1. Polity Topics
    1. SepW1
    2. SepW2
    3. SepW3
    4. SepW4
  2. Economy & infrastructure
    1. SepW1
    2. SepW2
    3. SepW3
    4. SepW4
  3. International relations, internal security
    1. SepW1
    2. SepW2
    3. SepW3
    4. SepW4
  4. Environment, Energy and Agriculture
    1. SepW1
    2. SepW2
    3. SepW3
    4. SepW4
  5. Science-tech
    1. SepW1: Public health special
    2. SepW2
    3. SepW3 again public health
    4. SepW4
  6. History and Culture
    1. SepW1
    2. SepW2
    3. SepW3
    4. SepW4
  7. Moral Disclaimers
  8. Anti-Hindu rants

Polity Topics


  1. EX-Cji as Kerala governor- pros and cons
  2. Doctrine of Postponement
  3. Lawyer databank to select judges
  4. SC 2013 rules on Death convicts
  5. Urdu as 2nd official language
  6. Mizoram permits DESI liquor
  7. Kerala wants to ban DESI Liquor
  8. IPS training academy bans DESI liquor
  9. Tribal insurgency in pre and post-independent India
  10. Love Jihad
  11. UGC vs IIT controversy
  12. Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan
  13. President speech on teachers day
  14. PM Modi’s speech on teacher’s day
  15. HRD minister’s speech
  16. Pahari Job quota bill: 5% reservation in J&K. problem- difficult to identify beneficiaries, Pahari want ST status. bill passed on last day without discussion. (that’s all, doesn’t deserve separate article).


  1. LOP
  2. Telangana wants 50% from central taxes
  3. EVM totalizer update (nothing much- SC just asked question why not do it?)
  4. Love Jihad
  5. Nirbhaya Centres
  6. Delimitation in Telengana and Andhra Pradesh
  7. 100 days of M.H.A


  1. Christian women property law- need for reforms.
  2. Archaic citizenship laws
  3. Pathariya system and migrant labor exploitation.
  4. Ethics Committee
  5. Why non-bureaucrats not considered for cvc job? (asked SC, but not writing any article till final verdict comes).
  6. Making Indian courts rape victim friendly.
  7. Rajasthan Ratifies JAC bill
  8. SC: release undertrial prisoners (not writing any article till dust settles.)
  9. Not every PIL deserves mandamus.
  10. RTI applicant must tell reasons.
  11. (EPW) Quotas under RTE not helping the poor

(not important): AAP won’t fight Haryana election; UP will open Nirbhaya centres, BJP low performance in byelections


  1. Combating child marriage.
  2. Widows of vrindavan
  3. Fraudsters can’t do out of court settlement
  4. SC guideline on fake encounters
  5. Right to be atheist
  6. Electronic evidences have to be authenticated first.
  7. Tax tribunals unconstitutional.
  8. Paid news in election.
  9. Jaylalitha DA case.
  10. VP speech on inequality.


  1. SC ordered UGC to conduct fresh verification of deemed univ. (dead horse topic, doesn’t deserve article at the moment.)
  2. HL Dattu becomes CJI. (doesn’t deserve an article)
  3. Sports Bill to be introduced in Winter session of Parliament- fixing age limits of NSF chiefs, RTI accountability etc. (nothing now, let the bill come).
  4. Higher Education and Research Bill, 2011 – wanted to subsume variety of edu.bodies, was pending in RS, Union withdrew it. hence no longer important until new bill comes.

Economy & infrastructure


  1. E1: Wilful defaulter?
  2. E2: Coinage Act & right to issue Rs.1 note
  3. E3: Gold account scheme
  4. E4: MNREGA: Sweeping changes
  5. E5: MPLADS & toilet building
  6. E7: PDS Reforms: Lessons from Delhi 
  7. E8: Commerce Ministry on IPR and FDI
  8. E9: Global competiveness index 2014
  9. E10: MSME speech: fodder material
  10. E11: BSNL, MTNL merger
  11. E12: India’s Sovereign rating
  12. BRICS Bank, IMF Governance Reforms
  13. Minor Bank Accounts, SBI’s Pahali Udaan, Pahala Kadam, Kotak My Junior Account
  14. Committee on unclaimed PPF-just one line- RBI Dy.Governor HR Khan will head it, this Committee will decide how to us unclaimed money from PPF/small savings for benefit of elderly. More details when the report is published.
  15. Revamping planning commission –deserves separate article when dust settles down.


