[Answerkey] Economy, Yearbook MCQs from UPSC CPF/CAPF 2012 for all booklets(A,B,C,D)

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Economy Yearbook Economy 1. Which one among the following is the correct descending sequence of India’s import of Commodities in terms of value? Capital Goods—Electronic Goods—Food Products —Fertilizers Fertilizers—Food Products —Electronic Goods —Chemicals Capital Goods—Electronic Goods—Food Products—Chemicals Electronic Goods—Capital Goods—Fertilizers —Food Products From Economic Survey 2012 Chapter 7, page 13 Item Approx % share in Import in 2011-12 Capital goods … Read More


[Answerkey] International Relations, Persons in News(PIN), Misc.GK from UPSC CAPF/CPF 2012 exam

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Diplomacy/IR Persons in News (PIN), Sports, Misc GK Diplomacy/International Relations (IR) 1. Which of the following was/were the essence of the peace-building efforts of the United Nations from 1980s onwards? To resolve underlying disputes between the belligerents To monitor arms control agreements Providing development assistance to maintain peace Select the correct answer using the code given below 1 2 12 … Read More


[Answerkey] Science MCQs of UPSC CPF/CAPF 2012 with explanation for all booklets (a,b,c,d)

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Science: Internal Breakup Science: Theory based (Static) Science: Current Affairs based (aka Science-Tech) Science: Internal breakup Theory based 12 Current affairs based 4 Total (science) out of 125 16 Science: Theory based (Static) 1. When an iron nail is dipped in a solution of copper sulphate, the iron nail becomes brownish in colour and the blue colour of copper sulphate … Read More


[Answerkey] Aptitude (Maths/DI/Reasoning) of UPSC CPF/CAPF 2012 with explanation for all booklets

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Aptitude/General Intelligence: Internal Breakup Maths/Quantitative Aptitude Data Interpretation Reasoning Clock Calendar-Leap years Arrangement Direction Test Odd men out Assumption –Implied Remaining sections of CPF 2012 Paper Aptitude/General Intelligence: Internal Breakup Maths/Quantitative aptitude 3 Data interpretation 4 Reasoning 13 Total 20 Maths/Quantitative Aptitude 1. A and B take part in 100 meters race, where A beats B by 10 meters. To … Read More


[APFC] Answerkey for APFC 2012, with Explanation, sources and analysis for All 4 series A,B,C,D Booklets

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Comments closed, because New Forum created: forum.Mrunal.org To the APFC aspirants, Discussions via webpage comments= difficult, because every time you’ve to scroll down the page. It becomes hard to keep track of comments made by others. Therefore, I’ve created a separate forum, to make it convenient. For the APFC interview preparation, goto following thread and continue your discussions. https://mrunal.org/forum/discussion/1/apfcepfo-interview-discussion There … Read More


[Topicwise-Analysis] General Studies paper-1 (Mains) 2010

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Marks distribution (out of 362) % wise importance given to each topic History Development,Policy-making,Administration,Yearbook etc Polity Geography,environment and disaster Management Science and Tech Art,culture and sports Economy People in News Conclusions On the side note, here are the brief answers for the frequently asked questions: Marks distribution (out of 362) Topic Total Marks History 36 Policy & Development 73 Polity … Read More