[Defense] Current Affairs compilation 2012-13: missiles, joint exercises, operations, organizations

Intro Defense exercises Missiles, weapons and vehicles Agni Aircraft destroyer Cruise Navy / Submarine Anti-Tank Tanks and artillery Rifles/ uniforms Indian Radars and Sonars Aircrafts Helicopters UAV/Drones Submarines Navy Ship Coast guard ships Coast guard vs Navy Navy: New [...]

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[Hindu Sci-Tech] Public Health, EnB related: Virtopsy, Vomitting Larry, Hydrogel, Mauritia (Jan Feb 2013)

Gardasil and Cervarix Vomiting Larry Acute flaccid paralysis (AFP) Virtopsy Health communication COPSS Award Mauritia DNA as a storage device Hydrogel Saliva functions Banana peel Bio-inspired technology Lizard : Adhesives Velcro: Maroolimatthai Porcupin: Surgical Patches Gardasil and Cervarix names [...]

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[Science] TheHindu Dec12: GRAIL, Asteroid Mining, MoonKAMs, Liquiglide, Oraquick and more Science-Tech for UPSC CSAT

Space related Asteroid Mining + Space Station Mercury Messenger GRAIL MoonKAMs Ebb and Flow, Sally Ride Science-Tech LiquiGlide Plastic light bulb Nuke Desalination plant MakerBot Replicator Switchblade Drone Element 113 Biology Biological Plough Redgram Handheld Dental X-ray Why skin [...]

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[Public Health] ENCODE, GPCR, LNT, Disease in Dish, RNTCP & other 2/5 markers from The Hindu S&T (Sept-Oct 2012)

Antibiotic resistance Super-spreading of Dengue Humanised mice RNTCP (Revised National TB Control Programme) Reproduction Spicy food and Tears G-protein–coupled receptors (GPCRs) Pineapple itching Blank Slate Cells / Reprograming Cells / Disease in Dish ENCODE project Single-dose drug cure for [...]

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[Science] SCOAP3, Electronic Nose, Baxter, Lytro

Electronic nose Bio-inspired microbot Nano-tech: Some new applications SCOAP3 Baxter Marconi vs Bose: Wireless Lytro Electronic nose Prototype electronic instrument. It can detect small quantities of harmful airborne substances. can be used for Batch to batch consistency during production. (perfumes, [...]

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