[SSC-CGL-2013] Re-exam on 20th July, Download all question papers of 27 April re-exam, Tentative job vacancy RTI

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  1. SSC CGL 2013 Re-exam announced
  2. Download Missing papers from 27 April’s Re-exam
  3. Tentative Vacancies CGL-2013 round
  4. How to prepare?
  5. Current affairs 2014: persons in news, sports, authors, awards

SSC CGL 2013 Re-exam announced

SSC CGL 2013 tier-I exam was held in 21/04/2013 and 19/05/2013. But due to Nakal mafia of North India, Central administrative tribunal (CAT) ordered the SSC to re-take the whole exam again.

27th April 201420th July 2014 Sunday
Seven centers in North India-their re-exam already done.

  1. Delhi
  2. Jaipur
  3. Dehradun
  4. Allahabad
  5. Varanasi (in place of Lucknow)
  6. Patna
  7. Chandigarh (in pace of Shimla)
  • Tier I Re-exam for rest of India.
  • Meaning if you did not give the re-exam on any of those seven centres, then this date applies to you.
  • Two session: morning and evening.
  • Structure, syllabus same as usual. Mind it this is Tier-1, meaning GS, maths, reasoning and english all four sections.
their question papers given belowTheir exam will be done on 20th July Sunday.

Ref: official notification ssc.nic.in/whats%20new%20html/latest_news/re_cgle_2013.pdf

Download Missing papers from 27 April’s Re-exam

On 27th April 2014, SSC conducted 2013 re-exam in seven centres of north India. I had uploaded all questions papers from morning and evening session.
SSC Re-exam paper codes
Here are the download links again, in case someone is new to this site

  1. English_SSC-CGL-2013-Re-exam Question Paper(27/04/14).pdf (4.9 MB)
  2. GK_SSC-CGL-2013-Re-exam Question Paper(27/04/14).pdf (6.0 MB)
  3. Maths_SSC-CGL-2013-Re-exam Question Paper(27/04/14).pdf (6.3 MB)
  4. Reasoning_SSC-CGL-2013-Re-exam Question Paper(27/04/14).pdf (8.1 MB)

Above links contain all papers, except three papers viz. 222MI 3 (morning), 555 PL6 (morning) and 333 NM4 (evening). But now Mr. Chandra Deo has arranged them. Here are the separate Download links for those three missing papers:

  1. SSC CGL 2013 Re-Exam 222MI3.pdf (5.9 MB) Morning
  2. SSC CGL 2013 Re-Exam 555PL6.pdf (9.6 MB) Morning
  3. SSC CGL 2013 Re-Exam 333NM4.pdf (2.0 MB) Evening

Jul-10-2014-update answerkey out

SSC has released official answerkey for this 7 centre re-exam, click me to download the Answerkey.

Tentative Vacancies CGL-2013 round

This information from RTI filed by one Mr.Prateek Kumar, and Personnel ministry’s reply F.No.15/1/2013-CSI(A) on 7th November 2013.

4. AFHQ ASSISTANTG51193290011102
5. CBDT INSPECTORJ7502061043891431811111449
6. CBEC INSPECTORK549249982400262121136
8. CBEC EXAMINARM27729001045
10. CBI INSPECTORO3911517200072
11. INSPECTOR OF POSTP661414280000122
12. DIVISTIONAL ACCOUNTANT CAGQ49612848180011110852
15. ASSISTANT MEAE437023011073
16. AUDITOR CAGT758225112405150232201500
17. AUDITOR CGDAU1443405223622277601202693
18. JUNIOR ACCOUNTANT CAGW253753713550870500
20. JUNIOR ACCOUNTANT CGAX426104592141511803
22. TAX ASSISTANT CBDTThe17954531928093244031263249
23. TAX ASSITANT CBEC@67220110634378181061322
24. CBN SUB INSPECTOR#7124000014

Job profiles, posting promotion salary related querries explained here: click me

How to prepare?

