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IAS Mock Interviews
  1. Analysis
  2. How to approach IFoS-Mains-2015
  3. 2014 IFoS Mains GK Question paper:
    1. History Questions (50m)
    2. Economy Questions (50m)
    3. Environment Questions (50m)
    4. Polity Questions (50m)
    5. IR/Diplomacy Questions (50m)
    6. Science tech/ IT awareness Questions (50m)

Analysis of IFoS Mains GK paper

IFoS Mains GK Paper 2014

Bcoz Chest-thumping & Bogus marketing propaganda is essential to survive in any field.

IFoS Mains General Knowledge Paper
2013 paper2014
Each question worth 8 marks.12.5 marks
40 marks each from History, polity, environment cum geography.50 each from those section
Person in news question askedNot asked.
Polity had mix of theory + current e.g. SC guidelines on acid attacks.3 polity qs. from theory and 1 from current (min gov.max.gov)
unusual topics like TRP rating in India, breaking news,  spot fixingNot asked. This year pretty straight forward paper.
few questions from budget & economic surveysame

How to approach IFoS-Mains-2015

  1. History-Culture any one of the following combo
    1. Tamilnadu Class 11-12 history books +Spectrum
    2. Old NCERT + Spectrum
    3. General Studies Manual
  2. Geography / Environment:
    1. For Theory: (NIOS + NCERTs)
    2. For Current: newspapers.
  3. Polity: M. Laxmikanth for theory + Hindu / Indian express for current affairs
  4. Economy, Budget, Survey, Schemes: yours unfaithfully Mrunal.org/economy
  5. IR/Diplomacy:
    1. For Theory: NIOS Political science or IGNOU PDFs.
    2. For Current: Newspaper + yours unfaithfully Mrunal.org/diplomacy + google because not all IR-bodies covered in theory-books.
  6. Science-Tech: Theory/contemporary: selected google e.g. Nanotech, cryo-tech + current from newspapers.
  7. PIN, Sports, books-awards: should be prepared from magazines & newspapers. Because trend in single exam =insufficient to presume that it won’t be asked in in 2015, given UPSC’s double-bluff back-breakingTM move shown in CSAT-2014.
  8. Self-Notes making and minimum 3 times revision is essential. Otherwise hard to recall points in the exam. Then even in easy questions like Champaran & Chola-art, you’ll end up writing average quality answers.
  9. Newspaper means Hindu / Indianexpress ONLY. Don’t need both. Any one would suffice for IfoS.

2014 Question paper Instructions

  1. Time Allowed: Three Hours  (Maximum Marks : 300)
  2. Each question worth 12.5 marks.
  3. No alternate options given. All questions compulsory.
  4. Attempt of a part/question shall be counted in chronological order. Unless struck off, attempt of a part/question shall be counted even if attempted partly. Any page or portion of the page
  5. Left blank in the Question cum Answer Booklet must be clearly struck off.
  6. Answers must be written in ENGLISH only.

History Questions (50m)

  1. How did Buddhism influence Asoka in decision making and governance?
  2. Discuss the efforts and strategy of Akbar towards social harmony.
  3. Describe the salient features of Chola art.
  4. Assess the importance of Champaran Satyagraha.

Economy Questions (50m)

  1. Discuss the objectives of Prime Minister’s Jan-Dhan Yojana. What challenges do you foresee in its implementation? #Mrunal-Article
  2. What are the reasons for persistent high rate of food inflation in India? #Mrunal-Article
  3. Explain demographic dividend and its relevance to India. #Mrunal-Article
  4. Discuss the recommendations of Rangarajan Panel on the estimates of poverty in India. #Mrunal-Article

Environment Questions (50m)

  1. What do you understand by Environmental Impact Assessment and Social Impact Assessment?
  2. Discuss the causes of the recent devastating floods in Jammu and Kashmir. How do they compare with those of Uttarakhand disaster last year?
  3. What do you understand by soil erosion Discuss its causes.
  4. What are wet-lands? Discuss their importance.

Polity Questions (50m)

3 out 4 questions can be solved from Indian Policy by M.Laxmikanth

  1. How is the federal, structure of the Indian Constitution ensured?
  2. Explain the Right of Constitutional Remedies given in the Indian Constitution.
  3. How is a Money Bill different than a Financial Bill?
  4. What do you understand by `minimum government and maximum governance’?

IR/Diplomacy Questions (50m)

  1. Comment on Israel-Palestinian conflict. #Mrunal-Article
  2. Write a note on Indo-Japanese collaboration. #Mrunal-Article
  3. Discuss the role of UNHRC in Indian perspective.
  4. What are the objectives of European Union?

Science tech/ IT awareness Questions (50m)

  1. Comment on ‘Digital India Programme’. #Mrunal-Article
  2. How is Indian mission of Mars different than that of other countries in recent times? #Mrunal-Article
  3. What do you understand by Nano technology? How is it critical in context with food industry?
  4. How is Cryogenics different from Cryonics?


Mrunal recommends

  1. (free) NCERT, NIOS, TN-Books 4 History,Geo,Sci
  2. Indian Polity M.Laxmikanth (Hindi | English)
  3. Spectrum: Modern History (Hindi | English)
  4. Maths: Quantam CAT Sarvesh Kumar
  5. Objective General English SP Bakshi
  6. Word Power made Easy -Norman Lowe
  7. Topic wise Solved Paperset by Disha

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  1. Paper looks easy. and Razni Razdan retires.

