[RTI] official answerkeys for CDS English, NDA General Ability, IES (GAT) for 2011, 2012

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Introduction This R.T.I was filled by a reader Mr. Rakesh Singh, seeking official answerkeys for various competitive exams held by UPSC in last five years. UPSC on its part, continued playing Lord Curzon, said we keep answerkeys for last two years only and in that too, 2012’s answerkeys denied in most cases citing “Exam process” is not yet finished. Anyways, … Read More


[RTI] How to file RTI to SSC Staff Selection Commission to know your score, OMR sheet (FCI, CGL)

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Those who’re unhappy with their result in any of the exams conducted by Staff Selection Commission (SSC), you can file RTI to SSC get your marks and OMR sheet. Step 1: Draft the application Either copy paste following thing in MS word, or manually write it on a plain paper. Your name and Address To, CPIO, Staff Selection Commission (SSC) … Read More


[RTI] UPSC destroys mains answersheets, shows prelim marks of Prince Dhawan, keeps lid on Nigvekar Committee & Optional Subject removal

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Scores of Toppers in Civil Service (Mains)-2011 Categorywise Highest scores in CSAT paper I and  II? Highest scores in Mains Exam of 2011 Topper Scores in CSAT 2011 (GS+Aptitude) Mains Answersheets of toppers in CSM 2011 Optional subject removal, Nigavenkar Committee Report Answerkeys for truckload of allied exams Indian Forest Service (IFS) Epilogue Scores of Toppers in Civil Service (Mains)-2011 … Read More


[RTI] APFC-2012: No. of Applicants Categorywise, Jim Yong Kim Booklet “D”, Answerkeys (Not given)

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Regarding the APFC-2012 exam, I had filed this R.T.I last month and received reply today. Here it is No. of Applicant for APFC-2012 Exam (Categorywise) No. of Rejected Applications in APFC exam Answerkeys for APFC exam Wrong answer options for Jim Yong Kim questions Decision regarding Wrong answer in “D” booklet No. of Applicant for APFC-2012 Exam (Categorywise) Q1. Please … Read More


[RTI] Official Answerkeys for CSAT 2011 received (all 4 Series: A,B,C,D)

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here are the Official Answerkeys for CSAT 2011 that I received today through RTI, Click on the following links to see them Answerkeys: CSAT 2011 Paper I (General Studies) (Series A) (Series B) (Series C) (Series D) Answerkeys: CSAT 2011 Paper II (Aptitude) (Series A) (Series B) (Series C) (Series D) But answer-keys are meaningless without question papers! so here … Read More


[RTI] Seeking OMR answersheets from UPSC: CSAT-2012 failed candidates, How to file appeal against CPIO’s order to FAA

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Introduction Stage 1: Central Public Information Officer (CPIO) Stage 2: The First Appellate Authority (FAA) Stage 3: Central Information Commission (CIC) Procedure of filing First Appeal (FAA) Readymade Appeal to FAA (for Stage 2) Procedure after FAA (stage 3) Vendetta and revenge plotting by UPSC UPSC unnecessarily delays RTI replies Introduction Those of you, who wanted to file an RTI … Read More


[RTI] How to file RTI application to UPSC?: Those failed in CSAT-2012 and want to know their actual scores and “Official” cutoffs

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How to file RTI to know the score? Step 1: Copy paste the draft RTI application Step 2: IPO worth 10 Rupees. Step 3: Envelop UPSC has announced the CSAT-2012 result, Click on following link to see the PDF containing roll numbers of successful candidates https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B9AJvFSzIyiwYWgwZ01JX0xlQ3c Those of you, who [unfortunately] failed in the UPSC CSAT 2012 exam: there is … Read More


[RTI] UPSC replies: Mains answersheets, Removal of optional subjects and cut-offs at each stage of CSE 2011

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Prologue My Question: Model Answerpapers My Question on removal of optionals My Question on CSAT answerkeys My Question: CSE 2011 Cutoffs at each stage Scanned copy of RTI reply Prologue Earlier, some people had sent me scanned images of RTI replies related to CSAT 2011 cutoffs but some readers had said they were fake letters. I had some doubts myself … Read More