This category contains articles that have became irreverent after UPSC syllabus change in 2013 and or those articles that require further elaboration to handle new variety of questions in the exam

[Economic Survey Ch11] Infrastructure (Part 1 of 2): Coal, Gas, Fuel Sharing Agreement (FSA), gas hydrate, oil shale

Prologue Infra India Infrastructure Finance Company Limited (IIFCL) Elasticity of energy use Consumption pattern Energy Pricing Petroleum products pricing Gas pricing Coal Pricing Coal Sector Types of Coal Peat Lignite / Brown coal Bituminous/ Black-Coal Anthracite / hard coal [...]

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[Economic Survey Ch10] (Part 5 of 5) Railways: Anubhuti, Spart, Project Unigauge, Budget, World Heritage

Introduction British Legacy: Railways Gauges Project UniGauge Bigger to smaller PSU under Railways ministry Konkan Railways Separation of Railway budget UNESCO World heritage: Indian Railways Trains: Luxury Trains: normal Railway Police Metro Rail Amendment Act 2009 Kisan Vision Project [...]

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[Economic Survey Ch10] (Part 4 of 5) Services: Road Transport, Shipping, Aviation, sethusamudram, FANS, Greenfield airports

Roads Width of National highways Org 4 highway construction Where does NHDP get money? BRO Central Road Fund Bharat Nirman Rural Housing Roads Electrification Telephone Connectivity Drinking Water Irrigation. Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY) 12th FYP: Road Transport [...]

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[Economic Survey Ch10] (Part 3 of 5) Telecommunication and IT: E-Nayana, BOSS, SAMEER, NIXI

Communication Telecom Tele-density Important org under DoT TRAI TSDAT National Telecom Policy (NTP) 2012 National policy on Electronics, 2012 USOF National optical fiber network National e-governance plan (NeGP) SWAN Common services centres State data centres e-district MSDG INDG Electronic [...]

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[Economic Survey Ch9] Industrial performance, E-biz, Invest India, Manufacturing Policy, OBICUS, ASI

Index: IIP vs WPI vs CPI Survey: OBICUS vs ASI Industrial Licensing Nitrocellulose Hydrocyanic acid Phosgene Methyl Isocyanate (MIC) Industries reserved: IEM Boosting Industrial sector National Manufacturing Policy (NMP) 2011: Objectives E-Biz Project Invest India Circular 1 of 2013 [...]

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[Economic Survey Ch7] International Trade, FTA, PTA, ASIDE, E-BRC, CEPA vs CECA Difference Explained

Baltic Dry Index (BDI) India’s Chief import exports Market Diversification Top three trading partners Trade surplus / deficit? WTO Negotiations and India Trade agreements PTA FTA Customs Union Common Market Economic union CEPA vs CECA India’s trade agreements Trade [...]

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[Economic Survey Ch5] Financial Intermediaries: Banks, RRBs, NBFCs (Part 3 of 3)

Prologue Banks and interest rates Rural Banking: Background Government’s action Timeline: Banking in rural areas After independence Why RRB? How is RRB different from commercial banks? Rural Infrastructure Development Fund (RIFD) Financial Inclusion Swabhimaan scheme Ultra Small Branches SHG [...]

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[Economic Survey Ch5] Financial Intermediaries: Capital Market: External Commercial Borrowing (ECB), AIF, QFI, FII, FDI, FSDC (part 2 of 3)

Financial market Primary market: importance? Reform: ECB What is ECB? Who can borrow? Reforms in ECB? Reform: IDR fungibility What is ADR? What is IDR? IDR: Two way fungibility? Reform: FDI vs FII definition FII inflow increased FII reform? [...]

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[Economic Survey Ch5] Financial Intermediaries: Insurance Sector: issues, reforms, Bancassurance, FDI (part 1 of 3)

Introduction Insurance: intro Insurance Penetration Insurance density FDI in insurance Insurance amendment bill 2008 What is Bancassurance? Example of Bankcassurance Bancassurance: pros and cons Chindu’s revival package for insurance sector Chindu’s Budget speech: Insurance Reforms New branches Banks as [...]

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