Geography Articles for UPSC General Studies (Mains) Paper 1

[Location Factors] Aluminium-Bauxite Refining, Smelting industries in India & Abroad

Aluminum industry: Foreign Locations Aluminum Industries: Desi Location Hindalco/ Birla Vedanta Aluminum Niyamgiri hills Aluminum To understand the reason behind location of aluminum refineries, first we need to understand how aluminum is produced from bauxite? Phase: bauxite to Alumina [...]

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[Location Factors] Automobile Industry -Detroit, Toyota, Sanand, Nano car & Shipbuilding

Automobile industry Detroit: Car Capital of World Detroit Bankruptcy Toyota-Nagoya region, Japan Sanand, Ahmedabad: the Nano Factory Shipbuilding industry Japanese Shipbuilding industry German Shipbuilding Mock Questions In the previous article, we saw the geographical factors affecting the location of [...]

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[Location Factors] Steel Plants in North & South India, Pittsburge USA, Ruhr Valley Germany

Steel Based Industrial Regions USA, Great Lakes-Pittsburg region Canada: St Lawrence Valley Germany, Ruhr Valley Britain: Birmingham, Midlands Sweden, Central region CIS: Ural region China: Steel industry China: Backyard Furnaces Integrated vs Mini steel plants Desi (Indian) Steel Plants [...]

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[Location Factors]: Iron-Coal based industries, & Industrial inertia for UPSC GS Mains Paper 1

Prologue Iron-coal industry Location factors Iron Industry: three locations #1: Near Forest #2: Near coal fields #3: Near coastal areas Factor: Empty Wagons Ural-Kuznetsk combine Bokaro Rourkela Combine The curious case of Cleveland Factor: Coking coal Shortage Factor: Technology [...]

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[Location Factors] Milk & Dairy industry in USA, Europe, New-Zealand : near & away from market

Dairy: Near & Away from Market Dairy: New-Zealand Dairy: Europe Dairy: Africa=non-existent Dairy: USA Regional specialization: ice cream/cheese/butter In the previous article, we discussed the geographical factors affecting the location of wheat and corn cultivation & allied industries. In this [...]

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