[RTI] UPSC replies: Mains answersheets, Removal of optional subjects and cut-offs at each stage of CSE 2011

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  1. Prologue
  2. My Question: Model Answerpapers
  3. My Question on removal of optionals
  4. My Question on CSAT answerkeys
  5. My Question: CSE 2011 Cutoffs at each stage
  6. Scanned copy of RTI reply


Earlier, some people had sent me scanned images of RTI replies related to CSAT 2011 cutoffs but some readers had said they were fake letters. I had some doubts myself about the authenticity of those anonymous RTIs, So on 26th June 2012, I (Mrunal) myself had filed an RTI to UPSC asking a bunch of questions and they’ve sent the reply today (July-25-2012) so here it goes. [And the Original letter of UPSC has been posted at the bottom of this article]


CPIO-Joint Director (Examination),

UPSC, New Delhi

Sub: Application under RTI 2005, about Civil Service Examination (CSE)

My Question: Model Answerpapers

Does UPSC provide model answer-papers to the examiners for CSE (Mains) examination? If “yes”, then provide model answer-papers given to the examiners for the following subjects, in CSE (Mains) 2010 and CSE (Mains) 2011.

i. General Studies Paper I and II (English Medium)

ii. Public Administration Paper I and II (English Medium)

iii. Essay (English Medium and Hindi Medium)

UPSC replied

No. [we donot provide model answersheets to examiners for Mains Exam!]

Mrunal comments

but I still believe that atleast GS (Mains) Model answersheet exists, otherwise how can xyz professor who is checking your GS mains papers, know the correct answer of all 2 markers by himself, when even we’ve hard time finding their answers at home after the exam?

So, UPSC must be giving him some sort of booklet containing the correct answers for GS Mains questions- atleast for the 2 markers and yearbook question. Certainly every professor can’t be knowing all the Government schemes by heart! I’m going to file an Appeal against this RTI reply, to Joint Secretary of UPSC.

My Question on removal of optionals

2. Is UPSC going to remove optional subjects from Civil Service (Mains) Examination 2013? If the answer is “No”, then in which year will UPSC remove optional subjects from the Civil Service (Mains) examination?

UPSC replied

You are informed that the RTI Act, 2005 neither envisage nor it is possible for the

PIO to predict the future course of action of the Public Authority. However, it is informed that a committee to review the existing structure of Civil Services (Main) Examination and suggest necessary changes has been constituted, under the chairmanship of Prof. Arun S. Nigavekar, Ex-Chairman, UGC and Committee is yet to submit its report.

Mrunal comments: ya, I knew you wouldn’t give an exact answer to this question, but didn’t hurt asking!

Question on CSAT answerkeys

3. Provide the official answer keys for CSAT 2011 and CSAT 2012 for following papers

i. General Studies (Paper I)

ii. Aptitude (Paper II)

UPSC replied

The answer keys of Paper-I and Paper-II in respect of Civil Services (Pre.) Exam.,

2012 cannot be provided as, the process is not yet complete and section 8(1)(j) is invoked. However, the Answer Keys of all four sets of CS(P) Exam., 2011 are enclosed.

Mrunal comments: but the envelope that I received contains no such answerkey of CSAT 2011.

That means another appeal against the PIO.

My Question: CSE 2011 Cutoffs at each stage

Provide the category wise cut-off marks for CSE 2011 for all three stages viz.

i. CSAT (Preliminary exam)

ii. Mains Exam

iii. Personal Interview

UPSC replied

The requisite information is an under :

Marks of last guy selected in CSAT-2011.

Out of 400 marks

Marks of last guy selected for Interview

Out of 200 marks

Total marks of last guy selected in Final merit list of CSE-2011

Out of 2300 marks


Mrunal: and finally, here is the scanned copy of UPSC’s letter. See the following image

Scanned copy of RTI reply

UPSC Reply to RTI

UPSC Reply to RTI filled by Mrunal.org

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118 Comments on “[RTI] UPSC replies: Mains answersheets, Removal of optional subjects and cut-offs at each stage of CSE 2011”

