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  2. Awards worth Rs.50,000 & 100 Winners will get books!
  3. Instructions & Format of the competition
  4. FREE Model Answer booklet in Hindi & English
  5. Parting Words

UPDATE: Jan-2020- Winners are declared!

Dear civil service aspirants, Thanks for participating in Disha’s IAS Mains Answer Writing Contest 2020!

All you participants have done your best in the contest. We have received some very good answers indeed! In accordance with the rules and conditions of the contest, the winners’ list has been prepared by Disha’s panel of experts. Top-winners are:

  1. 1) Jitendra A Chaudhari and 1) Jagrati Awasthi
  2. Dharmendra Singh
  3. Ravi Chandra

The winners will be awarded with their respective prizes and their prize-winning answers will be published on Dishapublication.com

Disha publication wishes all the very best for your grand success in coming years. Keep growing!! Thanks once again!

Disha Winners

Awards worth Rs.50,000 & 100 Winners will get books!

  • Best Answers  get Prizes worth Rs.50,000/- Top three answers get cash prizes of Rs.3000/-, Rs.2000/- and Rs.1000/- and their answers published on Dishapublication.com
  • Top 100 performers receive 100 copies of Disha’s bestselling books for Civil Services Preparation
  • Quiz duration: December 18, 2019 (12:00 noon) to December 30, 2019 (5PM)

Instructions & Format of the competition

  • Download the Question Paper from this link: here: mediafire.com/folder/deqku86u68s6c/Disha_Mains_ANS_Competition_2020
  • Question paper contains two questions each on General Studies Mains Paper I, II, III & IV, both in English & Hindi.
  • You have to answer one question out of the given two in each of the 4 papers.
  • You have to answer either in English or in Hindi while adhering to the Word Limit.
  • You’ve to email your answers to contest@dishapublication.com in as pdf, word or jpeg file attachments.
  • Your Answers will be adjudged by a panel of experts.
  • Your answers must be analytical or bulleted as per the demand of the question.
  • Structure your answers as introduction, core discussion and conclusion within the word limit.
  • Time yourself while attempting to answer the quiz to gain maximum benefit from the test.

FREE Model Answer booklet in Hindi & English

  • To help you write better quality of Mains answers, Disha has also prepare FREE  booklets in Hindi and English on ‘How to write Best Answers to GS Mains Questions’ containing sample model answers for previous UPSC General Studies Question.
  • You can FREE-download these PDF-booklets (in Hindi and English) from here: mediafire.com/folder/deqku86u68s6c/Disha_Mains_ANS_Competition_2020
  • Afterall, the GS Mains questions test the mental make up of an aspiring officer through thought-provoking questions pertaining to the specific subjects. A civil services aspirant must be capable of producing insightful answers to the questions. Answering these questions suitably is indeed an art that is to be cultivated. So, we hope these booklets will be useful in this regard.
  • After seeing these sample answers of GS Mains Papers, do you think you are there? Is your preparation heading in the right disha? Our QUIZ will tell you just that! So, DO Participate in it!

Parting Words

  • So, here you go, Civil Services aspirants! Disha’s IAS Mains Answer Writing Contest 2020 is right before you! But before you start, spare a thought!
  • Civil servants are the backbone of bureaucracy and represent the Government in all aspects of administration. As such, they must lead by example towards a unified goal of development of society and betterment of human life.
  • There have been many officers who have brought laurels to the coveted and revered profession of the civil services by their exemplary service to the society. They have seldom fought shy of taking cudgels for the underprivileged, or taking on the criminal Mafias in their line of duty. However, power often corrupts! It is important to think right to dispense one’s duty.
  • So, are you a right thinking individual? Kya apki soch sahi hai? Kya hai sahi soch?
  • So, get set & HO HO HO!!!
  • All the best!