[Banking] IBPS PO/MT Topicwise question paper for 2014: GA, Maths, DI, English, Reasoning & Computer

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  1. Prologue
  2. IBPS General Awareness
    1. Sarkari people in new (SPIN)
    2. Banking & economy related
    3. PIN: Sports related
    4. Places in News
    5. History-Culture
    6. Science Tech
    7. Foreign nations/people
  3. IBPS: Maths-DI
    1. #1.Data Interpretation(Table-type)
    2. #2. Data Interpretation(Line-graph type):
    3. #3. DI Pie chart
    4. #4. DI: Paragraph based (aka Caselets)
    5. #5. Data Sufficiency
    6. #6. Comparison of Variables:
    7. #7. Simple/Compound Interest:(Profit-Loss type):
    8. #8. Series Continuation/odd-one out
    9. #9. Percentage,Mixture & Allegations:
    10. #10. Work & Time:
    11. #11. Speed,Time & Distance:
    12. #12. Mensuration:
  4. IBPS English grammar & comprehension
    1. #1.Reading Comprehension
    2. #2.Cloze test(Fill in the blanks)
    3. #3.Sentence Correction
    4. #4.Para jumbles
  5. IBPS: Reasoning
    1. Seating Arrangement(Circular)
    2. Seating Arrangement(Linear)
    3. Syllogism:
    4. Data Sufficiency
    5. Coding-Decoding:
    6. Puzzle
    7. Statements and Assumptions
    9. Inequalities and Conclusion
    10. Direction-based Question
  6. IBPS: Computer awareness
    1. #1.Operating system:
    2. #2.MS office
    3. #3.Security/Hacking:
    4. #4.INTERNET/E-mail/Networking:
    5. #5.Database Management:
    6. #6.Software/Programming:
    7. #7.Hardware/Devices:


  • IBPS had conducted online examinations for the post of Probationary officers/Management trainees throughout this October & November 2014.
  • Based on the exam experience shared by the players, I have consolidated all the questions asked in different shifts and divided them section-wise so it will help all the future aspirants who are planning to attempt IBPS PO/MT in 2015.
  • First and most important thing is to understand the exam-pattern: what type of questions are asked and from which book/newspaper? Then prepare accordingly. For example- SSC requires different approach than IBPS. CSAT requires different approach than IBPS and so on.
  • if someone has cleared CSAT and he thinks IBPS will be a “pappu” exam, then he’ll be making a big mistake- same is true for the reverse case.
  • Anyways, IBPS PO/MT online exam consist of 200 questions (each right answer=1 mark, wrong=negative 0.25)which had to be answered in 2 hours.
  • There were five sections viz. Reasoning, English Language, Numerical Ability, General Awareness and Computer Knowledge.

IBPS General Awareness

  • General Awareness under IBPS PO/MT consists of 40 questions.
  • Here are the notable questions asked in the official IBPS PO/MT 2014 online computer exam:

Sarkari people in new (SPIN)

  1. who is external affairs minister of India : Sushma Swaraj
  2. who is consumer affairs minister of India :Ramvilas Paswan
  3. Who is sumitra mahajan -Loksabha Speaker
  4. Water resources minister :Uma Bharti
  5. Defence minister : Arun Jaitley (Now-Manohar Parrikar)
  6. Home Affairs Minister : Rajnath singh
  7. Smriti Irani is which minister: HRD Minister
  8. Governor of Maharashtra: C Vidyasagar Rao
  9. Kerala Governor – P Sathasivam
  10. Deputy speaker of Lok sabha : (Thambi durai)

Banking & economy related

  1. The initial minimum paid-up capita lfor a private bank shall beRs.500crore
  2. Rupay is started by – National Payment corporation.
  3. Pehli Udaan, Pehla Kadam- SBI 10 years age account
  4. Non-Payment of loans for 90 days is declared as- NPA
  5. Body for Customer Complaints of banking sector- Banking Ombudsman
  6. What is full form of RTGS : Real Time Gross Settlement
  7. What is L in LAF : Liquidity(LAF-Liquidity Adjustment Factor)
  8. Committee on Banking Ombudsman –Suman Verma Committee
  9. What “S” stands in CDSL –Securities [CDSL :Central depository Securities depository Ltd.]
  10. RBI given Banking licence to IDFC and ___ one :Bandhan
  11. IFSC Code contain how many digits-11 alphanumeric code
  12. EBW full form -Export Bills Permitted to be Written off
  13. Slogan “India’s International Bank” of which bank-Bank of Baroda
  14. Mobile Application used in Mobile for banking is called : M-banking
  15. What is the full form of CRR : Cash Reserve Ratio
  16. What is the full form of SARFAESI : Securitization and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interest Act
  17. What is the full form of ADR – American Depository Receipt
  18. Suzlon Energy related to -Wind Turbine Supplier
  19. Planning Commission is replaced by how many members(no of members in that committee) –8
  20. Who is the head of Committee for Unclaimed funds of PPF – HR Khan.
  21. Full form of MPLADS -Member of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme

PIN: Sports related

  1. US open Mens winner-Marin Cilic
  2. Wimbledon open Womens winner- Petra Kvitová
  3. India’s flag bearer at asian games – Sardar singh
  4. Gold medals won by India at 17th asian games : 11 Gold
  5. Priyanka chopra in movie ’mary kom’ playing role of – Boxer
  6. Heena Siddhu related to which game –Shooting
  7. “Love” is related to which game –Badminton
  8. D Viju related to which game –Badminton
  9. Amit kumar related to which game -Wrestling
Movies & Awards Books & Authors
  1. man booker prize 2014-Richard Flanagan
  2. First talkie film of India – alarm ara
  3. First film of India –Raja Harishchandra
  4. Who is the music director of mile sur mera tumhara song – Ashok Patki.
  5. BKS Iyengar was awarded with – Padma Vibhushan
  1. Author of‘The Mother I Never Knew’ – Sudha Murthy
  2. Author of Curtain Raiser- Natwar singh
  3. Hard Choice author – Hillary Clinton
  4. Book by Amitabh Ghosh— the circle of reason
  5. Half girlfriend author-Chetan Bhagat
  6. Who is Author of “The Lives of Others”- Neel Mukherjee

Places in News

  1. Kundankulam nuclear plant is a agreement between India and which country : Russia
  2. Husain sagar dam is associated with which river :
  3. Indira sagar dam located in which state : (Madhya Pradesh)
  4. Taj Mahal in which state : (Uttar Pradesh)
  5. Kaiga nuclear plant is in which state : (Karnataka)
  6. Rawatbhata power plant in which state: (Rajasthan)
  7. Kakrapar nuclear power plant is in : (Gujarat)
  8. Narora Power Plant situated in? (U.P.)


