Video lectures by Mrunal for competitive exams in India

[Economy Lecture] 14th Finance Commission: 42% Verticle Tax Devolution & 5 Parameter Horizontal Tax Distribution, BTT, DTC, GAAR, PDMA revisited

Prologue L4/P4: PDMA, Curbing Black Money in Foreign & Desi Assets L4/P5: GAAR Delay, DTC dropped & BTT Forgotten L4/P6: 14th Finance Commission: Tax Devolution, 42% Share L4/P7: 14th Finance Commission: Grant in Aid for PRI & Disaster Management, [...]

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[Geography Lecture] Climatology Part-II: Jetstreams, Thunderstorms, Cyclones, El-nino & Climatic Regions of the World

Prologue G6/P4: Jet-streams, Airmass, Fronts G6/P5: Tropical and Temperature Cyclones- Development & Distribution G6/P6: Thunderstorm, Tornados, Polar Vortex, Cold Wave, El-Nino, La-Nina G6/P7: Climatic regions: Tropical Deserts, Temperate Grasslands, Tropical Monsoon Prologue These geography lectures are conducted by Ms. [...]

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[Geography Lecture] Climatology: Atmosphere, Pressure Belts, Wind Types, Temperature inversion

Prologue G5/P5: Ocean Temperature G5/P6: Ocean Water Salinity G6/P1: Climatology-Atmosphere structure, Aurora G6/P2: Climatology- Heat budget, Temperature inversion G6/P3: Climatology: Rainfall Types & Wind Types Prologue These geography lectures are conducted by Ms. Rajtanil at Sardar Patel institute of [...]

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[Economy Lecture] Capital Account Convertibility, Balance of Payment, Rupee Devaluation, Eurozone Quantitative Easing & Greece Anti-Austerity

Prologue L3/P1: Balance of Payment (BoP) & Current Account Deficit L3/P2: Rupee Devaluation & Exchange rate regimes L3/P3: Capital account Convertibility & Tarapore Committee L3/P4: ECB quantitative easing & Greece Anti-Austerity Prologue Sixth lecture was done on 20th February [...]

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[Geography Lecture3] Major Landforms Types, Geophysical Phenomenons (Earthquakes, Volcano, Tsunami) for Mains-GS1

Prologue G3/P1: Landform Types- Mountains G3/P2: Landform Types- Plateaus G3/P3: Landform Types: Plains and Rivers of the world G4/P1: Geophysical Phenomenon- Volcanism for GS Mains Paper1 G4/P2: Geophysical Phenomenon- Earthquakes & Tsunamis for GS-Mains Paper1 Prologue These geography lectures [...]

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[Economy Lecture3] Finance: Shares, Bonds, E-IPO, ADR-GDR, Municiple Bonds, P-Notes, Inflation Indexed Bonds

Prologue L2/P1: Debt securities: Credit Rating, Bond-Yield, Muni.Bonds, SEBI norms L2/P2: Inflation Indexed Bonds (IIB), Nominal vs Real Interest rates L2/P3: T-Bill, G-Sec, Zero Coupon Bonds, Bearer Bonds & misc. instruments in Money Market L2/P4: Equities: IPO, E-IPO, ADR-GDR-IDR, [...]

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[Geography Lecture1] Longitude, Latitude, Timezones, Earth Interior, Rock types, Continental Drift

Prologue G1/P1:  longitudes, latitudes, Timezones and Dateline G1/P2: Earth’s Interior, S & P waves, Rock-Cycle, Geological Time-eras G1/P3: Continental Drift Theory G1/P4: Sea Floor Spreading Theory Prologue These geography lectures are conducted by Ms. Rajtanil at Sardar Patel institute [...]

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[Economy Lecture3] Banking Sector: Evolution, Classification, Narsimhan, New Bank Licenses, Jan-Dhan, KVP & more

Prologue L1/P6: Evolution of Banking sector in India L1/P7: Narsimhan Committee, 3-rounds of bank licenses L1/P8: Financial inclusion: PMJDY, KVP, Rupay, Small Banks-Payment Banks L1/P9: Classification of Banks and Non-Banking financial institutions (NBFI) Prologue Third lecture was done on [...]

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