  1. North East telecom infra
  2. No frill airports
  3. Dharavi slums
  4. Swatch vidhyalay
  5. Rajasthan sanitation
  6. ICICI: Cashless withdrawl
  7. GDP measurement reform
  8. Fasttrack DIPP
  9. UID phase 5
  10. NEIA
  11. No Dumping duty on solar panel
  12. EPFO problems
  13. Disinvestment ONGC, CIL
  14. FIU
  15. 52% shareholding in banks
  16. SECC problem
  17. ATF reforms
  18. Road safety bill
  19. 100 days of HRD ministry
  20. 100 days of IT-telecom ministry.
  21. Rajasthan-land acquisition
  22. Textile industry of india
  23. HDFC green pin


  1. Promoting inland waterways.
  2. Bank unions against small banks
  3. Banning meat export.
  4. Capital goods sector scheme
  5. New aviation policy soon. (only after it comes)
  6. SEBI discussion paper on FPO norms (only after it is implemented).
  7. New gas pricing formula-panel gives report.
  8. RBI : equity FDI
  9. RBI finds faults in Jan Dhan + Frontline mirage of inclusion
  10. cleanliness index (yet to come)
  11. Real estate regulation bill
  12. UAN, LIN
  13. RSC vs PSC- which way for energy exploration


  1. Scaling up Gujarat model. (hardly a few lines)
  2. MNREGA only for backward districts. (combined with SepW1 MNREGA reform)


  1. USFD railway track security
  2. Corporate tax inversion (only definition, not more).
  3. RBI Gopalkrishna panel.
  4. Government to revive 5 PSU  and close down 6
  5. Make in India
  6. Made in China
  7. Monetary policy 30th sep (no changes though)
  8. Sagarmala project
  9. Dindayal Antyodaya yojana


  1. New guaranteed minimum pension scheme (nothing new- 1000 rs. Minimum pension in EPFO-1995. Earlier just 650) (that’s it- doesn’t deserve article).
  2. Aircel maxis deal ball by ball commentary.
  3. Bibek Debroy Committee to restructure railways (not right now, wait for final report)
  4. ICICI minor account “smart star” (not important)
  5. SBI share split (not important)
  6. S&P gives stable outlook to India (doesn’t deserve article at the moment)
  7. Government to review skill Development policy 2009- article only when its released.

International relations, internal security


  1. Modi Japan visit + Frontline article on it (separate article only after America visit is over- because then a better comparative revision table can be prepared)
  2. Aus.(same as above.)
  3. Kashmiri Pandit rehab (later because ball by ball commentary)
  4. India-ASEAN FTA in services
  5. D1: Defense FDI reformed
  6. D2: Defense Procurement:
  7. D3: India-Nepal agreements during Modi visit
  8. D4: Power Trade agreement (PTA) with Nepal
  9. D5: Nalanda University
  10. D6: APF: Human rights conference 2014
  11. D7: Border security Management: Gujarat
  12. D8: Letting states have foreign relations


  1. SCO summit
  2. UNSECO & International literacy day
  3. International Literacy day
  4. Al-Qaeda thread to India: should we worry?
  5. Vice President speech: ‘Europe and Emerging Asia’
  6. VP speech: India-Iran


  1. China- Tibetan leverage, Doval visit. Xi’s visit (Later separate article when Modi done US visit so comparative revision tables can be prepared.)
  2. Using Whatsapp tackles crime (later separate article on using social media for effective governance and policing).
  3. Obama 9/11 speech- mainly directed against ISIL. Will incorporate fodder in a separate article against ISIL later.