  1. Which freedom fighter was killed during protest of Simon Commission- Lala lajpat Rai
  2. Who transformed annual Ganesha festival from private family celebrations into a grand public celebrations – Lokmanya Tilak
  3. Jai hind slogan was given by –Subhash Chandra Bose
  4. Sati pratha abolished by which social activist –Raja Ram Mohan Rai
  5. Agaria Tribe belongs to which state –Madhya Pradesh
  6. Chanakya also known as :Kautilya
  7. Founder of home-rule movement in India in Maharashtra : Lokmanya Tilak

Science Tech

  1. Father of Atomic program in India-H.J. Bhabha
  2. Father of atomic Bomb- J.Robert Oppenheimer
  3. Who invented Dynamite – Alfred Nobel

Foreign nations/people

  1. Largest desert – Sahara Desert
  2. Who is Mr Donald Tusk – Former Prime Minister of Poland.
  3. Jakarta is capital of which country : Indonesia
  4. Shinjo abe is the prime minister of which country: Japan
  5. Capital of Argentina: Buenos Aires
  6. Full Form Of UNESCO : United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
  7. U.K. Prime Minister? : (David Cameroon)
  8. Indonesia Currency – (Rupiah)
  9. Bangladesh currency : (Taka)
  10. Headquarters of UNO is located in which country : New York.
  11. Amsterdam is the capital of which country : (Netherlands)
  12. Bank of International Settlement headquarter is at –Switzerland
  13. Who is the president of Iran :Hassan Rouhani
  14. What is the Capital of Tanzania –Dodoma

IBPS: Maths-DI

Coming to the most-time consuming section of IBPS PO/MT: Quantitative Aptitude under IBPS PO/MT consists of 50 questions & can be classified as follows:

Sections under Quantitative Aptitude No. of Questions asked
Data Interpretation(Table-type) 5-7
Data Interpretation(Line Graph-type) 5-7
Data Interpretation(Pie-chart type) 4-6
Data Interpretation(Paragraph-based) 4-6
Data Sufficiency 4-6
Comparison of Variables 4-6
Series Continuation/odd-one out 4-6
Simple/Compound Interest(Profit-Loss) 2-3
Percentage, Mixtures & Allegations 2-3
Work & Time 1-2
Speed, Time & Distance 1-2
Mensuration/Geometry 1-2


Sample Questions (as it is not easy to recall exact questions)

#1.Data Interpretation(Table-type)

Study the following table carefully and answer the questions given below:

Number of Insurance customers(in Thousands) for a special scheme in different cities of four companies are as follows:

City Insurance company
United India New India LIC National Insurance
Delhi 17.6 13.8 72.3 15.8
Mumbai 21.4 14.2 73.7 16.2
Kolkata 17.2 12.3 64.5 11.8
Chennai 18.6 11.7 54.5 12.2
Bengaluru 10.5 12.2 56.8 11.8
Jaipur 9.5 17.8 53.4 10.2

Q : Which of the following company is having second highest number of customers if we take average of all six cities?

  1. United India
  2. LIC
  3. New India
  4. National Insurance
  5. None of the above

Q : Total customers of LIC in Jaipur & Delhi is nearly what percentage of the total customers of United India in Mumbai,Kolkata & Bengaluru?

  1. A.145%
  2. B.156%
  3. C.165%
  4. D.160%
  5. E. None of the above

#2. Data Interpretation(Line-graph type):

Study the following Line-graph carefully which indicates total number of students admissioned in class VI during five years in the various Kendriya Vidhayalays located at Delhi,then answer the questions given below:

IBPS-PO-2015-Line Graph

Q : What is the ratio between the total number of students admissioned in KV Mehrauli in the year 2011 & 2012 to that of the total number of students admissioned in KV Shakurbasti in year 2012 & 2013?

  1. A.5:7
  2. B.5:6
  3. C.8:6
  4. D.Can’t be determined
  5. E.None of the above

Q : What is the approximate percentage of students admissioned in KV chandni chowk in year 2013 to the total number of students admissioned in all KVs in year 2010?

  1. A.20%
  2. B.35%
  3. C.25%
  4. D.Can’t be determined
  5. E.None of the above

#3. DI Pie chart

Study the following two pie-chart carefully which indicates the total number of 2-wheeler units sold by Bajaj company and the number of units recalled due to some error, in the year 2013:

IBPS-PO-2015-Pie Chart

Q: Which 2-wheeler model has the least percentage of recalled units to that of the sold units?

  1. Discover 100cc
  2. Platina
  3. Pulsar
  4. CT-100
  5. None of the above

Q: What is total units of Pulsar and CT-100 together that were not recalled?

  1. A.175498
  2. B.174944
  3. C.173992
  4. D. Can’t be determined
  5. E. None of the above

Q : What is the approximate percentage of units recalled of CT-100 to the total number of units recalled?

  1. 12.15%
  2. 16.66%
  3. 24.25%
  4. Can’t be determined
  5. None of the above

#4. DI: Paragraph based (aka Caselets)

Study the following infomiation carefully and answer the questions below:

In a school of 3000 students,the ratio of girls to boys is 7:8 respectively.All the students study three different subjects that is Hindi,Marathi and English. 30% of the boys study only Marathi,two -seventh of the girls study only Marathi and Hindi,One eighth of the boys study only Marathi and English. Number of girls studying only Marathi is 86% of the boys studying the same.Two fifth of the boys study only Hindi and English.40% of the girls study only Hindi.The remaining girls study only Hindi and English.The number of boys studying only Marathi and Hindi is 10% of the girls studying the same.The remaining boys study only Hindi.

Q : What is the total number of studends studying only Marathi?

  1. A.850
  2. B.888
  3. C.760
  4. D.Can’t be determined
  5. E.None of the above

Q : Number of boys studying only Hindi is approximately what percent of the number of girls studying only Hindi?

  1. A.48%
  2. B.50%
  3. C.43%
  4. D.Can’t be determined
  5. E.None of the above

#5. Data Sufficiency

The question given below contain two statements giving certain data.You have to decide whether the data given in the statements are sufficient for answering the question ?

What is the marks got by Rakesh?

  1. The marks got by Rakesh is equal to the average marks got by Neeta and Sheela
  2. Neeta got 80 marks which is 60% more than the marks got by Sheela.

Mark answer:

  1. If statement I alone is sufficient but statement II alone is not sufficient.
  2. If statement II alone is sufficient but statement I alone is not sufficient.
  3. if each statement alone (either I or II) is sufficient.
  4. if statement I and II together are not sufficient.
  5. if both statement together are sufficient. but neither statement alone is sufficient.

Q. The question given below contain two statements giving certain data. You have to decide whether the data given in the statements are sufficient for answering the question ?

Two trains are moving in opposite direction. What is their relative speed?

  1. The length of the trains are equal.
  2. They cross each other in 12 seconds.

Mark answer

  1. If statement I alone is sufficient but statement II alone is not sufficient.
  2. If statement II alone is sufficient but statement I alone is not sufficient.
  3. If each statement alone (either I or II) is sufficient.
  4. If statement I and II together are not sufficient.
  5. If both statement together are sufficient. but neither statement alone is sufficient.

#6. Comparison of Variables:

Q; In each question below one or more equation(s) is/are given. On the basis of these, you have to find out the relationship between ‘x’ and ‘y’?

  1. x2-4x-5=0
  2. y2-18x+81=0


  1. if y<x
  2. if y>x
  3. y=x
  4. if relation between x and y can’t be determined
  5. none of above.

Q : In each question below one or more equation(s) is/are given. On the basis of these,you have to find out the relationship between ‘x’ and ‘y’

  1. x + y = 18
  2. x2 + y2 +xy=279


  1. if y<x
  2. if y>x
  3. y=x
  4. if relation between x and y can’t be determined
  5. none of above.

#7. Simple/Compound Interest:(Profit-Loss type):

Q : Mahesh invested 20% more than Laxman in a project. Laxman invested 20% less than Ramesh. if they invested total Rs. 96048, what was Laxman’s investment?

Q : Manish sells his mobiles on 10% discount on marked price. He bought a mobile at Rs.900 and wants to get 10% profit. What should be the marked price?

