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Roll No.190192’s result is withheld, as per CAT direction.

~3000 candidates selected for the interviews. (3003, if I counted the lines and columns correctly.)

@Those who couldn’t make it

My heartfelt sympathies, but this is not “THE END” of life. Atleast now you’re not in limbo about the Mains-result…Now you can proceed with the next-plan you’ve for life and competitive exams. So make a resolute promise and devote your 2014 completely to achieve it. You’ve come this far- there is definitely to a decent career and life for you, Bas Ek baar man banaa lo—yaa toh mein iss paar, yaa uss paar ho jaaungaaa and let 2014 be that year. My prayers and best wishes have always been and shall always be –with every serious player.

@Those who cleared the mains-2013

Congratulations. Interviews likely to start from 7th April 2014 @UPSC headquarter in Delhi. You’ll get a call letter soon. UPSC will also update the timetable on its website.

In the meantime, start a Ph.D on your DAF form inside-out. Be it location based questions, or graduation based, or current or theory. Even wasting one minute is a sin.


UPSC will upload mark sheets of all candidates within 15 days after the declaration of final result i.e. after interview. The marksheets will stay there for 60 days. (and if last year’s system continues – then even candidates who failed in prelims, will be shown their prelim-scores and cut-offs.)

Call letters

  1. candidates who do not receive communication regarding their Personality Test, should immediately – contact the office of the Commission through letter or on Phone Nos. 011-23385271, 011-23381125, 011-23098543 or Fax No. 011-23387310, 011-23384472.
  2. No request for change in the date and time of the Personality Test intimated to the candidates will be entertained.