[Result] UPSC Mains 2016 Result is out, 2961 called for Interview from 20th March, Here are TIPS on how to prepare!

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  1. UPSC Mains 2016 Result is out
  2. How to prepare for interview?
  3. What questions were asked to past toppers?

UPSC Mains 2016 Result is out

  • UPSC had conducted Mains exam in December 2016.
  • Total 15,445 had written in mains exam. Out of them, 2961 are selected for the interview stage for 1079 final vacancies [as per original notification of CSE-2016.]
  • Result PDF file containing roll numbers: Click to see: Server#1
  • @those who passed: Interviews to begin from 20th March 2017 at UPSC’s Dholpur House office in New Delhi. Interview call letters and schedule will be uploaded on UPSC’s official website. No hardcopy will be sent.
  • @those who did not pass: Marksheet will be uploaded 15 days after final result is declared i.e. after interviews are over and topper list is announced. And The result of 03 (three) candidates with following Roll Nos. 0000432, 0010513, 0659780 has been kept withheld subject to the outcome of the Court Case.
  • Problems? Call 011-23385271, 011-23381125, 011-23098543 or Fax No. 011-23387310, 011-23384472 during office hours.
UPSC Mains 2016 Result

* As per original notification of CSE-2016

How to prepare for interview?

Go through following articles and videos

  1. [UPSC Interview Prep.] Roleplaying & Situation Reaction Test (SRT): Common Mistakes & 40 Mock Questions
  2. [UPSC Interview Prep.] Graduation / Academics Questions: Engineering, IT, Medical, Pharmacy, Commerce, MBA
  3. Video recordings of Mock interviews of past toppers on Youtube

What questions were asked to past toppers?

Go through the interview transcripts uploaded on http://mrunal.org/toppers for more!

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55 Comments on “[Result] UPSC Mains 2016 Result is out, 2961 called for Interview from 20th March, Here are TIPS on how to prepare!”

  1. Guys dont be dishearted! Turn your failure into your motivation! I am also starting my prep! guys YOU all are motivation for one or the other so set a good example

  2. Until when the interview process goes on?! Until April or May?!

  3. Hindi medium Ka.interview KB hai

  4. Wen is ur interview???

  5. I 33 old. l first time attanded csat examination in 2016.It is mine first attemt, i belongs to OBC catagory.how many times have been me.

  6. Hi everyone….This is my 4th attempt in CSE Mains. I hv to crack interview this time.

  7. 2017 CSE would be my first attempt, feeling nervous

  8. In with history, Hindi medium, third interview

  9. Sir congratulations for all who had been selected for interview ALL THE BEST

  10. ias interview end date any body know?

  11. hi… when the mains marks get published for those who qualifies mains? do they come to know mains marks before interview?

    1. noo ….

  12. Can u pls help me out preparing for prelims xam.(most required book list)

  13. 5th attempt khatam now will appear for 6th and final

  14. Hi All,

    Hearty Congratulations to all who cleared and get in to the List,
    Those who didn’t cleared common guys Rise up, Some Times hard work fails but don’t Give up… All the Best for Next Attempt :)
    You must be the change you wish to see in the World ,Change Strategies and start with the combination of hard and Smart work.


  15. My Interview Transcript…..

    24 April, morning session, 5th and last candidate, Hindi medium, background Arts Graduate, PG and third interview, optional History, PK Joshi Board


    Why Xth and XIIth from different schools ?
    How was it possible to have double MA(PG) in same years ?
    You were a teacher till 2011, why you left ?
    Which subjects you were teaching ?
    Parents come to you saying our kids doesn’t study after school hours and use dirty words also at home ,pls suggest some interesting books and other activities…
    What do you know about Kemal Ataa Turk of Turkey ?
    Why you want to be an IAS ?
    Ok, let’s assume, you are an IRTS and posted in your home district, one night at 3 AM, you get a call of rail accident in your area, what would you do?
    I replied as i have no proper idea about IRTS work and their working style but still, i try to tell what can be done in such situation..
    Then chairman changed the question saying suppose you are an IPS then in such situation, what will you do ?


    You were frequent to Delhi, which places you would like to visit one if one comes with you ?
    Which problem did you see at first in Delhi ?
    I told Traffic and issue of electrical rickshaw and pressure on roads without making them substitute of cycle rickshaw
    Then he said, ok you are posted as joint commissioner traffic in Delhi, what three steps you will take ?
    And second problem ? I told over burden of population in Delhi..
    Next he asked solution

    M2( Lady member)

    I will ask about your home district as sir have already talked about Delhi.
    Tell three problems first and then their solutions.
    I talked something then she asked the solutions too.
    Asked would you initiate anything new or follow the same of Tarun Bharat Sangh and Waterman Rajendra Singh?
    Why people send less number of girls in schools?
    How will you make parents ready to send their girls to schools ?
    Is it so easy to persuade them ?


    How you find interest in basketball? (Played till 12th)?
    Any support as professional coach or trainer ?
    How developed the interests in chess and sudoku?
    Any other interests also ?( I told watching movies, songs, travelling too.)
    Which was the last movie ? (Kaabil )
    Any inspiration or IAS whom you have seen working and you are impressed from him ?
    You arrest someone and your senior calls you to release him, what would you do ?


    Recent situation in Turkey…?
    Why this aggression and extremism ?
    A minority group is creating threat to majority , which one ?
    Is this the reason of extremism?(Kurd)
    Turkey was denied the membership of EU, is this the reason ? I said sorry, have no proper idea.
    India was a great economy in 16-17th but after independence, even 70 years passed we are very low than China Japan etc, why ?
    I told India is called​ an Elephant who walks on its own speed.
    He asked still any reasons to stay behind than others ?
    Do you think we can make export again at high levels? I talked about Make in India, NMIZ policy, Economic Survey says about Clothes and shoes.

    Thanks from the Chairman.

  16. hi every one, please suggest psychology books or notes covering basic concept and helpful in mains optional. This is my first attempt, need help and kind support of experienced aspirants.
    please mail me information :-
    [email protected]

  17. sabhi budhjiviyo ko mera namaskar. dosto mai bhi upsc ki tayari karna chahta hu HINDI mediam se pada hu . kaamyabi milna na milna wo baad ki baat hai. lekin iske liye kitna tapna padta hai kitna vishaal syllabus hai ek baar jarur isme jana chhta hu. aap me se koi hindi mediam ka student ho to mujhe syllabus ke baar me jarur batain .

    mukesh kr yadav
    [email protected]

  18. congratulation…….

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