  1. 1275
  2. 1250
  3. 1175
  4. 1100
  5. None of the above

#8. Series Continuation/odd-one out

Q : Find out the wrong number in the following series: 5,18,76,382,2316

  1. A.18
  2. B.5
  3. C.382
  4. D.2316
  5. E.None of the above

Q : What will come in place of question mark(?) in the following number series: 5,15,35,75,155,?

  1. A.295
  2. B.315
  3. C. 275
  4. D.305
  5. E.None of the Above

#9. Percentage,Mixture & Allegations:

The owner of Gada Electronics sold total 108 mobiles of two companies last month. Micromax at 36% profit and Karbonn at 9% profit. If he made total 17% profit on total sales of these mobile phones, how many Micromax phones did he sell?

  1. A.32
  2. B.40
  3. C.34
  4. D.65
  5. E.Can’t be determined

Q : A 75 liter mixture of milk and water contains 80% milk. How much water should be added to decrease the concentration of milk to 75%?

  1. 10 litres
  2. 5 litres
  3. 12 litres
  4. Can’t be determined
  5. None of the above

#10. Work & Time:

Q : 12 men can complete a piece of work in 4 days, while 15 women can complete the same work in 4 days. 6 men start working on the job and after working for 2 days, all of them stopped working. How many women should be put on the job to complete the remaining work, if it is to be completed in 3 days?

  1. 12 women
  2. 15 women
  3. 9 women
  4. 10 women
  5. Can’t be determined

#11. Speed,Time & Distance:

A 140 m. long train is moving at the speed of 70 km/hr.In what time the train will cross a person moving in the same direction at the speed of 4 km/hr? (approx)

  1. 8 seconds
  2. 16 seconds
  3. 20 seconds
  4. 24 seconds
  5. 10 seconds

#12. Mensuration:

Q : The radius of a circle is twice the side of a square. whose area is 225 square m. The length of rectangle is twice the diameter of circle. What is the perimeter of a rectangle if its breadth is half the length?

  1. 240m.
  2. 180m.
  3. 360m.
  4. Can’t be determined
  5. None of these

IBPS English grammar & comprehension

English Language under IBPS PO/MT consists of 40 questions & can be classified as follows:

Topics Qn.
Reading Comprehension(Direct questions + Vocabulary) 2 sets of 10 questions each
Cloze test(Fill in the blanks) 10
Sentence correction 4-6
Para jumbles 4-6

#1.Reading Comprehension

Read the following passage and answer the questions below it. A few words are given in the bold form to help easy location while answering some questions.

The first of the Great Debates, between Senator John F. Kennedy of Massachusetts and the incumbent Vice President Richard Nixon on September 26,1960, centered around domestic issues. The topic of the next debate, on October 7, was a clash over U.S. policy regarding two small islands off the Chinese coast, and on October 13, this controversy continued. On October 21, the final debate, the candidates focused on American/Cuban relations. Few of the 70 million viewers could have fathomed what this first-ever televised presidential debate augured, not only for this specific series of debates, but more importantly for the preeminent role the fledgling medium would play in the future of the political arena. A pallid Nixon arrived at the Chicago CBS studios after a gruelling day of campaigning. The previous August a knee infection had sidelined him. He was still twenty pounds underweight, and he perspired profusely in an ill-fitting shirt. Moreover, he declined makeup to burnish his hospital pallor. The freshly painted studio backdrop had dried to an ashen hue that obscured his matching suit. The Democratic contender by contrast exuded a robust glow after a month of campaigning in California. He had spent his day rehearsing potential questions and relaxing. An aide later admitted that he supplemented his natural glow with a smidge of makeup. He was fit, trim, and confident. Despite the remarkably similar agends and arguments of the Republican and the Democrat, TV viewers unequivocally believed Kennedy to be the victor – whereas people who had followed the debates on the radio held the opposite opinion. The age of TV had arrived, and the subsequent party shuffle proved the undeniable potency of television.

Q : The author is mainly concerned about which of the following?

  1. The debating styles of John Kennedy and Richard Nixon during the 1960 Great Debates
  2. The effect of television on the results of the 1960 Great Debates
  3. The health of Richard Nixon at the time of the 1960 Great Debates
  4. The number of television viewers who tuned in to the 1960 Great Debates
  5. None of the above

Q : According to the passage, which of the following was true of Richard Nixon?

  1. He had a five o’clock shadow during the first debate.
  2. He wore a brown suit during the first debate.
  3. He lost his job after the election.
  4. He warned of the impending Cuban crisis.
  5. None of the above

Q : In context of the above passage choose the word which is most similar in meaning to the given word: freshly

  1. Healthy
  2. Garnish
  3. Beautifully
  4. Recently
  5. None of the above

Q : In context of the above passage choose the word which is most opposite in meaning to the given word: burnish

  1. Brighten
  2. Glaze
  3. Dull
  4. Furbish
  5. None of the above

#2.Cloze test(Fill in the blanks)

Find out the appropriate words in the blanks of the following passage:

After a journey of over 660 million kilometres that took 10 months, India’s Mars Orbiter Mission has swept with effortless ease into orbit ___(1)__ the Red Planet, making this country the first to achieve such a feat in a maiden attempt. Probes despatched to Earth’s sibling planet over the last half a century have often run into trouble of one kind or another, with only less than half of those spacecraft ending the voyage successfully. Thus far, only the United States, the former Soviet Union and the European Space Agency have __(2)__ in doing so. India and its space agency, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), now proudly join their ranks. Although ISRO could draw on its experience with the lunar probe, Chandrayaan-1, __(3)__ six years back, the challenges involved in sending a spacecraft all the way to Mars are far greater. That includes propelling the spacecraft with __(4)__ velocity to escape Earth’s gravitational grasp, guiding it along the proper trajectory over vast distances, and then slowing it down sufficiently to go into orbit around that planet. The spacecraft had to be capable of operating autonomously as communication signals to and from ground __(5)__ could take minutes to reach it. All of this has gone remarkably smoothly, including the orbit insertion manoeuvre with the spacecraft’s main engine, which had lain idle for almost 300 days. It is a tribute to ISRO and the professionalism of its scientists and engineers that every minute detail for such a complex mission could be attended to in the course of a project completed in just one and a half years. India’s Mars effort __(6)__ Rs.460 crore, an economical price tag by Western standards.

Blank (1)

  1. Into
  2. Around
  3. Off to
  4. In
  5. None of the above


  1. Failed
  2. Succeeded
  3. Achieving
  4. Nurturing
  5. None of the above


  1. Departed
  2. Escalated
  3. Launched
  4. Escaped
  5. None of the above

Blank (4)

  1. Reluctant
  2. Surpass
  3. Maximum
  4. Sufficient
  5. None of tha above

Blank (5)

  1. Places
  2. Stations
  3. Stands
  4. Homes
  5. None of the above

Blank (6)

  1. Figures
  2. Costs
  3. Charges
  4. Leads
  5. None of the above

#3.Sentence Correction

Which of the phrases(a),(b),(c)and(d)given below should replace the phrase printed in bold type to make the sentence grammatically correct? If the sentence is correct as it is, mark(e)i.e. ’No correction required’ as the answer:

Q : Maoist guerrillas strucked again this week, killing 14 personnel of the Central Reserve Police Force in Chhattisgarh

  1. Strucking again
  2. Struck into
  3. Struck again
  4. Striking back
  5. No correction required

Q : We should also like a long-term global goal for adaptation to be clearly articulated

  1. Will also like
  2. Would also like
  3. Must also like
  4. Can also like
  5. No correction required

#4.Para jumbles

Rearrange the followingfivesentences (1), (2), (3), (4) and (5) in the proper sequence to form a meaningful paragraph; then answer the questions given below them—

  1. underlying such disasters and mobilising
  2. social scientists worldwide have worked intensively on understanding the complex dynamics
  3. theoretical tools that are pragmatic, adaptive and iterative.
  4. Shaken by the Bhopal gas disaster in 1984,

Which of the following would be the Last sentence after rearrangement?

