[RTI] No Changes in Age-Attempt-Structure of Civil Service Exam, Both UPSC & Personnel Ministry confirm they’ve ignored protests by aspirants outside parliament in Dec 2013

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UPDATE: 10 Feb 2014: Central Government approved TWO Extra attempts. Click me for more Old information below: Prologue Personnel Ministry on Anti-UPSC protests Government did receive petitions Minister’s reply in Rajya Sabha= We’ll change nothing No new Committee about this UPSC on Parliament protests for age-attempt relaxation UPSC has not responded to these groups UPSC has formed no Committee to … Read More


[RTI] UPSC afraid candidates won’t take English & language papers seriously, hence refuses to tell minimum passing marks, Mains-2013 Result in March-April 2014

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Minimum Passing marks in English & Language papers Principle used to fix minimum passing marks in Mains? Candidates selected for Mains (Categorywise) Attendance in Mains-2013 Tentative Result dates for Mains-2013 Re-evaluation of Mains answersheet? Absence in one of the papers=Disqualification? Had filled this RTI on 16th December 2013, received reply yesterday (20 January 2014) Minimum Passing marks in English & … Read More


[RTI] UPSC earns 15 crores, spends 1.4 crores in litigation, gives 1.7 crore as salary, but keeps no record of defeats and fines imposed by CIC

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Nothing much important here. Just for public record. Matter #1: Income and Expenditure of UPSC Matter #2: RTI applications & fines by CIC Matter #1: Income and Expenditure of UPSC For the financial year 2012-13 (i.e. 1 April to 31 March), I seek following information: Total money allotted by government to UPSC Rs. 146.53 Crores Total income of UPSC from … Read More


Personnel Ministry releases Marksheets of 2012 Civil Service Toppers with scores in individual papers-Essay, GS1, GS2, Opt1, Opt2 and Interview

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(Article not important as such) but posting for the archive record, because government site arbitrarily remove files from their servers. Earlier UPSC had released the list of marks for 2012’s Toppers. Click me. But that list did not contain marks in individual papers (i.e. essay, GS1, GS2, Optional 1 and Optional 2). RTI adventures did not bear fruits. However, Personnel Ministry … Read More


[RTI] UPSC will be uploading all the question papers of Mains-2013 on their website soon

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Update: question papers have been uploaded on the official Page of UPSC http://www.upsc.gov.in/questionpaper/2013.htm#PageTop Prologue RTI question UPSC replies Prologue @to all those inquiring about engineering/literature/ any other question papers of Mains-2013 which are not available online, Long story cut short: yesterday I had filed online RTI to UPSC, seeking those questions papers for you and UPSC has replied that they … Read More


[RTI] Indian Forest Services (IFoS) Mains 2013- only 515 candidates wrote GK paper, only 714 filled up DAF

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This is courtesy of Mr.Alok Singh who appeared in this year’s IFoS mains exam and filed an RTI. Some interesting facts: (perhaps you already know) From CSAT 2013 (common prelims), 1061 candidates had qualified for the IFoS (Forest services) mains examination. But out of those 1061 qualified candidates, only 714 candidates bothered to fill up the Mains application form (DAF) … Read More


[Cutoffs] APFC/EPFO-2012, LIC AAO 2013, CAPF 2012 and RBI 2013

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APFC/EPFO 2012 cutoffs LIC AAO 2013 cutoffs CAPF-2012 related RTI RBI Grade “B” 2013 Cutoffs APFC/EPFO 2012 cutoffs Mr.Mukul Goyal had filled RTI via the newly launched portal http://rtionline.gov.in/, and received this information: Cutoffs for Assistant Provident Fund Commissioner (APFC) exam for the Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO), Ministry of Labour, in 2012 Category UR OBC SC ST PH(Ortho) PH(Hearing) … Read More


UPSC gives takehome question paper with IFoS GK answerbooklet, less marks per question, no more 3 out of 4 options

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This year UPSC had combined the prelims for Civil Service Exam (CSE) and Indian Forest service exam (IFoS). But their mains were kept separate. IFoS has a combined question paper cum answer sheet (like UPSC plans to do for CSE-Mains2013). But a separate “take home” Questionpaper was also attached with this answer sheet. (so we can hope similar for Civil … Read More


[RTI] UPSC (indirectly) admits settingup bogus question in APFC/EPFO-2012 Written Exam &provides official answerkeys

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Those who had appeared in Assistant provident Fund commissioner Exam (APFC/EPFO) exam of UPSC: recall the Jim Yong Kim question. All four answer choices were set wrong. Finally UPSC admits (indirectly) in R.T.I that it was a wrong MCQ. See the answerkeys attached below, clearly mentions “items to be taken for scoring: 99 and No. of items dropped: 01” and … Read More


[RTI] UPSC explains why it can’t release the answerkey before “entire” examination process is over

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Prologue UPSC’s petition in Delhi HC UPSC’s grounds for seeking Relief against CIC’s order UPSC’s Prayer to Delhi HC Prologue Those who have been in this competition business long enough, know that whenever you file RTI to UPSC seeking answerkey for CSAT, IES, IFoS, CDS, CAPF, APFC or any exam, UPSC doesn’t give the answerkey saying “examination process is not … Read More


Some insights on medical tests /checkup for UPSC IAS/IPS civil service exam

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Today Manikandan Soundararajan will throw some light on how medical tests are actually conducted for IAS/IPS exam and share his UPSC interview experience with us. By the way, medical-standards are given in this PDF file click me Medical Checkup Medical tests conducted Doctor’s final report Interview: Outside the Hall: Procedures Profile of the candidate Question answers Medical Checkup Had my … Read More


[RTI] UPSC doesn’t comply with CIC’s order, goes to Delhi Highcourt to protect CSAT 2012 answerkeys

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Let’s recap the previous episodes: I had asked for CSAT 2012 answerkeys via R.T.I, but UPSC did not give it saying “examination process is not over.” (June 2012). I then appealed to CIC, and CIC ordered UPSC to give the answer key before examination process is over. (This happened on 1st March 2013). Click me for more But Today (30th … Read More