[Economy] Niti Aayog, Planning Commission: Evolution, Structure, Function and truckload of Criticism explained

Timeline of planning in India Five Year plans: from 1st to 12th Planning Commission: Criticism/Anti-Arguments Niti Aayog: Structure, Membership NITI Aayog: functions, Mandates Functional Comparison: Niti vs PC Niti Aayog: Criticism/Anti-Arguments Allocation of funds to States? Chinese Niti Aayog? [...]

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[Polity] Land Ordinance 2014 vs. Land Acquisition Act 2013: Salient Features, Comparison & Criticism

LARR Act 2013 Salient features of LARR-2013 Act? Why Land ordinance? Land Ordinance 2014: Salient Features Land ordinance: Critcism/Anti-arguments Appendix-I: Examples of Public Purpose acquisition Appendix-II: 13 central laws exempted Mock Questions LARR Act 2013 Land Acquisition, Rehab, Resettlement [...]

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[IT-Security] White-Fi Internet, Digital Locker, Antikythera Computer, Detekt-Regin, Nanodot Charger, Ezhil Language, Logbar Ring

Microsoft's White-Fi technology Digital Locker Antikythera Mechanism Regin, or Backdoor.Regin Detekt Anti-surveillance tool Nanodots for fast charging phones Nanotech for Flash memory Ezhil programming language Logbar Ring Merxius software. Mock Questions Selected IT-Electronics topics from November-December 2014. Microsoft's White-Fi [...]

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