  1. (3)
  2. (4)
  3. (2)
  4. (1)
  5. None of the above

Which of the following would be the third sentence after rearrangement?

  1. (4)
  2. (1)
  3. (2)
  4. (3)
  5. None of the above

Which of the following would be the first sentence after rearrangement?

  1. (1)
  2. (2)
  3. (3)
  4. (4)
  5. None of the above

IBPS: Reasoning

Reasoning under IBPS PO/MT consists of 50 questions & can be classified as follows :

Sections under Reasoning No.
Seating Arrangement(Circular) 6-8
Seating Arrangement(Linear) 6-8
Syllogism(All Dogs are Cats-type) 4-6
Data Sufficiency 4-6
Coding-Decoding 4-6
Puzzles 4-6
Statements and Assumptions/Conclusions 4-6
Input-Output 4-6
Inequalities and Conclusions 4-6
Directions based Questions 2-3
Blood-relation based Questions 2-3

Sample Questions(as it is not easy to recall exact figures and options from the exam.)

Seating Arrangement(Circular)

Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below:

A,B,C,D,E,F,G and H are sitting around a circular table.F is fourth to the left of A who is also second to the right of the person who is sitting immediate right of D.C and E are facing each other.Neither B nor G is the immediate neighbour of D.

Q : Who is sitting second to the right of A ?

  1. B
  2. C
  3. F
  4. E
  5. None of the above

Q : Who is sitting immediate left to the person who is sitting right to the third of D ?

  1. G
  2. D
  3. H
  4. B
  5. None of the above

Q : Which of the following is definitely correct ?

  1. A is sitting between D & F
  2. C is sitting immediate left to D
  3. F is sitting between D & B
  4. D is sitting third to the right of C
  5. None of the above

Seating Arrangement(Linear)

Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below :

Eight persons P,Q,R,S,T,U,V & W are sitting in a straight line facing North,but not necessarily in the same order. Q sits second to the left of P. Three persons are sitting between V and Q. V sits on the extreme left end of row. S in an immediate neighbour of V. U and Q are not neighbours. R sits second to the right of S but is not the immediate neighbour of T. There are three persons between R and U.

Q : Who among the following sits between R & S?

  1. U
  2. T
  3. Q
  4. W
  5. Can’t be determined

Q : Who among the following pair sits on the extreme ends of the row?

  1. S,P
  2. V,T
  3. V,U
  4. W,U
  5. Can’t be determined

Q : Who among following sits third to the left of U?

  1. P
  2. Q
  3. R
  4. T
  5. Can’t be determined


Study the Given Statements and answer the following questions

  1. All cats are dogs
  2. some pigs are cats
  3. no dogs are birds


  1. some cats are dogs
  2. no birds are cats
  3. some pigs are birds
  4. some pigs are not birds

Answer choices

  1. Only I follows
  2. only I & III follow
  3. only I,II & IV follow
  4. All follow
  5. None


  1. All men are women.
  2. All women are crazy.


  1. All Men are crazy
  2. All the crazy are men
  3. Some of the crazy are men
  4. Some of the crazy are women

Answer choices

  1. None of the conclusion follows
  2. All conclusions follow
  3. only 1, 3 and 4 follow
  4. only 2 and 3 follow
  5. only 1 follows

Data Sufficiency

Each of the following questions consists of a question and two statements numbered I and II given below it. You have to decide whether the data provided in the statements are sufficient to answer the question according to the following choice:

  1. If the data in statement I alone is sufficient to answer the question, while data in statement II alone is not sufficient to answer the question
  2. If the data in statement II alone is sufficient to answer the question, while data in statement I alone is not sufficient to answer the question
  3. If the data in both the statements are necessary to answer the question
  4. If the data in both the statements are not sufficient to answer the question
  5. If the data in either statement I or in statement II are sufficient to answer the question

Q : How many students are there in the class ?

  1. The number of passed student is equal to the failed student.
  2. Priya ranks 25th among the girls from the bottom and 28th from the bottom among all students

Q : Among Rita,Sita,Gita,Neeta and Sarita,who is the oldest?


Study the following information carefully and answer the following questions carefully::

In a certain code,’we are friends’ is written as ‘ka fu mi’,’friends are honest’ is written as ‘fu mi la’,’honest always wins’ is written as ‘la nu ma’,wins brings happiness’ is written as ‘nu sa li’,’friends impart happiness’ is written as ‘sa mi te’.

Q : what stands for ‘friends’ in that code ?

  1. nu
  2. mi
  3. te
  4. Sa
  5. can’t be determined

Q : How is ‘friends brings happiness’ written in that code?

  1. ‘nu mi te’
  2. ‘ka fu te’
  3. ‘nu sa mi’
  4. ’la nu te’
  5. Can’t be determined


Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below: A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H are eight friends who live in Eight different cities namely Delhi,Mumbai,Kolkata,Chennai,Bengaluru,Hyderabad,Pune & Indore(but not necessarily in the same order). Eight friends have Eight different cars of eight companies namely Maruti,Tata,Mahindra,Ford,Nissan,Hyundai,Honda & Renault..

A neither lives in Mumbai nor in Chennai. The person who lives in Pune have Tata car. The person who lives in Indore is not neither E nor H. G lives in Hyderabad and he neither have Honda nor have Hyundai.F is having Nissan car and he lives in Chennai.The person who lives in Indore have Honda.

Q : The person who do have Hyundai car lives in which of the following city?

  1. Indore
  2. Hyderabad
  3. Pune
  4. Mumbai
  5. can’t be determined

Q : B lives in which of the following city ?

  1. Pune
  2. Mumbai
  3. Indore
  4. Kolkata
  5. can’t be determined

Q : Which of the following is definitely correct :

  1. A .G lives in Hyderabad and have Honda car
  2. B. F lives in Chennai and have the Nissan car
  3. C. B lives in Indore and have Tata car
  4. D. H lives in Kolkata and have the Nissan car
  5. E. None of the above

Statements and Assumptions

In each question below,is given a statement followed by two assumptions namely I and II. An Assumption is something supposed or taken for granted.You have to consider statement and the following assumption and decide which of the assumptions is implicit in the statement:

The government will provide Rs.700 crore for the upliftment of Football stadiums in West Bengal

  1. Football is famous than cricket in West Bengal
  2. Other states in India have good football stadiums than West Bengal.

Answer choices

  1. If only II is implicit.
  2. A. If only I is implicit.
  3. If either I or II is implicit
  4. If neither I nor II is implicit.
  5. If both I and lI are implicit.


The prevention of money-laundering (amendment) Bill. 2011 provides for attachment and confiscation of the proceeds of crime even if there is no conviction so long as it is provided that money -laundering has taken place and the property in question is involved in the crime


  1. It is a global menace that cannot be contained by any nation alone.
  2. The bill has enlarged the definition of money laundering to include concealment acquisition possession and use of proceeds of crime as criminal activities and to remove the existing limit of Rs 5 Iakh in fine.

Answer choices

  1. If only I is implicit.
  2. If only lI is implicit.
  3. if either I or II is implicit.
  4. If neither I nor II is implicit.
  5. If both I and lI are implicit.


