after nearly one week,and i am curious about this essay contest,last year also we had something like this but Mrunal sir stopped it(because of some of us violated rules of contest),anyway congrats to you.I am also want to write some one.Tell me one thing “Is it advisable to me to type entire thing on ms word,or to write it like you”,because i am very fast in typing.I am awaiting your reply.

    1. santosh, Essay in official exam-should be written in paragraph format and not in bullets.

  16. Can we post it in hindi also…..?

  17. Essay on first topic Sectarianism…https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5AET2V2DiDWSG5BbUtwZ2hpS00/edit?usp=sharing

    This is the first essay I have written in regard to civil services preparation. Please provide your criticism. I have tried giving holistic view to the essay, not restricting myself to the Indian context. Since, its the first essay, I am sure there would be tonnes of flaws. So all the readers are requested to drop in their comments.

  18. Well done !! I find it as a beautiful piece of writing..It was comprehensive..each and every thought was coherent and intertwined..most important thing – readers will not have to recall the topic after reading few paras :) . Just that , you could add more concrete solutions to the menace..others opinion may differ but for me it was really good.

  19. @Santosh- Thank you. If you are asking me in what way you should write,in soft or in hard, I will suggest you to go with pen and paper and write it as in real situation within time. Also upload the scanned or photograph of them. I find typing easier than writing but at the end of the day we have to go with mightiest weapon of the earth only. Moreover, Mrunal sir had already told above that we can do in that way too so I don’t think it would be problematic for him.
    Waiting to read your essay and learn something from it. Thanks once again brother. You motivated me a lot.

  20. @Sahil- I found your essay really very beautiful. Keep up the good work buddy. I am also practicing writing and there is so much to learn from you. Keep uploading them.
    If you can provide me some insight in my uploaded I will be thankful to you.

  21. SIR…can u start guiding us fr mains like that of u did in prelims…?

  22. 2 hello everybody I am CA Saurabh Deshmukh (last year interview appearered with 218 marks in commerce) looking for someone with commerce optional for group studies in Delhi(mukharjee Nagar preferred) anybody interested kindly contact me on 9971156383 ( if unavailable leave a message)

  23. anyone appearing for mains with psychology as optional? plz drop in mail id…need direction for paper 2 n we can discuss our preparation…

  24. Good one Monali. Keep it up.

  25. nice efforts..

  26. @abhay,,nice brother,,its gud,,i m too a frst timer,,so not hv expernce to judge ur essay,,but it is a gud effort.plse avoid giving too much examples and avoid to mention the particular party,organisation etc,,try to discuss ur own idea,undestanding and interprtatin rather than the chronology of all events related to the given topic.look the points given by @ monali,,those points should be included.so try to give ur essay a look as a piece of IDEA rather than a piece of chronological reportage.anyway,,,gud one,,stay focusd,,

  27. Essay on There are no “natural disasters”- only inadequately planned human settlements…https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5AET2V2DiDWVnhjeC1HNkxneWs/edit?usp=sharing
    It was tough to write on this topic provided its ambiguous nature. Writing on just one statement proved bit difficult. It took me good 3.5 hours to type. But I have tried including varied aspects based on my knowledge. Factual errors might have crept in, so please correct it on your own and update the same in comment section. All the readers are requested to provide criticism and extra points that could have been incorporated.

    I have also updated the previous essay on Sectarianism… https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5AET2V2DiDWUkExYkpiNnN0alU/edit?usp=sharing

  28. Globalization does not only mean the conversion of the world into a common market.

    Meaning of Globalization:
    *Mixed Economies, Communism, The growth of the East Asian Giants leading up to the Washington Consensus.
    *Role of state
    *In the context of India, defects of planning and the need for LPG
    *Globalization as the goal to be achieved through Liberalization and Privatisation.

    *One global market, free flow of goods, services and people
    *Theories about the continuance of western hegemony through economic dominance. Substantiate through western stands at WTO.
    *Arm twisting not-yet-ready economies to provide market access.

    Effects of Globalization:
    *Analyse through effects on society and culture. New products lead to new way of life.
    *Social relations and stresses created. Isolation of groups.
    *Extreme expressions such as Naxalism. Land grabbing at the altar of development.
    *The monster of inequity. How it has grown, how many gaps remain.

    Other Dimensions Globalization should seek:
    *Transfer of Knowledge, equitable access to technologies
    *Cooperation in improving social indicators.
    *Creating multiple centers of power, scattering them.
    *Democratizing Multilateral fora.
    *Climate change, agri technologies, resolving ethical issues in GM crops.
    *Rationalize trade regimes. Empower WTO, restore its credibility.
    *Shift economic epicenters from Bretton Woods, dilute vote shares of giants.
    *Explore technologies for the vulnerable
    *Deepen Democracy

    Comments Welcome.

    1. i think question s demanding that globalization effects to other than trade also…

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