Geography Articles for UPSC General Studies (Mains) Paper 1

[Location Factors] Why Cotton & Textile industry developed in Osaka, Manchester, Lancashire, Mumbai, Ahmedabad

Cotton and textile industry Climate factors Mumbai, Maharashtra Osaka, Japan Industry Ahmedabad, Gujarat Coimbatore, Tamilnadu Manchester & Lancashire industry American cotton industry Chinese textile industry: Shanghai In the previous article, we saw the factors responsible for location of Lumber, [...]

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[Location Factors] Commercial Fishing Industry: Why concentrated in N.America, Europe, Norway & Japan?

Commercial fishing (Europe+America) VS Asia VS Southern Hemisphere Norway Japan Continuing the [Location Factor] articles series for UPSC General Studies paper 1. Commercial fishing: Location factors Why is commercial fishing developed in middle to higher latitudes of Northern hemisphere? [...]

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[Location Factors] Timber, Paper & Pulp Industry: why developed in Northern Hemisphere High Latitudes?

Prologue overview of factors Types of industries Timber Based industries Factor: raw material Factor: River Factor: River direction Lumbering on commercial scale: Canada commercial lumbering: temperate vs tropics Paper-Pulp Industry Commercial fishing (Europe+America) VS Asia VS Southern Hemisphere Norway [...]

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[Answerkey] CSAT 2013 GS: Geography: Physical, Indian, World Geography Questions solved with explanation, reference, all four sets (A,B,C,D)

Prologue Geography: Internal breakup World Geography Atlas Mountain Ranges Nomadic herders Indian geography (6Qs) Narmada Mica, Petrol and Gas Coal, Indian Agro related (2Q) Laterite Soil Crop seasons Tribals of India PHYSICAL Geography (5Qs) Knight and Day Fresh Water [...]

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[Culture] Tribals of India: Classification, Geographical Spread – For GS Mains Paper I (Culture + Human Geography)

Classification A: Based on Ethnicity Group I: Negritos Group II: The Mongoloid Group III: Mediterranean (Dravidians) Classification B: Based on Location Zone 1: Northern and North-Eastern Himachal Pradesh Uttar Pradesh Zone II: Central Bihar Rajasthan Gujarat and Maharashtra Madhya [...]

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