When an input is given to a word & number arrangement machine rearranges them following a particular rule in each step. The following is the illustration of the input and the steps of arrangement ::

Input : with the 19 2 man 17 30 to behave.

  • Step I : to with the 19 2 man 17 30 behave
  • Step II : to 2 with the 19 man 17 30 behave
  • Step III : to 2 man with the 19 17 30 behave
  • Step IV :to 2 man 17 with the 19 30 behave
  • Step V : to 2 man 17 the with 19 30 behave
  • Step VI : to 2 man 17 the 19 with 30 behave
  • step VII : behave 30 with 19 the 17 man 2 to
  • Step VIII : 5 30 4 19 3 17 3 2 2
  • Step IX : 5-3-4 1 3-83-2-2

and step IX is the last step of the arrangement. As per rules followed in above steps, give answer to following question

If the step II of an input is,‘is 3 minute lucky 13 15 7 one of’, which of the following will be step VI?

  1. is 3 of 7 one 13 lucky minute 15
  2. is 3 of 7 one 13 lucky 15 minute
  3. is 3 of 7 one 13 minute lucky 15
  4. is 3 of 7 one minute lucky 13 15
  5. None of these

Input: Start 13 they 4 11 motor and then 15 which of the following will be step V?

  1. and 4 then 11 start 13 they motor 15
  2. and 4 then start 13 they 11 motor 15
  3. and 4 then 11 they start 13 motor 15
  4. and 4 start 13 they 11 motor then 15
  5. None of these

Inequalities and Conclusion

In the questions given below, certain symbols are used with the following meaning:

  1. A @ B’ means A is not greater than B
  2. A $ B’ means A is not smaller than B
  3. A#B means A is neither greater than nor equal to B’
  4. ‘A% B’ means A is neither smaller than nor equal to B’
  5. A&B’ means A is neither greater than nor smaller than B’

Now in each of the following questions. assuming the given statements to be true, find which of the two conclusions l and Il given below is/are definitely true.

Statements: P#Q %R, R %S@T

Conclusions: I) P%T II) T @ P

  1. If both statements I &II follow
  2. If only statement I follows
  3. If only statement II follows
  4. If either I or II follows
  5. If neither I nor II follows

Statements : L#M%N, L&O%N

Conclusions : I)M&N II)M%O

  1. If both statements I &II follow
  2. If only statement I follows
  3. If only statement II follows
  4. If either I or II follows
  5. If neither I nor II follows

Direction-based Question

Study the following information carefully and answer the following questions accordingly:

A is to the north of B and C is to the west of D,who is to the north-east of B and south-east of A. E is to the south of C and F is the north of D.

Q : F is in which direction with respect to C?

  1. North
  2. North-East
  3. South-west
  4. East
  5. Can’t be determined

Q : C is in which direction with respect to A ?

  1. East
  2. South
  3. South-East
  4. West
  5. Can’t be determined

Blood-relation based question

  • If P + Q means P is the father of Q
  • P × Q means P is the wife of Q
  • P – Q means P is the son of Q…then

Q : If M × N – O is true, then which of the following is definitely true?

  1. O is the wife of N
  2. O is father of M
  3. M is daughter of N
  4. N is father of M
  5. None of these

Q : If S denotes Sita,R denotes Ram,P denotes Pawan & if S x R-P is true,then what is the relation between Sita and Pawan?

  1. A : Brother-Sister
  2. B. Mother-Daughter
  3. C. Wife-Husband
  4. D. Mother-Son
  5. E. Can’t be determined

IBPS: Computer awareness

Computer Knowledge under IBPS PO/MT consists of 20 questions & can be classified as follows :

Sections under Computer Knowledge Qn.
Operating system 2-3
MS office 2-3
Security/Hacking 2-3
Internet/Email/Networking 2-3
Database Management 2-3
Software/Programming 2-3
Hardware 2-3

#1.Operating system:

Linux is an example of :

  1. A . Virus
  2. B. Freeware
  3. C. Open source software
  4. D. Bug
  5. E. None of the Above

Which of the foolowing act as a bridge between User and the device ?

  1. Printer
  2. CPU
  3. C.OS
  4. Monitor
  5. None of the Above

#2.MS office

What is the keyboard short-cut for new slide in MS office?

  1. Ctrl+M
  2. Ctrl+N
  3. Ctrl+S
  4. Ctrl+Shift+N
  5. None of the Above

Which of the following is used for Presentations ?

  1. MS Word
  2. MS Excel
  3. MS Outlook
  4. MS Powerpoint
  5. None of the Above

In MS Word to reverse the action of UNDO,what is used?

  1. Again do
  2. Redo
  3. You do
  4. We do
  5. None of the above


Junk e-mail is also called as?

  1. Spool
  2. Spam
  3. Stam
  4. Junk-mail
  5. None of the Above

A program designed to destroy data on your computer which can travel to “infect” other computers is called a ?

  1. Disaster
  2. Bacteria
  3. Virus
  4. Disease
  5. None of the Above


A device that connects to a network without the use of cable is said to be :

  1. Distributed
  2. Non-wired
  3. Centralised
  4. Wireless
  5. None of the Above

Which of the following is a valid domain :

  1. .gom
  2. .tom
  3. .cam
  4. .com
  5. None of the Above

#5.Database Management:

You organise files by storing them in a :

  1. Index
  2. Yard
  3. Folder
  4. List
  5. None of the Above


Compiling creates a :

  1. Error free program
  2. Good Environment
  3. Bug
  4. Restarting of Computer
  5. None of the Above

The legal right to use software based on specific restrictions is granted via a :

  1. Software policy
  2. Software Password
  3. Software Key
  4. D.Software License


A ………. is used to read hand written or printed text to make a digital image that is stored in memory.

  1. Printer
  2. Mouse
  3. Joystick
  4. Scanner
  5. None of the Above
visit Mrunal.org/IBPS, For list of all articles related to IBPS, SBI and RBI exams.

Indian History Freedom Struggle Pratik Nayak

396 Comments on “[Banking] IBPS PO/MT Topicwise question paper for 2014: GA, Maths, DI, English, Reasoning & Computer”

  1. I also attended the exam on the afternoon of the 18th.

    I first did english, my strong suit- All normal questions but 2 comprehensions. The second and the shorter comprehension was on the the effects of low interest rates in the developed countries of Europe. This was in my opinion extremely difficult. Anyway, I answered 38 questions in the english section. There were 10 questions each for each passage. The other questions in this section was to replace the bold lettered words of a sentence with the correct option and fill in the blanks with the correct words (10). Then 5 question regarding paragraph arrangement was given. This was made more critical because the first sentence was given and marked as “1” so you had to arrange the last 6 sentences. But the problem was when they asked question they asked including all the seven statements. This I came to know when they asked – “what is the last (seventh) statement”? So If they asked the second statement you have to answer the first statement that you arranged. It took me 30 mins to do the english section.

    For the next 20 mins I did GK and computer. I answered 14 of computer and 24 of GK. I think these two sections were quite tough, tougher than last year perhaps. The people above have given a good survey of the questions in these two sections. The only question I could add is a really simple question- What is a synagogue?- A Jew’s house of prayer. After my ias prelims debacle I learned to be careful regarding negative markings.

