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source site Yearbook means topics related to various schemes and projects of Government and its various departments. It is particularly important for UPSC and State PSC exams. This is the list of articles published so far. The standard reference book for Yearbook related topics is, India 2014 (aka India Yearbook)

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  1. dove comprare viagra generico 200 mg a Parma Hello Sir….I want to start my preparation for Civil exams…but am not getting the right approach…I did B.Sc than MBA…Can you guide me on this….actually my G.K. portion is bit poor..except that I can do well in other sections..Please guide me and let me know how to frame all that things….

  2. click here sir i am doing job, and i want to become IAS. BUT I DONT KNOW MUCH ABOUT UPSC AND CSAT .also i cant do any coaching because of some problem. can i clear this without coaching. and i can study 4 hrs daily this is sufficiet for this ?

  3. Hello sir,plz tell me strategy for prelims paper 2.

  4. Hi sir,

    I want to be a part of 2014 battle, i found your website very useful to make my fundamentals strong. Is it enough if i could start reading this section from article

    [Studyplan] India 2013 Yearbook: Introduction and approach to Environment and Biodiversity (EnB) (part 1 of 6)..?

    Thanx in advance..

  5. sir i have been in the preparation for the past 1yr and yet to give my 1st attempt…still im not clear about preparation ..i have read NCERT’s once and im confused how to re-start my preparation..right now im reading year book 2013,is it a good idea to read 2013 or should i postpone yearbook preparation after 2014 edition comes..??? sir please can u provide me a study plan…

    1. Hi Goutham,

      Have you read all the NCERT’s from 6th to 10th?? If you have, read them again and again. Read each of them atleast 5 times. And during each of your reading, have 100% concentration. Pick up some CSAT material solve them and write some practice tests on CSAT only. If you do all this you will clear prelims.
      Always remember u need to somehow solve all the 80 questions of paper 2 with 95% accuracy. If you dont you are in trouble. So practice practice and practice my friend.

      1. thanks jameeel…will take down your suggestion..and tell me whether i have to read ncerts of 6,7,8 of which subjects…??? is there any subject of those standards i need not read…??

  6. in which book of csat in hindi medium

  7. Hello sir
    I have completed M. Com .but I don’t understand how to start study for civilsevices services. Should I take coaching .

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