[AnswerKey] UPSC Prelims-2020: Polity & International Relations (IR) MCQs Solved with Explanation along with Faaltu-ki Controversies over debatable MCQs

Polity in UPSC Prelims-2020 Compared to previous papers Polity Strategy / Roadmap for UPSC Prelims & Mains 2021 Polity: Theory- How to prepare Polity Contemporary Issues (2 Years & older) Polity Current Affairs (last 1 year, D-1) Polity for [...]

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[AnswerKey] UPSC Prelims-2020: History, Art-Culture, Freedom Struggle MCQs Solved with Explanation: Medieval Dictionary Terms का आतंक ?

Compared to previous papers History & Culture: Prelim-cum-Mains-2021 Strategy for UPSC Art and Culture for Prelims Freedom Struggle Strategy for Prelims Mains Strategy and Topic Wise Papers for History & Culture ✋Ignore Nitin Singhania's book on Art and Culture [...]

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[AnswerKey] UPSC Prelims-2020: Science-Tech MCQs Solved with Explanation: Guessmaster-giri of “D/All Correct”- How useful? + Difficulty & Multi-statement MCQ का आतंक ??

Science-tech= "D" Option Guess-mastergiriTM Trend analysis of the Sci-Tech Qs in UPSC prelim exams? Was the paper more friendly towards the IIT-JEE/NEET crowd? "General Science observation" APOLOGISTs & their SAPNA Theory Utility of theHindu newspaper? Utility of current affairs [...]

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[AnswerKey] UPSC Prelims-2020: Agriculture MCQs Solved with Explanation: Agro MCQs increased Number & difficulty, Multi-statement MCQ का आतंक

UPSC Prelim-2020 Answerkey: Agriculture section How to prepare Agriculture for UPSC Prelims-2021? How to prepare Agriculture for UPSC Mains-2021 (GSM3)? Excessive BHAKTI of Kurukshetra? Utility of theHindu? Agri: Fertilizer related (2 MCQ) Agri: Crop Types/Production MCQs (2 MCQ) Cropping [...]

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[AnswerKey] UPSC Prelims-2020: Economy with Explanation: Medium difficulty but Multi-statement MCQ का आतंक, yet not too much deviation than to last year

UPSC Prelim-2020 Answerkey: Economy section Strategy for UPSC Prelims and Mains-2021's Economy Portion Strategy for Prelims-2021: Economy, Schemes, Yearbook What if i don’t want to join Mrunal's paid economy course Pillar#1A1: Money - Evolution & Types Pillar#1A2: Money & [...]

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[Download] UPSC Prelims 2020 General Studies Paper1: Sorted Topicwise /Subjectwise. Answerkeys pending. Cut-off Prediction/speculation = woh mein kartaa nhi.

Prologue Economy & Government Schemes Agriculture Environment Geography History: Ancient / Medieval / Culture History:Freedom Struggle Polity and Governance IR/Defense Science Tech Prologue: UPSC Prelims 2020: paper-1 Today UPSC Conducted the Civil Services IAS/IPS Prelims Exam. This is just [...]

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Errors in UPSC Prelims-2019 Answerkeys by Vajiram, VisionIAS, InsightsIndia, Mrunal & Others

Prologue: Errors in Private Institutes' Prelims Answerkeys Polity CSP19-Error: Land Reforms CSP19-Error: Legislative Assembly CSP19-Error: Minor Minerals CSP19-Error: Crop Burning Environment CSP19-Error: Crop Burning CSP19-Error: Ramsar Sites CSP19-Error: H-CNG CSP19-Error: Environment Protection Act CSP19-Error: Indian Forest Act, 1927 Science [...]

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[Answerkey] Prelim-2017: Environment, Agriculture & Geography MCQs solved with explanation & Guessmaster-giri for all four sets (A,B,C,D)

Prologue Environment and Biodiversity [14 MCQs] Flora Fauna (7 MCQs) Pollution and Clean Energy (4 MCQ) Environment: Obscure Intl. bodies (3 MCQs) Agriculture [5 MCQs] AGRO: Schemes (2 MCQs) AGRO: irrigation & cultivation practices (1 MCQ) AGRO: Genetic Engineering [...]

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[Answerkey] UPSC Prelim-2016: Paper-2 Comprehension, Assumption, Inference, Corollary, Conclusion- solved with explanations

CSAT Paper-II comprehension: Observation Preparing inference-assumption for Prelim 2017? BRIEF THEORY SETs: Assumption-inference INFERENCE: Food security and biodiversity INFERENCE: Climate adaptation INFERENCE: Biodiversity is water purifier? INFERENCE: Needs form basis of society INFERENCE: Agriculture GHG INFERENCE: Diet for 2050 [...]

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[Answerkey] UPSC Prelim-2016: Environment, Agriculture, Geography, Flora-Fauna, Summits, with Explanations for all CSAT Sets A, B, C and D

Environment Biodiversity compared to last year UPSC Road ahead for Environment, biodiversity Conclusion: 2016 GS Paper- overall current and toughness Environment: International Treaties / Org: 10 MCQs Environment: National Schemes/Yearbook type: 6 MCQs Environment: Flora-Fauna: 5 MCQs Geography and [...]

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[Answerkey] UPSC Prelim-2016: Polity, Science-Tech MCQs Solved with explanations for all CSAT Sets A, B, C and D

Science-Tech: Compared to Last year Road-ahead for Science-Tech preparation Sci-Tech: ICT related Sci-Tech: Space Mission Sci-Tech: Medicine Related Polity: Compared to last year Road ahead for Polity Polity: The Union & Parliament Polity: State and Local Administration  Polity: Yearbook [...]

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