    Then for the next forty minutes I did quant- I wanted to maximise my marks so I focused only on DI unfortunately the examiners knew this is what lots of people do so they made the quant question very long. The first quant problem is similar to the last RBI grade b officer question- it is regarding the population of the 6 village and 1 city. This is a basic percentage and ratio and average sum as you will need to deal with finding the number of males and females in the cities. The second series dealt with a pie chart where total number of laptops are 54000 and they are sold by 5 or 6 different stores and the laptops are of 3 companies- samsung, lenovo and dell. In another chart the ratio of these three companies in each store is given. These two DI questions were extremely lengthy. Then there was a bar graph which was easy but by then I could do only 2 of those. I could manage to do only 13 questions in this section.

    Finally, at the end I did reasoning. There was a cause and effect question. Then there were 5 question where a scenario of a cosmetic company producing harmful products for their european customers were given and you are asked different questions on what weakens the argument, what strengthens the argument. Why do you think they are doing this etc. Then there was an input output question. Also a question where 8 people were sitting in a table 4 people in the middle and 4 people in the corner. Then there was another question regarding people sitting in parallel straight line facing each other. There was also 5 questions regarding whether info in statement 1 was sufficient or 2 was sufficient or both are required to answer the question or neither is sufficient. Then they gave this situation where 7 actor friends were auditioning for 7 different Shakespearean plays on seven different dates and you have to arrange them accordingly. Lastly: those question where you have to make venn diagrams- all soldiers are kings, all kings are not ministers etc etc. The twist this time was that you have to answer the conclusion which definitely will not follow, don’t worry this makes it far more easier. I answered 20 in reasoning.

    My total answered questions were 109. I think my problem area is quant where I could manage only 13. The cut off should be much higher than last years but whether it will go as high as 2012 is doubtful. I had started giving competitive exams since the last IBPS po exam (2013) and as someone who is a history student and hates maths, I would also not be able to do the maths. At least this time I could do 13 by following Mrunal bhai’s suggestion to do Rajesh verma. It is a good start but it still needs more practice.

    1. Dude! Could you pls tell the title of that quant book written by Rajesh Verma?

      1. Fast Track Objective Arithmetic

  2. 18th oct aftrnoon session

    1.urban development minister
    6.sati abolition act

    7.egypt capital
    8.Ms word application software
    9.excel formula copy to new cell..(a1:a5) B column b1:b5
    10.Banking ombudsman
    11.storage media .. magnetic tape disc database
    12.shift delete permanent delete
    13. mathematician award
    14.venn diagram based question
    15. blood relation
    16. A and B invests in some business. c join aft 4 months. profit of c some amount ..find out a n b profit etc
    17. boat in upstream speed calcualtion
    18. a and b mixture
    19. some geomentry questions.. triangle , rectangular path width , square
    20. reasonin based on seatin arrangement , 6 floor
    21. population based chart and percentage calculation , Rice yield three diff states , sales of laptop ratio calclation

    22. english statement sequence arrangement based on some disease
    23. find out wrong number in series around 6 questions
    24. syllogism some 4 to 5 questions
    25. a buys 96 goods for some amount..transportation changee around 3k. final price 450 somethin.. gives discount 20%.. calc profit
    26.work and time ..
    27. equation solving
    28.simple and compound intrst based two questions
    29.direction sense

    i will update more soon

    all the best guys!!

    1. attended19 morning …..attempted 105 question,Q-15,R-18.E-22,GS-32,COMP-18

      1. Attended 1st November Evening Session Attempted 108 QA-17, R=21,English=20, GA=32,Com=18

    2. IBPS 19.10.14
      1. sati abolition act
      2. who founder of homerule movement in india..?
      3.in CDSL S stand for…?
      4.as per RBI how much deposite amount or asset need for bancasurance for bank acting as insurance broker..?
      5.EWS E standfor….?
      6.Director of shingam return…………? OMG…….Most difficult quen..
      7Taskand is capital of………?
      8 Purpose of PMJYD…?
      9About chetan bhagat book
      10. CBS fullform……Most favourite que of IBPS
      11. According to RBI from 1NOV 2014 Limitation of transaction at any atm….this rule spl applicable for…opt is metro city…capital of state…rural area so on

  3. IBPS PO GA Questions – 19th Oct 2014 (morning shift)
    (1) Taskant is the capital of- Uzebekistan
    (2) Basic Saving bank deposit account (BSBDA) maximum credit amount upto- Rs. 50000
    (3) Director of Singham Returns- Rohit Shetty
    (4) Sati pratha abolished by which freedom fighter movement- Raja Ram Mohan Rai
    (5) Railway Minister- Sadanand Gowda
    (6) Who is the President of Iran- Hassan Rouhani
    (7) What ‘E denotes in EBW- Exports (Exports Bills Written off)
    (8) Full Form of HDFC- Housing Development Finance Corporation
    (9) According to WHO, Highest rate of Child marriages in- Bangladesh (India ranked 2nd)
    (10) Which bank has tagline “We understand your world”- HDFC
    For full list of questions check out gklibrary.com

  4. I appeared on 19th Oct morning session thanks to God my SSC exam is on 26th , Paper was difficult yup ……cut off is not going to b more than 65 any way. English- Passage was ohh my gosh extremely technical even raghuram rajan would find it difficult, other than passage things were OK one can attempt.
    GS was moderate one who is reading newspaper daily can attempt 70% without any problem. Not a single question from budget, RBI bi monthly policy etc shit I was dependent on that.

    Computer- easy anyone who is having a system in house it’s a ha ha ha….easily 15 can be answered.

    Reasoning- hmmm here comes the panic……. Puzzles n dimag k Dahi kr diya sala attempt h nhi krna tha……. Input out was easiest one…. Try to attempt easy questions other wise gonee…..

    Quantative Aptitude- Thought like calculator is allowed, but no …….nothing is difficult concept wise basic only but calculations were Muhhhah…..Dimag k dahi ho jayega calculations m. Don’t panic if 3 4 answers don’t match or come true other wise game over 5 questions bhi nhi attempt kr payoge… Patience is the key.

    GS- 25 is a decent attempt.

    Computer – 12 .

    English- 22 .

    Reasoning – 22.

    Maths- 12 .

    Please note that if u score only 8-9 questions in maths or reasoning don’t panic don’t mark guess…. Aaaaa or bbbbb….cuoff will be very low try to maximise in other sections.

    1. Sach me yar…….maths ne toh maar di………

      1. yaa bro there is no simplification and even percentage …good thing is inequality is there …it cover marks in math

    2. yaar how are you so sure that cutoff will not be more than 65? mera paper acha nahi hua waise

  5. Hi just gave 19 oct session

    Here is a chronicles of today exam

    Quant – DI -2 very long,series (5) , time ,water , age , Data sufficient (5)

    Reasoning-rectangular Table question , liner arrangement of 8 memebers, io op,

    Gk -minority minsister, zendaavesta related to which religion, ATM full form, etc

    Cant recall any more but I could attempt only 103 question . although hardly 7 in quant n 11 in Reasoning ,

    what are my chances I belong o SC

  6. I appeared on 19th Oct Afternoon Shift.
    All the questions are standard as usual EXCEPT the Quantitative Aptitude.

    I answered 93 in Total but only 6 in QUANTITATIVE APTITUDE!!
    God Knows what will happen !!!
    what will be the Cut off of Q.Apti Section…!!!

    1. Same here Joy. I answered 87 questions but only 9 in aptitude!!

    2. not less than u’re attempted…

  7. i want previes question paper of IBPS-CLERC.

  8. Advise to those having exams on Nov 1st Week…
    Guys and Gals…

    General Awareness:- Please read last 2 months Current Affairs from GK Today and even Banking current Affairs from that site.
    One can easily score 25+ in this section.Banking related 2 3 questions were tough.