  1. General Awareness (GA/GK)
  2. Maths, Quantitative Aptitude
  3. English Grammar, Vocabulary and Comprehension
  4. Reasoning, General Intelligence
  5. Job profile of various posts offered under SSC CGL

Current affairs 2014: persons in news, sports, authors, awards

  1. [PIN-2014] Part 1/6: National- Official Posts, Committees, Stamps-2014, Defense, Telengana & more
  2. [PIN-2014] Part 2/6: International- Presidents, Prime ministers, Summits, bodies & Ukraine Crisis
  3. [PIN-2014] Part 3/6: Sports, Mascots, Athletes, Awards, FIFA-2014, Sochi-2014, Grand Slams, Hockey, Kabbadi, Cricket & more
  4. [PIN-2014] Part 4/6: Economic Regulators, Banking Sector CMDs, RBI monetary policy, RBI Committees, Business GK CEOs
  5. [PIN-2014] Part 5/6: Books, Authors, Movies awards & Beauty Pageants
  6. [PIN-2014] Part 6/6: Diaspora, Civilian awards & Dead in News, Pravasi Bharatiya Diwas, Padma 2014, Able Prize & more
unacademy IAS

Mrunal recommends

  1. (free) NCERT, NIOS, TN-Books 4 History,Geo,Sci
  2. Indian Polity M.Laxmikanth (Hindi | English)
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266 Comments on “[SSC-CGL-2013] Re-exam on 20th July, Download all question papers of 27 April re-exam, Tentative job vacancy RTI”

  1. Dear sir pls tell me how many questions should be right to appear in ssc cgl tier 2 ?????

    1. 2013 cutoff for general is 102. Now you can calculate number of attempts depending upon your accuracy. If you can go with 80 % accuracy you have to attempt around 130 questions to clear cutoff.

      1. Sir,
        How many marks are enough for a OBC aspirant to get an Interview Call ?
        370 Enough?

  2. please provide the answer keys for the uploaded question papers, if possible :)

  3. sir please upload ssc cgl tier 1 (2013 re-exam conducted on 20 th july)(morning and evening) with solution

  4. Hrllo everyone,plz koi mujhe batao ki 2011 se 2012me cgl ki vacancy badhi thi kya aur 2013me kya situation he?aur auditor in cgda me kaam kya hota he?

  5. hi all….where can i find tier 2 ques paper link

  6. respected sir/mam i want to know will upload cgl tier 2 original question papers of 2014 held of 21/09/2014

  7. Hello everyone
    Tier I marks: 149.5
    Tier II marks after checking with SSC answer key:
    Math 93 attempts – 5 mistakes = 173.5
    Eng: 181 attempts – 30 mistakes = 143.5
    Total Tier II = 317
    Aggregate = 466.5

    Can any one please tell me how is my prospect about getting top berths ? Also what procedures lie ahead with regard to this whole exam ?

    1. prospect * of *

  8. problem in getting print of ssc tier 1 papers of 20 and 21 july,how can it be solved

  9. @raj tier-1 ki preparation kaise ki

  10. one of my job option preferences demands Computer Proficiency Test (CPT). What will happen if I could not pass the CPT ? Please any one answer ?

  11. sir i attempt 104 out of which 95 are right . i got select in ssc cgl-2014 pre . i belong to general category

  12. for non interview post. What is the next procedure after getting result of cgl 2013 ? i m in non iterview list. will there be TYPING TEST for all non interview candidates or only for TAX assistent post? sm body plz reply thnx.

  13. dear sir, I am pursuing my b.e final year and course will be completed by May, 2015 am I eligible to SSC 2015 CGL??????

  14. whats the cutoff for cgl tier-1 2014

    1. Please send me the information regarding SSC CGL exam. schedule. Whether there is any examination calendar. Are the examination is conducted every year regularly according to the examination calendar.

  15. Need Help:
    1. The CGL interview requires candidates to fill in the post preference order but I have lost the saved application form where post preferences were mentioned. Do I need to fill in the same order as that in the application form ?
    2. I know my first few preference order and I want to change that order in interview form. Can I do that ?
    3. I am an OBC candidate and my rank is around is 550. So I am sure to get my first choice (i.e CSS) in the general category (GE) if everything is normal. Now what if I deliberately fail in CPT ? Would I get my second choice because even that has vacancies much more than my rank in the GE let alone OBC.
    4. The interview form does not ask for state preference. How would they allot state ?

  16. Hello every one I have got 357.5 in SC category . auditor cag mil sakta hai kya ?

  17. Hello every one I have got 357.5 in SC category . auditor cag mil sakta hai kya ? Thanks in advance

  18. website is good but can u provide all info and study material in Hindi ?

  19. Place date SSC addition 2015

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