Policy Governance

  • 6-Corona?: Corona Right to life versus religious freedom: १) THE SUPREME Court asked the Uttar Pradesh government to reconsider even allowing a symbolic physical Kanwar Yatra given the fear of a third Covid-19 wave. Health of the citizenry of India and their right to ‘life’ are paramount. All other sentiments, albeit religious, are subservient to this most basic fundamental right”. २) Uttarakhand has also stopped Kanwar Yatra. ३) Although high Covid-19 cases in Kerala, CM Pinarayi Vijayan government lifted lockdown restrictions for three days for celebration of Bakrid, which falls on July 21. The Indian Medical Association criticised the government decision as “unwarranted and inappropriate at the time of a medical emergency. When many northern states like J&K, Uttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal have stopped, with a constructive sense of public safety, the traditional and pilgrim yatras, it is unfortunate that the learned state of Kerala has taken these retrograde decisions,” ४) SC also CRITICISED -“THE Kerala government gave in to pressure groups so that the citizenry… is laid bare to a nationwide pandemic discloses a sorry state of affairs. Kerala government needs to give heed to the Right to Life under Article 21 of the Constitution. Pressure groups of all kinds, religious or otherwise, cannot in any manner, interfere with this most precious fundamental right of all the citizens of India.” Uttar Pradesh is at 0.02% (test positivity rate) and yet they have put restrictions. They (Kerala) are at 10%, yet allowing religious gatherings for Vote Bank populism. [लोक लुभावन के लिए केरल राज्य सरकार ने ईद के दौरान सार्वजनिक स्थानों पर लॉकडाउन में से मुक्ति दी, सर्वोच्च न्यायालय ने इसकी निंदा की है क्योंकि उत्तराखंड में कोरोना के चलते कावडयात्रा को रोका गया है]
  • 6-Rights-Issue?: Conjugal rights = right of the husband or the wife to the society of the other spouse. It is given in Hindu personal law, Muslim personal law, (Christian) Divorce Act, 1869. If a spouse refuses cohabitation, the other spouse can move the family court seeking a decree for cohabitation. If the order of the court is not complied with, the court can attach property. Normally, when a spouse files for divorce unilaterally, the other spouse files for restitution of conjugal rights if he or she is not in agreement with the divorce. The law is being challenged now on the main grounds that it violative of the fundamental right to privacy and dignity. [वैवाहिक अधिकार: यदि की शादी के बाद पति/पत्नी अपने पत्नी/पति त् के साथ रहेने/समागम का इनकार करे तो पीड़ित पक्ष अदालत में जाकर अपनी वैवाहिक अधिकारों की माँग कर सकता है। और दोषित पक्ष पर जुर्माने के रूप में अदालत संपत्ति ज़ब्ती का आदेश भी दे सकती है। भारत के विविध वैवाहिक कानूनों में इसकी अनुमति है। एक जनहित याचिका में इन क़ानूनी प्रावधानों के ख़िलाफ़ शिकायत की गई है कि इससे व्यक्ति की निजता और सम्मान का उल्लंघन होता है। कि कोई व्यक्ति अपने पति या पत्नी के साथ वैवाहिक सम्बंध नहीं बनाना चाहता तो उस पर क़ानूनी ज़बरदस्ती नहीं करनी चाहिए]
  • Election: Filmstar in South Indian politics: 1970s: film star M G Ramachandran had used his fan base to launch the AIADMK. 2) TAMIL superstar Rajinikanth also had political ambitions but stops his political platform Tamil Makkal Mandram (because of old age and fatigue) 3) Kamal Haasan also started a political platform but yet to achieve desired success. हालाँकि दक्षिण भारत में फ़िल्म स्टार राजनीति में काफ़ी सफलता हासिल कर लेते है, न्रजनीकांत ने एक राजनीतिक संगठन तो बनाया था लेकिन उम्र और थकावट के चलते राजनीति से निकल जाने का फ़ैसला किया है
  • Federalism: National Human Rights Commission (NHRC)’s committee remarked- “WEST Bengal has “law of ruler” rather than “rule of law”. Mamata Banerjee government accused of subjecting “thousands of its citizens to murder, rape, displacement and intimidation, etc. in the last couple of months” राष्ट्रीय मानवाधिकार आयोग की समिति ने पाया कि पश्चिम बंगाल में क़ानून का नहीं शासक का शासन है
  • Pressure-Groups: Animal Welfare Board of India send a letter to Government officials in UT of JK to Stop illegal killing/sacrifices of cows/calves, camels & other animals in the UT of J&K during Bakr Eid festival scheduled from 21-23 July 2021. Some Muslim leaders unhappy that such directive infringe upon their religious freedom and their personal law, causing them great anguish” [पशु कल्याण बोर्ड ने ई जम्मू कश्मीर के सरकारी महकमें को सूचित किया है कि बकर ईद के दौरान पशुओं के वध को रोका जाए। हालाँकि कुछ मुस्लिम नेताओं ने इस पर आपत्ति जतायी है कि यह धार्मिक स्वतंत्रता पर मोदी सरकार का हस्तक्षेप है]
  • Pressure-Groups: Secularism in European Union: EU court rules that “COMPANIES MAY ban Muslim employees from wearing a headscarf. Because employer’s freedom to conduct a business and the wish to project a neutral to customers is more important than secularism. A prohibition on wearing any visible form of expression of political, philosophical or religious beliefs in the workplace may be justified by the employer’s need to present a neutral image towards customers or to prevent social disputes. यूरोप में कोई कंपनियां/दुकानदार अपने कर्मचारियों को बुर्क़ा पहनने से रोक सकता है अगर दुकानदार को डर लगता हो कि अन्यथा ग्राहकों में मेरी छवि निष्पक्ष नहीं रहेगी/ ग्राहक इस प्रकार के धार्मिक कर्मचारियों को देखकर दुकान से चले जाएंगे। यूरोपीय संघ के सर्वोच्च न्यायालय ने भी इस सिद्धांत को जायज़ ठहराया – यानी की यूरोप में दुकानदार का धंधा/व्यवसाय का अधिकार, उसके कर्मचारी के धार्मिक स्वातंत्र्य के अधिकार से ज़्यादा महत्वपूर्ण है
  • zz_JUNK⚾️?⚾: ⚾️?⚾️?✋ economist Jene Dreze was running some column about “if Aadhaar card is lost then it is very difficult to get a new copy.” Then UIDAI came up with a counter column about how it is possible to retrieve it / get new copy. poor cost benefit.So I am taking the risk of ignoring it.
  • zz_JUNK⚾️?⚾: ⚾️?⚾️?✋Kerala High Court judgement about Christian Convent Laws in Sister Lucy case. From exam point of view, poor cost benefit so, I am taking the risk of ignoring it.
  • zz_JUNK⚾️?⚾: ⚾️?⚾️?✋Supreme Court on struck down certain provisions of the Tribunals Reforms (Rationalisation and Conditions of Service) Ordinance, 2021 relating to minimum age requirement of 50 for appointment as Chairperson or Members and fixing their tenure at four years. But microscopic GS development, poor cost benefit.So I am taking the risk of ignoring it. परीक्षा की तैयारी में फ़ायदे-नुक़सान के नज़रिए से मुझे ये कुछ ख़ास जम नहीं रहा इसलिए मैं इसको नज़रअंदाज़ कर रहा हूँ

