Video lectures by Mrunal for competitive exams in India

[Economy Lecture1] Banking: Monetary Policy- Quantitative Tools: SLR, CRR, OMO, LAF, MSF, Repo rate & limitations

Prologue Lecture1: P1- Overview of Economy preparation Lecture1: P2- Banking Monetary Policy Lecture1: P3- Bank Rate, Repo Rate, LAF, MSF Lecture1: P4- Limitations of Monetary policy Prologue My economy lectures for UPSC-2015 batch have started at SPIPA, Ahmedabad (run [...]

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[Lecture] Economic Survey Chapter 1,2,3 & Budget- Taxation, Deficits, Subsidies MINUS Schemes

Prologue Part 1: Overview of Economic survey Part 2: Budget Taxation part Part 3: Budget Subsidies, Deficits FAQ Prologue My lectures on youtube, for the current Budget and Economic Survey. First lecture covered following: Economic Survey 2013: Chapter 1, 2 [...]

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[Statistics for GS] Continuous Data Series: Find Standard Deviation, MD,QD,Median and Mode (Youtube Videos)

Continuous Data : Find Mean (Average) Continuous Data: Find Median Continuous Data: Find Mode Continuous Data Find Quartile Deviation (QD) Continuous Data Series Find Mean Deviation (MD) Continuous Data Find Standard Deviation Ready Reference Chart Statistics Video Series Continuous [...]

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[Strategy] Gujarati Literature for UPSC Mains Exam: Previous Papers, Topicwise Booklist

This set of 4 videos, should clear most of the confusion regarding how to prepare Gujarati Literature, topicwise booklist etc. Here is the link: Links to individual videos: Video #1: History and Evolution of Gujarati Language Video #2: Medieval [...]

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