Some insights on medical tests /checkup for UPSC IAS/IPS civil service exam

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Today Manikandan Soundararajan will throw some light on how medical tests are actually conducted for IAS/IPS exam and share his UPSC interview experience with us. By the way, medical-standards are given in this PDF file click me Medical Checkup Medical tests conducted Doctor’s final report Interview: Outside the Hall: Procedures Profile of the candidate Question answers Medical Checkup Had my … Read More


[Yearbook] Universal Service Obligation Fund (USOF)

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What is it? What are the activities undertaken? Resources- where from? Timeline Why is it news? What is Universal Service Obligation Fund? There is a ‘Universal’ associated so obviously this must be one amongst the inclusive development strategies of the government. Here the idea is to provide universal access to telecom services, i.e., focus on providing telecom services to rural … Read More