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  • 720 candidates cleared for next stage i.e. physical efficiency test (PET). (If i counted the columns rights)

This year total vacancies are 136:

  • BSF: 86
  • CRPF: 28
  • CISF: 40
  • NIL in ITPB and SSB

For PET and interview tips: read previous toppers’ interviews at https://mrunal.org/toppers#capf-2013. Here are some examples:

PET Tips: Ravi Sharma Rank 99

  1. Since I used to play cricket and volleyball during my school days,did not do any physical exercise during my college days and after coming to Maruti also, so I was lacking confidence in it but I relied on my school days fitness and started preparing for my PET before 20 days. Toppers interviews at this stage helped me a lot.
  2. I used to go to a nearby children park with my friend and a measuring tape(to measure my long jump and chest expansion).
  3. After warming up, used to run for 5 min continuously with avg. speed and just after that sprint of 80m(as it was a children park, it was not having a straight path of 100m. and was able to complete that in 14 sec.)
  4. The biggest hurdle for me was the long Jump as I was not having anything to practice it. But used to jump for 3m(as I was also to save myself from getting injured) but the  jumping on flat ground cost me and I got myself hurt in initial days of my PET preparation. Therefore, I would suggest to keep urself  fit atleast till PET.
  5. Then after a week I came  again to practice but this time only for(800m & sprint of 80m) and work on the techniques of long jump like finding your takeoff leg((in mine case it was my left foot)  , try to give flight to your self so as to reach maximum , no of steps to be run before takeoff etc also saw some vedios on long jump techniques.
  6. I did not prepare for shotput as every toppers interview I read before my PET was saying that “no need to prepare for it ,as it is the easiest one” and it proved true also no body was out in it.

PET Tips: Fazan Sultan Rank 248

I kept practicing for one month after written result declaration. Daily I used to run atleast 3-4 kms. I used to keep track of my daily time of running. Two weeks before preparation I started completing each event in a stretch except Short Put (Please don’t take it easily as said by everyone. On a bad day your foot can cross the line or that ball can get skid from your hand. Unlike SSC CPIO you only get one chance here for it). Avoid practicing 2 days before PET.

My pet took place on 22 May. I reached Chandigarh one day in advance for adapting myself. I had a visit to the locality of my PET center one day before. Prepared me for the challenge. On the pet day I had a light breakfast. I kept two bottles with myself. One with normal water and other with glucose solution. I had to  take pain killer as was having pain due to some intense practice some days before the PET. For me 100m was a grey area as in practice I used to complete my race in 18 sec. I finished it properly. Rest events were on the expected line. After PET the commandant of ITBP advised us to drink as much water a s we can before the blood test. This made all of us to urinate like a waterfall again and again.

PET Tips: Usha Kiran Rank 295

I started my preparations roughly 15 days before PET. I used to run a lot to regain the lost stamina. For my PET preparation I worked with my previous coach (the official coach of Haryana athletics team) at Devi Lal sports Complex Gurgaon and simply followed his instructions.

I ran both the races 100m and 800m with the male candidates it helped me to complete both the races well on time even way before required time (in 100m sprint even some of the male candidates were behind me J) . I cleared long jump easily in first attempt. Overall experience of PET was good except the heat,  I almost had a blackout after 800m, a male candidate even fainted due to scorching heat. But if you practice well before your PET then you can easily handle any such situations. We had normal laboratory tests after PET like Urine, Blood and X-ray. The officials were very cordial the commandant was even instructing and motivating candidates for every event. He was standing near the long jump pit and shouting like yes ! shabash aur  tez bhaag k aa! Shabash tu kar lega dnt worry !.

Timeline: Written held on 13th July 2014, Result on 31st Oct. 2014. PET from 20th Nov.