This category contains articles that have became irreverent after UPSC syllabus change in 2013 and or those articles that require further elaboration to handle new variety of questions in the exam

[Economic Survey Ch2] Demographic Dividend, Employment, Labour reforms, gist of

Demographic Dividend? Why jobs are not created? Problem#1: MSME Problem: Bureaucratic procedures Problem: Infra bottlenecks Problem: Getting finance Problems in Debt (borrow) method Problem in Equity (partnership, IPO, shares) finance Labour laws Case#1: downsizing Case #2: Shifting business Rigid [...]

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[Economy] Rangarajan Gas Pricing, Production Sharing Contract (PSC), APM, Non-APM, issues, recommendations

Introduction What is Production Sharing Contract(PSCs) ? Royalty-tax regime Problems faced by Oil/Gas exploration companies CAG-Audit Present Gas Pricing Mechanism 1. Administered Pricing Mechanism (APM) 2. Non-APM Criticism on Rangarajan’s gas pricing Summary points Introduction Rangarajan is a noted [...]

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[Economy] SEBI-Sahara OFCD case: Optionally fully-convertible debentures- Meaning explained

What is Debenture? Difference between Bonds and Debentures? Types of Debentures What is Optionally fully-convertible debentures (OFCD)? 2008-09: The game begins 2011: SEBI Order 2012: Supreme Court hearing Order of Supreme Court Government’s response SEBI ordinance What is Debenture? [...]

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