1. Prologue
  2. G10/P5: World Geography- West Asia, Middle East
  3. G10/P6: World Geography- Africa
  4. G10/P7: World Geography- Australia


  • Ms. Rajtanil back from her UPSC interview and continuing from where she had left- World Geography.
  • In this lecture conducted on 6th June 2015, she covered West Asia, Africa and Australia. New Zealand and remaining areas in next lecture.
  • PowerPoint of the lecture, available at mediafire.com/folder/2bb433i58hp2v/General_Studies_Mrunal
  • Medium of instruction- Hindi.
  • Venue: Sardar Patel institute of Public Administration, SPIPA Ahmedabad

G10/P5: World Geography- West Asia: Physiography, Rivers, Climate, Resources

World Geography West Asia

  1. Revision of previous lecture on World Geography: China, Japan, Russia and SE Asia- their geology, agriculture, mineral wealth and industrial regions
  2. Brief political situation of West Asian nations
  3. Physiography of west Asia: mountains, mountains, plateaus, deserts,
  4. Euphrates and Tigris rivers- cities on their banks
  5. River Karun, River Jordan: their importance
  6. Dead sea and rift valley
  7. Palestine-Israel dispute historic background
  8. Other rivers of West Asia
  9. Important lakes- Turkey: Lake Van and Iran: Lake Urmia, their environmental issues
  10. Drying up of Aral sea and environmental issues
  11. Important straits of West Asia, Turkey
  12. Revision of climatic regions: Mediterranean and desert
  13. Climate of west Asia
  14. Agriculture in West Asia: Tropical agriculture, Mediterranean agriculture
  15. Qanat system of irrigation
  16. Israel: Tal-ya system of Irrigation, drip irrigation and sprinklers, India-Israel agriculture co-operation
  17. Vertical farming and soil solarisation techniques
  18. Mineral reserve of West Asia
  19. Oil reserve of Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Arabian peninsula
  20. India’s energy imports from West Asia
  21. Important ports of West Asia

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/eemFq1n1X00

G10/P6: World Geography- Africa: Physiography, Rivers, Climate, Resources

World Geography Africa

  1. Physical geography of Africa: mountains, plateaus, deserts, basins, rivers, plains
  2. Nile, Congo and Other rivers of Africa
  3. African rift valley and lakes
  4. Islands of Africa
  5. Climate of Africa
  6. Agriculture and animal husbandry in Africa
  7. Mineral and petroleum reserve of Africa, involvement of Indian Companies
  8. Exports of Africa
  9. Iron, Coal, Gold and Diamond reserve of Africa
  10. China in Africa
  11. Indian diaspora in Africa

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/qL93sbca0sI

G10/P7: World Geography- Australia: Physiography, Rivers, Climate, Resources

World Geography Australia

  1. Physical geography of Australia: mountains, plateaus, deserts, great artesian basin, Murray-Darling Basin
  2. Climatic regions of Australia
  3. Economy of Australia: agriculture, animal husbandry, sheep rearing and dairying of Australia
  4. Iron, Coal, Gold, Copper, Bauxite, Diamond, Uranium and mineral resources of Australia and its importance for India.
  5. Settlement pattern in Australia
  6. Industrial centres of Australia

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/QNoBbd-FlNg

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