[Science-Tech] TheHindu June-July-Aug: (Part 3 of 3) IT, Nano, Space: National Cyber Security Policy, Wi-vi, IRNSS, ILC, Arihant Reactor

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Prologue IT Related #1: Internet.Org #2: FOIA Machine #3: PRISM program/NSA #4: Amazon E-selling #5: Cyber defense #6: National Cyber Security Policy-2013 #7: Google Person Finder #8: Misc Topics/Terms of IT Gadgets/Equipment/Electronics #1: -200° C refrigerator by IIT Madras #2: E-Ink, Electrophoretic display and Earl #3: 3-D printer #4: Wi-vi NanoTech related #1: Nano Batteries from Rice Husk #2: Nano … Read More


[Science-Tech] TheHindu June-July-Aug: (Part 1 of 3) Medical research, Healthcare, Disease, OPV-IPV, Cloning, Three-Person IVF, Monocrotophos, Mid Day meal deaths, Pioglitazone

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Prologue Diseases Related #1: Vaccine Derived Polio + Need for IPV #2: Malaria #3: Fluorosis #5: Iodised Salt #4: Migraine #5: Aspergillosis Research Related HeLa Cell-line Flu Related #1: H7N9 Bird flu: potential bioweapon? #2: MERC Coronavirus Lab grown organs #1: Lab-Grown: Meat #2: Lab-Grown: Tiny Brain #3: Lab-Grown: Liver Cloning John Lenon Three-person IVF / Mitochondria Transfer Cancer Immune … Read More


[Science-Tech] TheHindu (March2May) (Part 3 of 3): Space research, Electronics, Saturn Opposition, Herschel, Cartosat, GSLV MK3 & more

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Space Related Saturn opposition Extra-galactic Background Light (EBL) Microgravity and human survival Herschel retired GSLV MK3 Cartosat-3 Antares Rocket Electronics related Graphene and Harddisk A Boy and His Atom Quantum computer Hydrogen sensor for breedor reactors Increasing microprocessor speed Li-ion battery Misc Mock Questions MCQs for CSAT Preliminary Exam General Studies (Mains) Paper 1 General Studies (Mains) Paper 3 Space … Read More


[Science-Tech] TheHindu (March2May) (Part 2 of 3): Healthcare, Medical Research: Gene Patenting, Angelina Jolie, Double Mastectomy, H7N9, 3Nethra, Eye-PAC & more

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Viruses H7N9 H3N2 SARS like Coronavirus Drug research Influenza Vaccine Monoclonal antibody: curing blood cancer Gold nanoparticles for drug delivery ELQ-300 new Antimalarial drug Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) Zebrafish zygote Equipment/ devices 3Nethra: eye testing device Eye-PAC computing technology Cholangioscope E-cigarette LED’s effect on sleep Gene patenting Gene Patenting case Angelina Jolie’ double mastectomy Conspiracy/criticism Oily Skin Viruses H7N9 … Read More


[Science-Tech] TheHindu (March2May) (Part 1 of 3): Agriculture, Environment-Biodiversity, Silage, Salt Pump, Sagar Nidhi, El Nino Modoki & more

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Prologue Agriculture Caffeine NAA, IAA Plant hormones Potash fertilizer e-Velanmai Citrus greening Membrane transporters Silage Farm Ponds High density multi species cropping system SRI Rice cultivation High Density Planting (HDP) Ornamental fish farming Environment and Biodiversity (EnB) Climate / Geography related Salt Pump El Nino Modoki Monsoon: Tibetan Plateu and ENSO Ocean Related Sagar Nidhi Dynamic positioning system (DPS) Polymetallic … Read More


[Answerkey] CSAT 2013 GS: Science: Physics, Biology Questions solved with explanation, reference, all four sets (A,B,C,D)

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Prologue Internal breakup Biology Health related Tattoo Muscle contractions Virus Genetic Engineering Biology: Botany/Agro related Aflatoxin Fruits, Cold storage Seedlings Desert Leaf Physics Ball bearings Optical illusions Rainbow Forces of Nature Higgs Boson Prologue In UPSC CSAT 2013, General studies (GS) paper, 13 out of 100 questions were from Science. 2012 2013 9 13 Majority from physics Majority from biology. … Read More


[Public Health] Current Affairs 2012-13: Government schemes, Policies, Yearbook stuff (Part 1 of 3)

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Prologue Constitutional provisions FR DPSP Duties 7th Schedule Bills/ Laws Draft National Health Bill 2009. Transplantation of Human Organs (Amendment) Bill, 2009 PCPNDT 2004 NCHRH Bill 2011 Draft Mental Healthcare bill, 2012 Draft DNA profiling Bill, 2012 Policies National Population Policy 2000 (NPP) National Blood Policy, 2002 National Policy on NDPS 2012 National Pharmaceutical Pricing Policy (NPPP) 2012 Committees related … Read More


[Public Health] Current Affairs 2012-13: Diseases, Drugs and Research (Part 2 of 3)

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Universal Immunization program (UIP) India Declared Polio-Free Acute flaccid paralysis (AFP) Polio Virologist dead BIBCOL Integrated Vaccine Complex Penta-valent Vaccine JEEV Vector control Blindness control Leprosy Iodine AIDS control NACO NACP phases One Two Three Four Bridge Population Mother to Child AIDS: 12th FYP Goal Truvada Truvada: Issues/concerns OraQuick Home Red Ribbon Express (RRE) Anti-retro viral drugs Two types of … Read More


[Public Health] Current Affairs 2012-13: Mock Questions (Part 3 of 3)

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This is the third and last article, on Current affairs related to Public Healthcare. Part 1: Polity, laws, policies, bills, yearbook (schemes)+ any current affairs related to that. click me Part 2: Current affairs related to major diseases (AIDS, TB, Cancer, Heart), and other misc. science tech stuff from Hindu related to Healthcare. click me Part 3: Mock questions based … Read More


[Space Tech] Current Affairs Compilation 2012-13 for SSC CGL, UPSC CSAT

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Prologue The Basics Basic: What does ISRO do? Basics: ISS Basics: Tiangong and Shenzhou Basics: Atlantis Space shuttle Basics: Soyuz spacecraft Basics: spacewalking Basics: Dragon capsule Basics: Anti-satellite missiles Space programs: India India’s Launch Vehicles: PSLV vs GSLV India’s Satellites: IRS vs INSAT ISRO’s 100th mission India’s own GPS: IRNSS GAGAN Space Vision India 2025 Cryogenic Engine Chandrayaan-1 Mars Mission … Read More