  1. German minister’s visit (hardly anything)
  2. SC nodal officer for piracy


  1. Pranab goes to Vietnam (thankfully not many pacts)
  2. New President in Afghanistan.
  3. (Internal) Maoist surrender
  4. Nalanda univ. inaugurated (but will combine it into SepW2)


  1. China asks maldives to join MSR; Xi Srilanka visit; Xi comes to India (entire thing deserves a separate article but after Modi is done visiting USA – because they larger picture and better revision table can emerge)
  2. Iran- Chahbahar to be notified soon. (Basics already done in old article, so new coverage only after Government notifies).
  3. Scotland will not be separated (doesn’t have direct relation to new Mains syllabus. hence not in my priority)
  4. Rajnath goes to Nepal (not Much important)


  1. G20 finmin summit at Cairns
  2. UNHRC and India’s re-election
  3. Internal security -using e-Gov. to trace foreign students.
  4. World food program
  5. Global arms trade treaty
  6. Baamiyan, Afghanistan: SAARC Cultural capital
  7. India-Bangla rail connectivity
  8. Coastal security Management: Kerala


  1. UN Speeches: Modi, Obama; Modi reform for OCI-PIO (All part of US-China-Japan combined revision series)
  2. Indian diaspora in USA, Japan, China, Australia (separate article later).
  3. Should India join fight against ISIS – later in separate ISIL article.
  4. Government preparing new policy on kashmir (article when they release)


  1. Unrest in hongkong (not in priority because such topics are out of mains-syllabus after 2013)
  2. Catalonia seeking independence from Spain. ignored for same reason cited above.

Environment, Energy and Agriculture


  1. E1: Green Law panel
  2. E2: Fast track initiatives: Environment ministry
  3. E3: Fast track environment = dangerous
  4. E4: RAPS-5
  5. E5: Mangroves variety change in Sundarbans
  6. E6: Gold Ore Tailing
  7. E7: Neera Sap
  8. E8: Fast track initiatives: Agriculture ministry
  9. E9: 19th Livestock census
  10. Coal block – later deserve separate article when ball by ball commentary stops.
  11. J&K floods. (same as above)


  1. Elephant Killer trains
  2. House sparrow Population decline
  3. Indo Pacific Hump-Backed Dolphins
  4. Wild Chinese Sturgeons
  5. Deaths from Snake bites
  6. Langurs are multiple species
  7. Ozone layer recovering thanks to Montreal
  8. IndARC
  9. Ministry of Earth Science: 100 days
  10. Suggested Rabi crop reforms by Agro ministry
  11. New hybrids: Tea and Banana


  1. Ganga cleaning (separate article when ball by ball commentary stop)
  2. E-rickshaws- when Government releases guidelines


  1. Old climate change formula is wrong.
  2. Barmer block, Cairn India
  3. Pusa hydrogel
  4. Karpoorvallai/hycinth
  5. Greenfield projects=urban heat-islands
  6. Tea clones.
  7. Hydropone and carbonlite pots.
  8. African giant snail.
  9. Biodiversity informatics
  10. Health ministry on noise pollution


  1. Kerala wants Union to declare lightening as natural calamity so victims can get compensation.asked 14th FC the same. (doesn’t deserve article because I already told the points here)
  2. Some more agro schemes- (will combine with SepW1 when dust settle. this people are releasing new scheme every day via PIB.)
  3. Kamdehnu breeding centres, cloning Murrah bulls (Same as above)
  4. Quadricycles in Delhi (not right now, let Government/court decide).
  5. China to cut carbon intensity by 2020 (although hardly few lines of fodder)


  1. Seed sovereignty
  2. Nilgiri tahr (Mountain goat)
  3. Invasive species: Senna Spectabilis
  4. CSR for wildlife corridors
  5. India @UN climate summit 2014
  6. Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument
  7. Amur Falcon
  8. Lyncodon Odishi
  9. Revamping NDMA


  1. SC forms 5 member panel to asses Jammu and Kashmir flood damage (not important because names not announced yet and report yet to publish)
  2. UP bans diclofenac. (Vulture -diclo already covered in old article, hence nothing new.)


SepW1: Public health special

  1. H1: Ebola virus outbreak
  2. H2: Kala Azar-revised strategy
  3. H3: Cavilon for Boxers
  4. H4: Free Rotavirus vaccine
  5. H5: Sickle Cell Anemia
  6. H6: XDR-TB
  7. H7: TB: Email + Survey
  8. H8: BRCA genes Patented in Australia
  9. H9: Eye donation
  10. H10: NOTTO
  11. H11: Misc. Developments


Ignored entirely

  1. LASIK (sent to W3)
  2. Genetic engineering (sent to W3)
  3. Sniffer dog molecule (send to W3)
  4. CATS,GEDI, LAM, 3D printer in space (later in space compilation)
  5. GSAT6 (same as above)
  6. Sapphire glass (sent to W4)

SepW3 again public health

  1. Ayush mission
  3. Hepatitis license
  4. Infant mortality and how to prevent it
  5. Tribal health problems
  6. Harmful food chemicals
  7. Sharvan implant
  8. Newborn action plan
  9. National nutrition mission
  10. Problems in NRHM
  11. NHRC sends notice to Government why shortage of anti-HIV drugs? Ignore for now, imp but someday in a bigger picture
  12. UNMEER for Ebola (later I’ll update it in the SepW1 when ball by ball commentary stops)


  1. Neutrino observatory (later in space compilation)
  2. Aircraft Dakota, naval ships with stealth features (later in a defense compilation).


  1. Mars mission (done already)
  2. Synthetic biology
  3. GSLV Mk3
  4. Shell BASH bug
  5. Facebook internet drones
  6. India will fail in MDG maternal death targets
  7. Harsha-wisdom on eliminating various diseases
  8. Terrestrial Observation and Predicting System (TOPS)
  9. e-toilets in schools

History and Culture


  1. Ayyankali (1863-1941)
  2. Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar (1891-1956)
  3. Bidriware Metal craft
  4. Racial Hatred: Bezbaruah Commission for North Eastern People
  5. Stamps of 8 musicians
  6. Nehru 125 (later deserves separate article.)


Ayyankali (covered along with W1)


  1. Channaswami-bharati
  2. Hyderabad liberation day+ related Frontline book review
  3. Gorta village and Op.Polo
  4. Shuddhi sabha and tanzim.
  5. Sadar vs 370 (let frontline come up with article)
  6. Lalitkala academy 60 years of
  7. Tulu language and Tulu Paaddanas


  1. Thugs in British India
  2. Koti lingala
  3. Wesak festival
  4. Mysore Dasara
  5. Maharaja Nandakumar
  6. Komagata Maru Incident
  7. Railway- 6 pilgrim tourist packages (although not much important- too much data)

Moral Disclaimers

Q1. What is the purpose of listing these topics? You have not written any content about them!

Ans. those are the topics from Hindu, Indian express, PIB, frontline, EPW, which I consider important for the prelims and mains. I’ll be covering them in future articles under [Current] Series.

Q2. Will you finish all these topics in your articles?

Ans. No. Unlike Salman Khan, I make no “commitment” of delivering anything on deadlines. Same reason, I don’t sell any of my stuff for Rs.7500, 9500, 11000, 45000 or 95000.

Q3. then why have you listed these topics?

Ans. To help the serious players crosscheck and update their notes accordingly. And to alert those who are still fighting with eachother over cutoffs- that much water has passed, and it’s time to get back to business.

Q4. XYZ topic was in news but you’ve not included it here.

Ans. True, for example, Government made it compulsory for scientists to teach a few hours in schools Or the Hindi Diwas and Rajbhasha awards and truckload of other topics- it depends on my interpretation of their Cost: Benefit.

Q5. What about [Current] June to August?

Ans. will try to cover only the important topics from that era. Right now Modi is in full swing- be it IR, economy or schemes. Therefore, September is first priority.

Q6. You should write neutral articles. Your pro-Modi, pro-right wing, pro-free market articles are hurting my eyes.

Ans. I write the way I enjoy writing. A civil service aspirant should be mature enough to wade through such content and extract points useful for him.

[accordion] [accordion_item title=”Anti Hindu Rants”]

Pros and Cons of CSAT

With respect to Hindu column: Pros and Cons of CSAT:

  • What is the point of publishing that article at this time, when everyone has ‘moved on’ with their life?
  • Writer has given the most absurd idea “bring optionals back in the prelim stage”. If anyone will benefit from such move- coaching walla and book publishers; but not the aspirants.

I can think of only three ‘rational’ reasons why Hindu published that CSAT article:

  1. to keep the controversy and protests alive OR
  2. to get more web-traffic for their site (just like the other Hindi newspaper did with stirring up the age-reduction rumor again)  OR
  3. Hindu’s is not getting enough ad-contracts these days hence they filled up space with such ‘pending’ articles which were originally submitted back in July-August when CSAT controversy was at peak.