  1. My dear friends, I consistently reading all your blogs for quite a long time. but I am not happy the way you think things to happen for you, rather what you actually need is to make things for your favor. I am a civil servant .I need not to be explained how a general category candidate becomes panic when he exhausts his 4 chances. you know , for a general category student from a rural background when realizes the pattern of examination and the preparation needed therefore, he w’ld have lost all his chances in contrast to his friends who get 15 or 7 chances and even so lucky to pursue for civil services exam after serving in a job for 5 to 6 years. but for a general category candidate its just a distant dream. After graduating from an institution and having secured good marks he find himself at a dilemma whether he ll do a job to feed his needy family or to go for fulfilling his cherished dream ; that is to become an IAS Officer. At last his value, ,his humanity demands sacrifice and he joins an immediate job to carter his family putting his cherished dream aside. He is completely entangled with responsibility but he never forgets his dream. He cant join full time coaching, can’t devote whole time for study because he is the feeder of his family. He simultaneously study with whole heartedly awaking for nights after nights but in this process he only spends his mere 4 chances. He remains as a clerk for whole through the life. He repays for the discrimination his ancestors perpetuated in the society. Its not a story but it’s the reality that I have witnessed in my neighborhood. Even some of you might have seen such touchy incidents.
    Now I ask UPSC, what it demands from the above candidate.
    1- S’ ld he have left his family to starve and study to cherish his goal of becoming an IAS
    2- The person from rural background s’ld not desire becoming IAS
    The reality is that it seems our country never needs civil servants having a high degree of morality, sense of sacrifice rather what it needs, a mechanical voracious reader. I have a friend of mine having secured a rank in civil services examination within the 1st fifteen, but unfortunately no body becomes happy for his achievement even in his locality, people use to say he ‘ll emerge as the most egoist and corrupt administrator of India. In an another incident , a software professional came to Delhi for coaching after 6 years of service having earned more than 25 lax. He started preparation along with all type of refreshment available in Delhi . He was selected in his 7th attempt. He knows as a reserved category, he has 8 chances (when he arrives at Delhi in his 27th year.) and also relaxation in the marks . So he takes civil service preparation as a matter of study with fun. But for a general category student, appearing at civil services is just like a matter of life and death. Every moment he is living in a sense of panic either losing in the exam or losing the no. of attempts remain .
    Is it the equality that is enshrined in our constitution? Equal protection of law never says “we have to sacrifice some to uplift some” In our constitution ,under article 15, there s’ld be equal opportunity for all and under 15(4) ,state can make special provision for advancement of socially and educationally backward section. And we understand the relaxation in marks for qualifying the exam even we also justify it but a huge discrimination in the allocation of no of attempts between various categories can not be justified. Either UPSC has to make all categories to have 4 chances (or age of 30 which one is earlier ) and relaxation in marks for backward classes or to make all categories to have 7 or unlimited chances (or an age of 35 which one is earlier). UPSC cannot suppress the general categories for the sake of reservation and then give relaxation for the reserved. It is not equal protection of law. If some one is born in a general category family, its not his mistake to be deprived off all the opportunities and he can not be made to pay . More over by increasing the no of attempts and age UPSC can provide an immense help to relieve the stress and panic level of many bright students .
    Therefore I appeal you my dear friends to make a PIL Regarding this , it seems you ll get some relaxation in the form of 6attemts or the age of 32 which one is earlier and it is completely justified in comparison to 7 attempts or 33 yrs for OBC and 15 attempts or 35 years for SC/STs.

    1. Totally agreed with you. UPSC should understand pain of General category.

    2. It seems that people are not at all concerned about this issue. A General category person earning just 3 lac a year is more in need than a reserved category person earning 30 lac a year. If this is the equality what we have in India, then i think there needs to be a change.
      People are also even demanding reservation in promotion. That will add chilly to the wounds. Please come for this cause and prevent misuse of law and provide reservation based on monetary needs rather than caste based.

      1. Comments of MANU reg. reserved category is against the the Indian Constitution.

        1. Everybody has right to freedom of expression and his comments are not, in any way, against the indian constitution……..You yourself are showing the difference between the quality of a general category student and others…..one can imagine what will happen when people like you joins civil services..

    3. excellent views………..plz give here a link for ur blog…….we are with u on this issue…….if this type of discrimination with the general category candidate continues, the day is not far when we will be needing reservations…..

    4. I’m also a sufferer.

  2. I changed one answer by using an eraser and their was a scratch in the previous answer’s place. Could this be a cause of disqualification? I scored 240 + in 2012 paper and still didn’t clear. This is my 4th attempt and its agonizing as i weigh my options.

