[Freedom Struggle] Partition of Bengal, Swadeshi Movement, Surat Split

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Mrunal's Economy Course
  1. Prologue
  2. HFS7/P6: Beginning of Indian National Movement & related MCQs in UPSC
  3. HFS7/P7: Lord Curzon & Partition of Bengal, Swadeshi Movement & Boycott
  4. HFS7/P8: Surat Split & fizzing of Swadeshi movement


  • Pratik Nayak is back, and in HD. Continuing the history-freedom struggle series from where it was pending.
  • Powerponits available under Mrunal.org/download goto mediafire=> 1_powerpoint => 3_History_Pratik folder.

HFS7/P6: Beginning of Indian National Movement & related MCQs in UPSC

Indian nationalist movement

  • Recap of previous lecture.
  • Type of MCQs asked from Congress session, its presidents, its resolution.
  • Purpose of Congress and why did they organize it in different cities/places of India?
  • Type of MCQs asked related to Indian National movements- its dates, locations, leaders and how the programs conceived?

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/J6TUAXIazdE

HFS7/P7: Lord Curzon & Partition of Bengal, Swadeshi Movement & Boycott

Partition of Bengal

  • Partition of Bengal in East and West Bengal on basis of Hindu and Muslim religion, origin of Swadeshi Movement.
  • Important dates, Newspapers, periodicals, songs, books,  Paintings-art forms related to Anti-partition movement.
  • Role of Painters: Raja rai varma, Abindrananth Tagore
  • Rise of Indian Science Cognress by Jagdish Chandra Bose.
  • Praful Chandra Ray and Bengal Chemical Industry.
  • Extremist: Lal, Bal, Pal, Tilak- their success and limitations.
  • forms of boycott- 1) of foreign goods 2) passive resistance 3) government titles 4) Revival of National education.

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/q6ddB1u2jxM

HFS7/P8: Surat Split & fizzing of Swadeshi movement

Surat Split

  • Extremist leaders, groups, events leading to the split of moderates and extremist leaders
  • 1906: Calcutta resolution and victory of extremist ideology
  • Why extremist wanted hold session in Nagpur (Central provinces) and not Surat (Bombay presidency),  because president should not belong to the home state- I.e. Tilak, a resident of Bombay presidency.
  • 26th December 1907- Surat session, throwing of shoe at the stage, violence and breaking of Congress into two pieces.
  • Trio of Lal, Bal, Pal and leadership crisis in Pre-1919.
  • Compare and Contract Moderates and Extremists- who had larger social base? Belief and ideology.
  • Fall of Swadeshi movement after separation of moderates and extremists: Positive and negative outcomes of Swadeshi movement- The British learned the use of religion to divide India.
  • Why it is difficult to sustain a movement for a long time frame?

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/nrnu928AIo8
Next lecture: Indian revolutionaries abroad, Ghadar and Home Rule movement.
Visit Mrunal.org/HISTORY for archive of history related lectures and articles.

Indian History Freedom Struggle Pratik Nayak

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