[SSC-2013-ReExam] Official answerkey for T2 uploaded. IF Errors, contact their office on/before 7th October

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  1. