[Science] Nirbhay, NAG, NAMICA, Helina, LAHAT, Tropex-2012, RISAT, SPOT-6, Project, Glass and Glivec

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Some more Important Science and Tech topics for General Studies. Nirbhay NAG NAMICA Helina LAHAT Tropex-2012 Shoor Veer National Large Solar Telescope (NLST) RISAT 1 ISRO’s 100th mission Project Glass Glivec Nirbhay sub-sonic cruise missile Nirbhay is India’s equivalent of Tomahawk, a long-range, sub-sonic cruise missile, developed by the U.S. developed by Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) will travel … Read More


[Science] Mobile Tower Radiation and Steps taken by Government

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What is Mobile tower radiation Why is it in news? Inter-Ministerial Committee (IMC) on EMF Radiation. Timeline ICNIRP guidelines What is SAR? How and why does Mobile Radiation affect humans? Animals and Mobile Radiation? Steps taken by Environment Ministry What is Mobile tower radiation Mobile phone towers hold antennas and other communications equipment. They flood the area for miles around … Read More


[Energy] Thorium Mining vs. Policy on Exploitation of Beach Sand Minerals

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What is Department of Atomic Energy (DAE)? What is the Policy on Exploitation of Beach Sand Minerals? What is (DAE)? Department of Atomic Energy An independent Department directly under the Prime Minister. Mind it: This dept doesn’t fall under any other ministry such as Ministry of Power, or Ministry of Science and Technology – this is an important fact for … Read More


[Revision] Science-Tech Highlight from The Hindu 2011 G to N (Part II)

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Click Me if you didnot see Part I. Now continuing from where I had left… Gagan Nasa’s glory spacecraft Graphene Heartbeats Robot Bee colony Supercomputer Stem cell Earthquakes Power project Microwave CRT monitor flickering Moon ownership Nanotech for water filtering NICRA Ndm-1   Gagan GPS aided geo augmented navigation’ (gagan), a joint effort by the indian space research organisation and … Read More


[Revision] Science-Tech Highlights from The Hindu 2011 AF

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Note: This is very brief revision note for S&T portion of CSAT GS Paper I. I’m running out of time so the content is not properly classified and sentences are incomplete. Message to those feeling extremely stressed for 20th May :  Heroes may not be braver than anyone else. They’re just brave five minutes longer. Carburettor Biodiversity Muscle Artic vs … Read More