• 5-Infra-Transport⚓️: China unveiled a maglev train capable of a top speed of 600 kmph = the fastest ground vehicle globally. [चीन की मैग्लेव ट्रेन विश्व का सबसे तेज़ वाहन, जो ६०० किलोमीटर की रफ़्तार से चलेगा]
  • 6-Corona?: Human visible light ranges from 380–700 nanometres (1 nm is a billionth part of a metre). UV radiation covers a wavelength range of 100-400 nm. UV is divided into three bands: UV-C (100-280 nm), UV-B (280-315 nm) and UV-A (315-400 nm). UV-A and UV-B rays from the Sun are transmitted through the atmosphere while UV-C is filtered by the ozone layer. UV-B rays can only reach the outer layer of our skin, can cause sunburn, and are also associated with skin cancer. UV-A rays can penetrate the middle layer of the skin and can cause ageing of cells and indirect damage to cells’ DNA. UV-C radiation from man-made sources has been known to cause skin burns and eye injuries. UV-C radiation (wavelength around 254 nm) has been used for decades to disinfect the air in hospitals, laboratories, and water treatment. But these are usually done in unoccupied rooms as they can cause health problems. IIT-Kanpur, who developed a portable disinfectant device that used UV-C radiation (222-254 nm), noted that the device was specifically developed to disinfect non-living things. UV-C radiation used in this device could be harmful to the skin and eyes of the living beings। [अल्ट्रावायलेट किरणों की मदद से विषाणुओं को मारने की नई मशीन ईजाद की है IIT कानपुर ने]
  • Disaster: Mausam, Umang, Damini, Meghdoot = name of the applications and software used by IMD for forecasting weather. An Indian weather forecaster’s calendar has four parts — 1) March to May (heat waves and cyclones); 2) June to September (rain and floods); 3) October to December (cyclones and rain); 4) JanuaryFebruary (cold waves).
  • Social Media?: Dangers of AI: voice-cloning technology = allows the computer to mimic the voice of a person. A documentary filmmaker used voicecloning software for a dead chef’s movie. This has drawn criticism amid ethical concerns about use of the powerful technology that can transform text into realistic-sounding human speech. They have potential to fuel misinformation and political conflict and riots. [कंप्यूटर की मदद से मृत व्यक्ति के आवाज़ की नक़ल बनायी जा रही है और उसे फ़िल्म में डबिंग के लिए इस्तेमाल हो रहा है. भविष्य में इस प्रकार से कंप्यूटर द्वारा आवाज़ की नक़ल का राजनीति प्रोपगेंडा/ दंगे फैलाने में दुरुपयोग हो सकता]
  • Space-Tech??‍?: Dutch citizen Oliver Daemen = TO BE YOUNGEST PERSON IN SPACE. He’ll fly in BLUE ORIGIN SPACEFLIGHT with Jeff Bezos (Amazon founder) २) First person in space: Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin (1961) [अंतरिक्ष में जाने वाला सबसे पहला व्यक्ति और सबसे नौजवान व्यक्ति]
  • Space-Tech??‍?: Hubble Space Telescope: 1) 1990- launched and Named after the astronomer Edwin Hubble. 2) Developed out more than 15 lakh observations that have been used to publish around 18,000 research papers. 2) captures images of deep space 3) NASA also allows anyone from the public to search the Hubble database for which new galaxy it has captured. 4) was put into ‘safe mode’, because technical problems with the Power Control Unit (PCU) [हबल अंतरिक्ष टेलीस्कोप तकनीकी ख़राबी के चलते कुछ दिन बंद था लेकिन वापस शुरू हो गया है]
  • Space-Tech??‍?: Space tourism: Amazon Founder Jeff Bezo’s Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket for space travel. Unlike virgin Galactic companies Richard Branson’s rocket requires manual human pilot. But Jeff Bezos’ rocket is completely automated and required no official staff on board for the up-and-down flight, It reached an altitude of about 106 km, over 16 km higher than Branson’s plane. [अंतरिक्ष पर्यटन के लिए जेफ़ बिजोस का नया यान, जिसमें पायलट की ज़रूरत नहीं होती वह अपने आप उड़ता है और उतरता है]

Places & Persons in News

  • History-Medieval: Medieval history: ARCHAEOLOGICAL Survey of India (ASI) has removed plaques in Rajsamand district’s Rakta Talai that said Rajput forces had to retreat during Maharana Pratap’s battle with Mughal emperor Akbar in 1576. Rajput community had claimed the plaques contained “historically wrong” information. [राजपूत समाज के विरोध के बाद पुरातत्व विभाग ने एक तखती को हटा दिया जिसमें ये लिखा था मुग़ल बादशाह अक़बर के ख़िलाफ़ युद्ध में महाराणा प्रताप की फ़ौज ने पीछे हट की थी।]
  • Appointment: Appointment Rajya Sabha: १) BJP leader Piyush Goyal appointed the Leader of the House in the Rajya Sabha. He replaced Thaawarchand Gehlot, who has been appointed as Governor of Karnataka। २) Union Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi appointed as Deputy Leader of the House in the Rajya Sabha. He succeeds Piyush Goyal, who has been named Leader of the House in Rajya Sabha. [राज्यसभा में सदन के नेता के रूप में पीयूष गोयल की नियुक्ति]
  • Appointment: Appointment: NEPAL- new PRIME Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba. क्या नेपाल में राजनीतिक प्रचंड धमाल का अंत हो गया?
  • Books-Authors: Book: Economist Kaushik Basu’s Policymaker’s Journal: From New Delhi to Washington DC
  • Books-Authors: Book: Journalist Vir Sanghvi his biography: A Rude Life.
  • Death: Death: Actress Surekha Sikri: Famous for Govind Nihalani’s Tamas and Shyam Benegal’s Mammo, which won her National Film Awards.
  • Death: Death: DANISH SIDDIQUI, a Pulitzer Prize-winning Indian photojournalist for news agency Reuters, was killed while covering clashes between Afghan security forces and the Taliban.
  • Death: Death: Gautam Benegal – Filmmaker, designer and artist .
  • Death: Death: GIRA SARABHAI, architect, designer, founder of the National Institute of Design (NID) and creator of the Calico Museum of Textiles, died in Ahmedabad

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