    1. let the RTI reply come, only then you can find out whether the erased answer caused trouble.

      1. I too changed my answer of the very first question in paper-ii by scratching it and I cleared, my marks 90+175 (my estimate as per non official answer keys).

    2. hi neha, you may contact mr. r k sinha and mr imran farid and narrate them your case. this is apart from the applications to secretary which i hope you would have submitted already. and and rti

    3. Even i had erased one answer..was sure of gettin thru but din?????

    4. I also changed my answer not by eraser but by whitener provided by the examiners in both the papers. I expected 100-110 paper 1 and around 170 paper 2. I cleared.

  3. Dear strive4justice,
    I understand your agony and pains. but believe me, there are certain things in life that we have to accept and move on.do not be too harsh on yourself or to others/upsc. the good thing is that u already have a job in hand so no worries my dear. also there is not guarantee that if there was never reserved quota u would surely clear the exam. it s all about enjoying life which is much more than IAS/IPS etc……..IAS/IPS life is not as rosy as we think they are…..they have pros and cons and other bureaucratic issues …so cheers and be happy no matter what.

  4. Dear khom, I m already in IPS. And my blog is for the thousands whose opportunities are supress first. U didnt understand my blog,i m not against reservation but I m certainly against the resriction on the no of attempts for general category. And u must appreciate the fact that if if the age limit and no of attempts are increased,it ll not hamper the opportunities of the reserved categories because their quotas are fixed. What otit will herald is the relief from stress and panic and generate more competition for general category. I do thonk u cherish this fact.

  5. Dear khon, I m already in IPS. And my blog is for the thousands whose opportunities are supressed first. U didnt understand my blog,i m not against reservation but I m certainly against the resriction on the no of attempts for general category. And u must appreciate the fact that if if the age limit and no of attempts are increased,it ll not hamper the opportunities of the reserved categories because their quotas are fixed. What it will herald is the relief from stress and panic and generate more competition for general category. I do think u cherish this fact.

  6. I agree with UPSC that there does not exist any model amswer sheet..the pattern is actually that one professor is selected for checking only one answer..so its easy to give each particular prof the requisite material 4 one answer..i learnt this method when i was in iit kanpur..it also reduces chances of biasedness as each answer will command different levels of attention from profs..:))

  7. Mrunal,
    Can I file the RTI to UPSC (reg prelims 2012 exam) now ? Or is there any time limit for the same?

  8. hey mrunal, u are doing great job …thanks for all ur valuable inputs …

  9. Dear Strive4justice,
    You are right sir, I would like to apeal Mrunal sir that please file such a PIL which will increase numbers of attempts for general category.

  10. well.all here . th ereality i have heard from a professor who happens to be one of the paper checkers of upsc is that there definetly is a small set of answers provided which acts as a base for evaluation.
    well the most shocking thing this chemistry professor said was few years(just 1 or 2)he did evaluation of urdu papers, based on his little knowledge which he had during his school years.he says it s normal at commision office that professors of varied subjects check varied papers.
    now dont think he was joking or i am.. this honestly is real stuff from a no nonsense serious professor.
    also he said there is one head vigilator who keeps on making rounds checking whetehr all are using the reference model papers continously.
    shocking to me tooo.. but

      1. hi Mrunal,can u pl get any response whether upsc has done away with monster SCALING in the lone optional paper wef CSM 2013.

  11. Information by U is impressive and helpful hope U will provide 2012 cutoff

  12. hai………….you are doing an excellent job…

  13. dear sir, Currently I am working as Asst Accounts Officer in Ministry of Defence ………Last time I appeared in Interview in Vijay Singh’s board…….when marksheet appeared at upsc website I couldnt make LOGIN …As it was showing that I made it before and password is at my mail id…….but I hadnt done such …..it was done by sum1 else b4 me ……how it happend i dnt knw yet? …..Thus I couldnt get my marksheet of CSM 2011…….Since I couldnt make in final list so I wasnt interested too that time……but now I am ……Can i get my marksheet from upsc …..I appeared in CSM2012 too..if I will ask in RTI ….will it be right step to ask such in these circumstances?

    1. ofcourse you can ask for your marksheet under R.T.I.