    Computer :- Its easy if u daily use computer which everyone does.Can easily attempt 17-18 in this section.

    English:- One passage is tough and big one and other passage is easy.I found this section having moderate level of difficulty.Be careful.Can score 22-23 if done carefully.

    Reasoning :- Please don’t panic.Questions are time consuming and you can’t attempt all questions for sure.Do it patiently and pick the easy ones and solve.

    Maths:- I found it tough.Some questions are easy and some are tough.DI also some were really easy and some i could not find how to solve it.In this section also pick the easy ones and solve.

    My Attempt:-122
    Expecting around 80+ marks.
    Really got screwed in Maths and Reasoning sections.

    I’m expecting cut off of around 70+ marks.

  9. I have appeared 19 th (2nd half)
    I have attempted

    total 93
    ….worry about quants and resng section ..hw much will b cut off fr this two sectn!!

    1. comparing to last years cutoff if you take inflation into account too. you are clearing cutoff, but whatever qs u have attempted must be 90 percent correct

    2. maths main kya aaya

  10. I attended the afternoon session 19th october…exam started 2:30 PM…(for late comers come by 2 PM)
    I am writing the analysis based on my startegy of solving the paper…how I attempted the paper///
    I started in this manner —->Computer—->General awareness—->English—>Quant.—> Reasoning
    (1) COMPUTER (moderate)
    10 Questions were basic
    5 medium level
    5 tricky( the options were close if you are doubtful)
    Some Questions that I can recollect from my memory are
    i) VIRUS full form ( Last term seize or seizure dont get confuse, its seize)
    ii) PDF full form ( Last term format or file dont get confuse, its format)
    iii) Microsoft word is an example of ( software)
    iv) which of the following is not a version of Microsoft word (vista)
    v) full form of URL(uniform resource locator)
    vi) internet explorer is an example of (browser)
    vii) one question was related to http… and html… i didnt remember it completely….
    vii) processor speed measured in (GHZ)
    My attempt 14 / 20

    GENERAL AWARENESSS ( few questions were tough )
    i) the first question was of deepika padukone (distracted.. but kept calm…:))..National level badminton champion??…..deepika padukone
    ii) currency of cambodia.. cambodian riel ( one option was cambodian dollar…)
    iii) holy book question ( related to which religion…was a tough one…i forgot the name)
    I don’t know why may be because of Deepika or may be I was going very fast that I am not able to recollect any more questions sorry guys..
    I attempted 26 / 40
    I took appx. 20-25 mins to complete the above two sections
    ENGLISH ( Tough for me I am weak in English. Still working on that…..)
    i) 2 Passages 10 questions each. I did only synonyms and antonyms one…( appx, 8 qs)
    ii) Strengthening and weakening the arguments (6-8 questions)
    iii) Cloze test (10 questions)
    I attempted 21/40
    i) X and y data are given for 6 values and 2 qs were based on comparison of average of some values out of the 6 given values
    ii) 5 qs were on series( important point is we have to pick the wrong number out of the series
    iii) Pie charts and line diagram different sets…(around 5 qs each set I didn’t attempted)
    iv) Question on simple interest, percentage, profit and loss, time and work
    v) Questions on solving quadratic equations in x and y variables separately and then comparing the values of X and Y ( 5 to 6 questions)
    My attempt 21/50
    i) 2 Arrangements questions were tough ( related 5 to 6 qs, I didn’t attempted. Please attempt this part only if you have done enough practice as it consumes time and can frustrate you if you are not able to solve after spending time)
    ii) Syllgolisms (5 questions; as I wasn’t in good touch I was having doubt so please prepare these part who have exam next)
    iii) Inequalitys given and you have to find which statement will follow( 5 questions I find them average.eg (A>C>B≥d≤g..then statements are given…)
    iv) Directions question ( 2or 3)
    My attempt was 20/50
    About Myself: I have not practiced much since I was busy with other stuffs..
    Total Attempt 102/200..(accuracy 75 -80 percent)
    Some Wisdom TIPS : Follow the strategy I have followed attempt (GA & computer) 60 Qs in one go in first 20 mins. Then attempt 15 each of other sections (select sections as per your wisdom). After this whatever time is remaining try to reach the 20 marks in all the sections or complete the section which you find easier.
    Also please read all the comments and questions of general awareness and computer, some qs may repeat and are being repeated.
    If you read pratiyogita darpan latest one have IBPS exam mock paper do that it has one qs of coding which came in the exam. Prepare it..
    All the best for SBI associate PO( those who are over with IBPS. Start working on your weaknesses and do lot of test papers….)

    If I am able to recall other questions I will surely be updating by tomorrow

  11. GK- 20
    COMPUTER -15
    QUANT -12
    REASONING – 16
    ENGLISH – 20
    TOTAL 83

  12. I gave exam on 18th evening session.all questions in gk was from banking except 5 or 6.maths was like a horror movie .reasoning was time consuming.dont try puzles first..fingers crossed for result.shockingly in maths geometry was also lol..ibps gave us real shock

  13. Exam – 18/10/2014 (morning shift)

    First of all I want to warn those whose exam is going to be on 1st and 2nd Nov. PLEASE prepare everything because nobody knows what IBPS going to do.ie which section is tough or which section is going to be easy.

    THIRD and most important that paper is not tough as said by other, rather I say paper is medium, if you solved enough practice test then you are going to clear it. Just do one thing that try to solve your practice paper in 100 min. Then only you can think to attempt 100 or above questions.

    My attempts
    G.A- 21( This is my best section but 18th GA was bit more tough then usual accuracy- 95%)
    Reso- 22 (90% accuracy) ( devote time wisely in this section)
    Qant- 12 ( Most weak . . still good for me. . 99% accuracy)
    Eng- 26 ( I never do eng other then practice test. . did not solved any passage, still managed 95% accuracy) ( IF you find this section weak for you then practice more. . solve arrangement carefully)
    Comp- 19( IDK what to say about this section . . . while solving this section i felt,is IBPS cracking jokes in this section !!!)
    Overall – 100 ( after submitting i was bit surprised that i solved 100 !!!
    Finally I say that IF I practiced more i could able to solve more with more accuracy.

    1. Yr 100 attempt main interview call aa jayegi? maine bhi 100 hi kiye hain

      1. depend on correctness

      2. i also did 100 was that sufficient ? what can be done else except hope?

  14. Rbi Assistant result out

    1. what to study for gk ,any book..

  15. Exam – 18/10/2014 (morning shift)

    Please read history too!! On 18th there was three questions from history!! ( what i can able to remember)

    Q1-aboltion of sati pratha from which year?
    Q2-A slogan was given and asked who said it?
    Q3- i forget !!!

    I was shocked to see history there . . but you never know what IBPS is going to do?!! So prepare well.

  16. 1) S in RTGS stands for—REAL TIME GROSS SETTLEMEMT
    2)PM want japan to develop which city———-VARANASI
    3)spain s currency-euro,spanish pound,spanish rouble—-EURO
    4)pmjd yojana is financial inclusion program
    5)basic savings bank account features–BSBDA-BASIC SAVINGS BANK DEPOSIT ACCOUNT..http://www.rbi.org.in/scripts/FAQView.aspx?Id=96
    6)savings bank rate of interest 4%.
    7)FAT stands for FILE ALLOCATION TABLE—did mistake in exam.
    8)sum(a5,a8,50) in excel means..
    9)tusk is pm of which country?———- POLLAND
    10)ADL is america means accued depositry limited?
    11)serena williams is —TENNIS PLAYER
    12)Education activists Kailash Satyarthi and Malala Yousafzay have won the Nobel Peace Prize
    13) United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization -full form of UNESCO
    14)Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has set up a committee under Reserve Bank of India Deputy Governor H R Khan to assess the amount of unclaimed deposit in the popular Public Provident Fund and Post Office saving schemes
    15)capital of ARUNACHAL PRADESH??
    16)other than hindi and english number of languages in indian currency
    17)poulation density least in which indian union territory-chandigarh,andaman and nicobar,laksadweep or dadar aur nagar
    18)purpose of the Know Your Customer (KYC) rules that were brought in to check money laundering and terrorist activities.