Mrunal’s Current Affairs Weekly- International Relation (IR) from July Week3

  • 3B-Intl-Org ?: G-7 LEADERS proposed Build Back Better World (B3W). To counter China’s rising influence across 100-plus countries through Belt Road Initiative (BRI) projects
  • Summit/Agreement-Bilateral: THE US Senate passed law to ban the import of products from China’s Xinjiang region, to punish China for its ongoing genocide against Uyghurs and other Muslim groups. चीन के जीन जियांग प्रांत से आने वाले सामान की आयात पर अमेरिकी सेनेट ने लगाया प्रतिबंध क्योंकि वहाँ मुसलमानों का नरसंहार को रहा है
  • Summit/Agreement-India: India’s Afghanistan investment / Soft Diplomacy: 1) SALMA DAM: in Herat province (2016). Also known as the Afghan-India Friendship Dam. 2) ZARANJ-DELARAM HIGHWAY: Zaranj is located close to Afghanistan’s border with Iran. This highway is meant to provide access to Indian exports in Afghanistan and Central Asia via Iran through Iran’s Chabahar port. 3) Afghan Parliament in Kabul was built by India at $90 million. 4) STOR PALACE building for offices of ministers. 5) Afghan people who lost their limbs in land-mines, are fitted with India-made Jaipur Foot. अफ़ग़ानिस्तान में भारत ने ये सब चीज़ों में निवेश किया है ताकि उनके लोगों का विश्वास संपादन और सके

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