    1. seeing the paper for prelims and IFoS mains, i belive, we got to open old year question papers as questions are little straight forward and demand bookish knowledge as well..than just reading news paper..though even that is incorporated but lesser than last chairman’s time..

      this time..toppers wont say..’I just read newspaper’ :)

  2. Shhhh…Mrunal bhai…sab ko mat batao yaha se aaya tha…Miss Razdan & Miss Alka bhi padt hai ye sab…agar pata chal gaya tou Civil ka paper change ho jayega…

    They are everywhere…even on forumias

    Illuminati!LOL or the Patriots

  3. This time standard of the GS paper is much better then last year….kool

  4. plz share optional paper also as soon as…thanx lottz

  5. Friends
    Any idea about tentative of release of civil services mains exam-2014

    1. it may be declare after month of feburary 2014

  6. Sorry forgot to write

    Tentative date for release of mains ADMIT CARDS ( civil services)

    1. from dec 1st week…. guess!!

  7. Yours unfaithfully mrunal… Ha ha ha ironical…

  8. Thank you mrunal…hopefully ll get optional papers from dis site …

  9. Paper was good..thanks a lot mrunal Sir

  10. In certain coding method, the word
    QUESTION is encoded as
    DOMESTIC. In this coding, what is
    the code word for the word


    1. Meanwhile the question is not logically correct..
      Moreover amongst the given options,option (C) OMESICEM is the correct one nearest to the given terminology..
      As E,S,O,N clearly coded as M,E,I,C respectively in the question set…while no assumption for R & P can be made from the question,,,the most appropriate option is (C)…

    2. ans.(c)

      every letter is coded by some specific letter….seems no pattern in coding,
      common letters in QUESTION and RESPONSE are E,S,O and N which are coded as M,E,I and C respectively in the sample.
      E =M,

      R =* ; E =M; S=E; P=*; O=I; N=C; S=E; E=M

      So RESPONSE can be coded like *ME*ICEM

      Only option (C) fits

      1. Mr. Nova dont mind can u tell me how u came to know e.s.o.n are coded as m.e. i.c by which method

        1. Bhai directly,from the order of words in QUESTION to the order in DOMESTIC..
          Similarly for RESPONSE…

  11. Guys answer for this question which is mentioned above with explanation

  12. Is there any word limit to answer the questions?

  13. Tremendous efforts Mrunal bhai…
    You are no less than any god for the regular readers cum aspirants of this great websites…
    Not only the questions marked by Mrunal bhai,but also the topics like Environmental Impact Assessment and Social Impact Assessment,,,UNHRC’s role etc. asked in IFOS-mains had also covered by Mrunal bhai in his amazing current-articles..
    Great dedication Mrunal bhai…
    सच्चे अर्थों में नर सेवा ही नारायण सेवा है…

    Definitely you are miles ahead in any unwanted website-race and truly Messiah for the aspirants who can’t afford Delhi’s maraudings…

  14. mrunal bhai zindabad zindabad
    aapke compilation mereko pakka ias banayenge
    thanks u r a saviour

  15. Unfaithful??hahahaha
    Gd mrng mrunal….
    Once again thanks for doing splendid job on analysis of the papers….
    After starting the upsc preparation,Mrunal has become my daily dose.
    Great..not 33 evem most of them are from the books what you used to suggest only…

    Thanks once again for keeping me motivated very minute…

    1. thanks mrunal sir for material

  16. Mrunal bhai .. .even if nothing comes directly from ur blog in the mains ….that doesn’t matter …bec ur blog is knowledge enhancing tool ….

  17. mrunal sir, ur works is great. respect. solute. Tussi great ho GGG…

  18. Great work Mrunal bhai.. Thanks :)

  19. Mrunal bhai bahut sh h. bas kuch aisa karo ab ki 33 se 50 % pahunch jaye.. :)

  20. great work getting it on the site so soon. the gs paper and especially the gs paper can it give a rough idea of the kind of q’s that may appear 3 weeks from now because for the prelims if i remember correctly you had analysed papers of cds and other exams that had taken place prior to that? any pointers master M?

  21. Any idea how many Actually attended GK paper this time?

    1. Information through rti:

      Total candidates applied for IFOS 2014: 2,22,424

      Total prelims cleared: 1061

      Number of candidates who filled DAF: 773

      I asked for subject wise attendance, but didn’t get info. It was my mistake.. I sought info on 28/11 thinking that by the time PIO gives his reply exam will be over and info sought would be documented.. But i was wrong, they replied on 1st of december..
      Now again, another RTI… :-)

  22. this time paper looks easy….
    no questions on persons in news, mapping, abbreviations….

  23. I started following your blog in August and all I’ve done is to couple it with the basic books you’ve recommended. And I know the answer to every single question here! Pretty damn good for an average student like me I say. Kudos! Keep up the good work.

    1. Yup
      Mrunal is doing tremendous work for all competitive examination aspirants.
      Hats off to him

  24. Monali do you know how to study for new india insurance ao…plz hlp

  25. Anyone knows how to study for new india insurance

  26. hey till time i have not received acknowledgement from upsc

    1. dont worry before 30, u will get it. Otherwise contact upsc.

  27. Mrunal Sir, kindly upload Ifos mains 2014 botany question paper . I am writing civil services mains 2014 with Botany optional, so it would be helpful form me.
    Thanking you

    1. hi
      i am also preparing for IfOs exam and my optional subject is botany, can u give me details about book list for optional paper.

  28. Any one can send me please their mains admit card soft copy at my mail @ [email protected]. i have some problem with my admit card. I already talk to upsc.bt firstly i want to c any ones admiy card centred delhi.thanku in advance please.

  29. You are a great person for civil service aspirants.

  30. Plz sir send me some details of G K for ibps exam

  31. can B.Pharm student apply for IFos????//

  32. Sir can u please tell what will be expected cut off for ifos

  33. Which coaching notes are best for Geology and forestry optional

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