    QUANT –13/50
    REASONING –11/50
    ENGLISH –19/40
    COMPUTER –15/20

    1)weakens an argument question example
    2)congruent angles,area of parallelogram
    3)area of sector
    5)five equation solving problems..if product of extreme of a and c is bigger,it becomes headache breaking the middle number
    6)five ..less than,greater than questios..try few of these…see when strictly less than or greater than is used
    7)five to ten..data interpretation ..try to solve this fast..
    8)mixture,work day,pipe tank problems,distance problems.
    9)simple interest,compound interest,business investment problems,age problems…all problems require heavy calculations
    10)five questions on series of numbers–very difficult..need to see examples of this.
    11)five problems venn diagram—difficult one..it involved 4 circles…not able to figure out data for some areas in cross over areas..not able to draw diagram properly..need some other wat of solving venn diagram
    12)five questions on statemnt and conclusion scenarios..

  17. plz give me suggestion about computer knowledge. ny book or ny site which is helpful in ibps xam.thanx in advance

  18. Hi,

    My exam was on 19-October (Morning Shift). My attempts were as follows…
    Reasoning- 21
    Aptitude- 18
    GA- 26
    English- 22
    Computer- 18
    Total 105. Accuracy 85-90%

    What are my chances to be selected?

    1. 100% if your accuracy is 85-90%

  19. from where to prepare banking gk ??? my exam is on 2nd november

  20. I attempted 97 in evening session on 19th oct. Expecting a score of 75 as the paper was very tough. It was my first experience. How much is the expected cut off. Last year it was 61. What is the expected this year?? Please share reality

  21. I m having lot of stress about cut off. Please share whether i can make throygh or not

  22. hello all i gave this ibps po 4 for the first time, i have been working in corporation bank as a clerk.
    my attempts are
    m- 12/50 (sure about 8,rest 4 i dont know cz i didnt get exact answers)
    r – 25/50 (sure about all except in sylo i ticked the one which followed sop 4 r wrong )
    g- 29/40 (2 r wrong)
    c – 17/20 (12 i am sure about)
    total 108/200.
    i wanna know will i pass in maths by d help of normalising… as these 8 may turn in to 9 or 10??

  23. ibps po ka result kitne time me aata hai

  24. i gave exam on 19th eve session my attempt:
    ga 30
    Comp 18
    Eng 21
    Resng 16
    Di 15
    Total 100 is there any chance accuracy 90%

  25. At the outset of exam I started with GK section and was expecting to do at least 155 question next I attempted computer section with same elan but as I moved forward and saw two comprehension in english section my plans gone awry it was very difficult for that limited time I only manage 28 moved for reasioning it was ok at last I did math very lengthy calculation somehow I only manage to do 16 questions and the time had been up so in this way I attempted total 138 much below my expectation and now expecting at least 120 . my exam was first day first slot.
    my question is can I receive interview call from ECGC I M GENERAL CANDIDATE.

  26. I had attended PO exam on 18 oct morning session and attempted 113
    Quant-19 difficult
    Reasoning-24 difficult
    English -20 moderate but long passages time consuming
    GA -30 moderate economy difficult banking awareness moderate current affairs should follow news papers
    Computer -20 easy-moderate some as are little bit tricky..

    In Reasoning part syllogism he is asking which conclusion does not follow,So be careful
    My accuracy is between 80-85%
    Hoping for the best..
    All the best guys..

  27. what about todays paper…pls guys discuss it

    1. Godd!!!!!!!Wat a paper it ws!!
      i did only 96…with 80-90% accuracy…Quant n reasoning were so time taking….. eventhough i managed enuf tim by atempting eng, GA, cmputer bt was stuck in reasoning in quant…! wil clear sectional cut off bt no idea abt overallcut off…
      pls provide sm feedback on todays paper!

      1. Definitely quant and reasoning were tough in morning shift , I lost alot of tym in quant only ….i wll too clear sectional cutoff but cud hv easily managed 15 more in reasoning my favourite part…..overall cutoff cant be more than 65 wid sectionals around 10

      2. Gs comp and english easy
        Reasoning and math were lenghty

  28. 110 attempt but 6 in math
    Is there is any chance ??

    1. Overall attempt is gud but considering toughness of Maths as Compared to last year, I got BOB last year….sectional of maths shud be lower bt 6 seems borderline issue …..i think it will be between 6-8 ……baki lets c

    2. upload the questions …..plz

    3. @X men…
      Provided u belong to a category and all 6 answers r correct…then u hv a fair chance…. Fingers crossed…if more peopl cud tel abt today’s xam den it wud b betr to analyse hw wel we faired in d xam….

  29. hi frnd i gave exam on 1 nov 2014 morng
    GA 26
    COMTR 14
    ENG 22
    RSNG 26
    APTD 13
    ga and comp good 90 %
    eng 80%
    rsng 80%
    aptd 100%
    if prepare wel it will be easy .very easy u can clear dont thing about me but i m giving this information for some candidates they need job to support their family and somany

    so fnds prepare gs and comp every corner so that in least time u can do max qsns in ibps u can do 45 to 50 also

    so for comp any basic level book it should cover syllabus like input out device,softwares,ms word office excel acces and all basics like generation of computers their memory used languges like that u hv to cover all so that u can do 18 to 19 qsns

    for example in my exam
    assembly langauge high or low
    dos full form
    f1 key function
    all are similar qsns

    next for gs if u follow the hindu it is bible for all exams
    otherwise any magagines like pratiyogita darpan or bsc any
    along with some bank related qsns also
    books ,in my exam my days with sonia and rajjev r d bardhan
    capitals ,lebonon
    currency. peso
    asian games,golds number for india
    pencilin inventor name scientist
    sanjay leela bansali associated with
    and all very easy prepare on daily bases for atleast six months frnds its my request
    so that u can do 50 qsns atleast

    next engs ,u can do by reading the hindu
    2 passages 20 plus qsns
    fill the blanks very easy if u read the hindu 10 qs
    5 suitable phrases

    next rsng
    very simple rotate ur mouse continously
    just practice some sets and select ur qsns like very easy ones like

    input and outputs 5
    blood relations 2
    directions 2
    syllogism 5
    less than and greater than eqsns 5
    do 20 or 25 not more than that

    now the game changer qa
    very tough not tough very sillyjust lack of time big big di qsns thats prob
    but still u cn do 15 to 20

    seeris qsns 5

    very simple practice atleast 4 months and go according to some plan do not get diverted like u planed for doing ga first in exam u rdoing another do not do that try to pass in all and plan high score in ur strong subject so it is better to prepare gs comp wel

  30. friends === mene sirf QUANTATIVE APP me 5 que kiye == data sufficiency wale == sab me both statement correct tick kiya
    kya sectional cut off nikal jayega
    plz batao me pareshan pareshan

    1. next time try karna, no chance in 5 questions. cut off 7/8 tak jaegi

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