TheHindu should be renamed into NASA-DINO-CANCER-HinduTM because:

  1. Almost every week, atleast one new dinosaur is discovered for example:
    1. 12th Sep: an “alien” like dinosaur which has mouth like crocodile and legs like a duck.
    2. 14th Sep: Scientists found an actual dinosaur who resembles that flying creature in “AVATAR” called IKRAN.
  2. Hindu has taken franchise from NASA- to publish ball by ball daily commentary on everything. I bet even American newspapers are not so obsessed with NASA.
  3. Xyz fruit/vegetable has anti-cancer molecules. I’ve read this line for the 10,000th time in Hindu. Seems Hindu editor’s workflow is “whenever we don’t have sufficient ad contracts, simply fill-up page with veggi-cancer-news-template”.
  4. Better understanding of ____ diseases is needed“.  I’ve read this headline for the 1000th time in Hindu. So, according to them, if better understanding of every diseases is needed then why don’t you simply publish a book/DVD and distribute it free of cost to everybody?

Pythons are venomous, nope?

  • God can bleed and except General Dong, everyone else can be wrong- because I found an error inTheHindu article: “pythons suffer a bad stomach if they feed on a dead animal because their deadly (and also digestion-aiding) venom requires blood circulation to take full effect.”
  • This is wrong because pythons are non-venomous. Ref: truckload of google books.

Only freshers need calcium?

Fresh at college? ensure proper calcium intake

  1. Means only fresher’s need calcium, so seniors don’t need calcium?
  2. What about students joining polytechnic, ITI, diploma or IGNOU’s distance education courses- they don’t need calcium?

I’m worried because some ChirkootTM type UPSC players take TheHindu too seriously. So they might interpret it in above manner, and will give wrong nutritional advice to their juniors and siblings.

Sardar is back

  • Amit Shah says Sardar would have saved us from 370/Kashmir problem.
  • Last year too Modi made statement about Sardar being ‘wrongly portrayed as communal / mistreated by Congis’.
  • Then both Hindu and frontline kept writing dozens of articles and UPSC aspirants had to prepare it as the most important topic for mains and interview 2013.
  • Seems the history will repeat for 2014 too- “Sardar vs 370”. let’s see if next frontline issue covers it.

Lucky Richard Rahul

Obama intends to nominate Richard Rahul Verma as US Ambassador to India. This Indian-American man served in US Airforce and later practiced as a lawyer in a private firm.

Lucky chap, He didnot have to face stupid UPSC to join Indian Foreign Service. And even luckier because he didn’t have to spent mornings reading TheHindu.

Poor DD daily wager

  • A newsreader of Doordarshan News has been sacked as she pronounced the name of Chinese President Xi Jinping as Eleventh Jinping, mistaking the Xi as roman numeral XI.
  • But she was a casual/daily wage worker hence DD quickly removed her. If she was a fulltime sarkaari employee newreader- then disciplinary inquiry would have gone for next 20 years.

Misc. news

  1. Pistorius can be allowed to represent S.Africa in next Olympics IF judge suspends his prison term- says their Olympic Committee. In other words, killing girlfriend is ok, as long as you’re a celebrity in S.Africa. Seems S.Africa is more bakwaas desh than I had earlier thought. And I fail to understand-why is Pistorius trial given so much daily coverage by both Hindu and Indian express?
  2. Hindu says “Aalishan Pakistan” expo in Delhi evokes mixed response. Well isn’t that obvious? How Pakistan can be ‘aalishan’?- even a KG-kid knows this is bogus marketing propaganda therefore unlikely to visit such expo.
  3. You tell two people have died in bomb blast and then immediacy show to a commercial- this is both sad and funny. The hard fact is that media-news is only about making money. (Some Paki hero said this in Hindu Interview.)
  4. Damn it, Malluperiyar back in news- I’m dead tired of this stupid topic. Anyways, thankfully nothing new- just that panel visited the site.
  5. Just when I thought gas-pricing had become a dead topic- another panel submits report. then another column on production sharing contract.#never-ending-struggle-continues.

After thought: By default, I disagree with anything theHindu columnists have to say, even without reading it-except when they criticize Bollywood movies in reviews.
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