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[IT-Security] White-Fi Internet, Digital Locker, Antikythera Computer, Detekt-Regin, Nanodot Charger, Ezhil Language, Logbar Ring

Microsoft's White-Fi technology Digital Locker Antikythera Mechanism Regin, or Backdoor.Regin Detekt Anti-surveillance tool Nanodots for fast charging phones Nanotech for Flash memory Ezhil programming language Logbar Ring Merxius software. Mock Questions Selected IT-Electronics topics from November-December 2014. Microsoft's White-Fi [...]

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[GS3] IT-awareness: Raspberry Pi, Shellshock, Heartbleed, Internet-of-Everything, Facebook Safetycheck & more

Prologue Security: Heartbleed bug Security: Bash / Shellshock bug Security: IoE-Internet of Everything Security: Vishing- Voice Phishing Security: COWL Chip: Raspberry Pi Chip: System on Chip (SoC) Soc.Service: Facebook's Internet Drones Soc.Service: Facebook Safety Check App Soc.Service: Google ILIA [...]

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[Public Health] National Health Policy 2014- Salient Features & National AYUSH Mission (NAM)

Prologue National Mental Health Policy 2014 National AYUSH mission (NAM) Prologue Current affairs related to public health, during September Week1 to October Week3. Part1: Mother, Children, Hunger, Nutrition related. Part2: Policy / Mission: Mental health, Ayush. You’re here. Part3: [...]

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[Public Health] Global Hunger report, Hidden Hunger, National Nutrition Mission, Newborn action plan,

Prologue Global hunger report, Child malnutrition What is Hidden hunger? India Newborn Action Plan (INAP) National Nutrition Mission Fixing RBSK and WIFS Expert group on PNDT Tribal health problems Prologue Current affairs related to public health, during September Week1 [...]

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[Space-Tech] P1/3: (IRNSS) Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System- Desi GPS for Drunk drivers

What is IRNSS? 7 Satellites of IRNSS IRNSS-C launch Benefits of IRNSS Desi-GPS system? Why waste money building Desi GPS? GAGAN Appendix1: IRNSS-Scientific principle Appendix 2: Russian GLONASS What is IRNSS? Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS). 2006: Government [...]

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