  14. because of this reservation in civil services many of my relatives have settled abroad.I think its the high time now upsc realizes these mistake and removes reservation from civil services,how can you expect someone with this caste attitude can be a better LAW or POLICY maker.I wanted to see a ‘RESERVATION FREE CSE ‘.If we really want to make our country much more developed than AMERICA,then we want our public servants to be free of CASTE AND RELIGION minded ideologues,and just concentrate on DEVELOPMENT

  15. @Strive for Justice.. I am a general student and preparing for upsc, I have resigned from my job nd I am 26. I am scared but I am still studying with fun. Affirmative action is a truth which you have to accept. And Being/ not Being an IAS officer is not the mot cherished pedestal one should aspire for. The world is too big and it comes with many opportunities. It is better to find/ create them than beating this reservation bush. No offence..This forum is abt informations in a creative way and sometimes funny way. Lets not make it a TOI forum. I think many of my friends will agree here.

    1. I agree with your thoughts Saurav but he is discussing about something big. Its not an individual article but for a variety of students who face problems, real problems. And whatever he says is logical enough. That would actually make sense if UPSC will reconsider their criteria for no. of chances/age when it comes to reserved students.

  16. @S4J : Thank you for your valuable inputs.

  17. TO
    EMAIL ID [email protected]

      1. I do not think you are eligible…. as distance education is not in the policy of aicte.
        Please reply Mrunal sir….

  18. is the answer key to CS(P) available now with u? if yes can u share?

  19. Thanx

  20. Mrunal Sir, it has been noticed that one of the proposed alternatives for upsc main exam is to have only one optional paper due to strong lobbying by universities for optionals at DoPT. It is being discussed to make the graduation or postgraduation subject as the only optional available to a candidate or a candidate may be allowed to choose from a group of similar optionals according to his or her academic background like science stream etc. Will you please discuss the viability of this proposal.

    1. No dearth of rumors in Delhi’s market.
      only way to confirm = either R.T.I (which UPSC doesn’t reply to) or UPSC’s official notification (Feb 2013).

  21. There is still strong probability of pattern change as many are believing that it is too late for govt to change the pattern now.

  22. @rajatjain1988: ABE OYE………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Dear mrunal sir,

  24. Sir,
    about UPSC mains pattern I have a doubt that the decision is influenced by ‘Big Class Market’ in Delhi to its benefit. because in prelims they[UPSC] were totally get rid of optional and their is no legitimate ground to keep optional in main exam provided that the GS syllabus is all inclusive.
    Can we file RTI or any other way to counter this change incorporated by UPSC in larger public interest as Class market are charging very large amount as fees. and a optional subject are not include very diversified streams of learning today many have to resort to classes because optional subject require knowledge of subject at graduation level.

  25. Dear Murnal sir, why not upsc age count at the time of advertisement to similar other exams.

  26. Its the law of KARMA ,u all are suffering from..,you all are paying the price what your ancestors have done in the past centuries to the lower castes ..just pay for it no arguments …this is called justice..

  27. Dear Mrunal ji: I guide lot of students in Telangana, AP for civils. regularly follow your site..great work …heart felt thanks on behalf of all the aspirants community.

    Qn:Statistics of Optional – Subject wise and year wise since 2010 data .. how about statistics of anthropology, pyschology..

    i want to contact you over phone and discuss imp.project for the best benefit of aspriants..pl cal me 9502 707070

  28. sir,upsc civil services ka final merit list aa chuki h.but sir isme ek hi no. pr 4 ya 5 rank bani hue h.jese kuch candidate ke ek jese no. hone ke bad bhi unhe alag alag rank di gae h sir ye kese possible h.jese 4 candidate ke no.(interview+main) 949 h or unhe marit m uper niche rakha h or esa bahut si jagah.to sir unko rank kese provide ki jaati h.jese IAS post ke lye general walo k liye 90 seats h.to general category ki marit list me 90 or 91 dono rank walo ke ek jese marks(951) h to sir ab sirvice allot karne m problem ni hogi.ab 90 rank wala ias banta h to 91 wale ko bhi banna chahiye.sir plg batao ye kese hota.rank provide kese ki jaati jab same no. aaye ho.

  29. Dear mrunal


    I am a strong admirer of your. You are requested to kindly clarify a doubt. My friend belongs to ST category and his D.O.B. is 09-10-1979. Can he appear in the UPSC exam of 2016.

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