Errors in UPSC Prelims-2019 Answerkeys by Vajiram, VisionIAS, InsightsIndia, Mrunal & Others

Prologue: Errors in Private Institutes' Prelims Answerkeys Polity CSP19-Error: Land Reforms CSP19-Error: Legislative Assembly CSP19-Error: Minor Minerals CSP19-Error: Crop Burning Environment CSP19-Error: Crop Burning CSP19-Error: Ramsar Sites CSP19-Error: H-CNG CSP19-Error: Environment Protection Act CSP19-Error: Indian Forest Act, 1927 Science [...]

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[Answerekey] UPSC Pre19: Overall Impressions: Less Tough Less Lengthy Less CA than 2018, & Solution to Geography MCQs

Prelims-2019-GS: Overall Observations Less Time Consuming than Previous Exams Lowest Current Affairs from (D-1) Year 2019’s Paper was less tough than 2018 Unknown Facts about familiar Topics Solve Old Papers Topicwise 2019’s paper has less opportunities for Guessmasters Geography [...]

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[Answerkey] UPSC Prelim-2019: Environment & Agriculture. Intl.Org’s ‘About Us’ Lunacy over, Guessmaster-giri receding, R&D Prem-resurfaces.

Observation / Analysis about Environment in Prelims-19 How to prepare Environment and biodiversity for Prelims – 2020? How to prepare Agriculture for Prelims – 2020? Answerkey-2019: Environment & Biodiversity Parks & Sanctuaries Flora Fauna Afforestation Environmental Research Development (R&D) [...]

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[Answerkey] UPSC Prelim-2019: Economy is relatively easier than last year, No Budget-Taxation FancySchemes or Apps

Observation / Analysis about Economy in Prelims-19 Strategy for Prelims-2020: Economy, Schemes, Yearbook Answerkey-2019: Eco-Pillar#1: Banking Finance Answerkey-2019: Eco-Pillar#2: Fiscal Policy & Bodies Answerkey-2019: Eco-Pillar#3: BoP & International Trade Answerkey-2019: Eco-Pillar#4A: Agriculture Answerkey-2019: Eco-Pillar#4: Sectors of Economy Answerkey-2019: Eco-Pillar#4: [...]

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[Answerkey] UPSC Prelim-2019: History & Culture, All Sets with Explanations, Analysis. Tougher but Less Lunatic than last year.

Observation / Analysis about History-Culture in Prelims-19 Prelim-cum-Mains-2020 Strategy: History & Culture Old NCERTs = unnecessary Answerkey-2019: Ancient & Medieval India Answerkey-2019: Art Culture Religion Answerkey-2019: Freedom Struggle Observation / Analysis about History-Culture in Prelims-19 UPSC conducted civil services [...]

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[Answerkey] UPSC Prelim-2019: Science-Tech, All Sets with Explanations. ICT & Biotech-Prem continued, ISRO se breakup, Difficulty raised

Observation / Analysis about Sci-Tech in Prelims-19 UPSC Apologists and Science Avoiders Prelims-2020 Strategy: Science Theory Prelims-2020 Strategy: Science Current Affairs & Contemporary Affairs Answerkey for Prelims-2019 Science MCQs Science: Biology / Biotech (6 MCQ) Science Answerkey: ICT (4 [...]

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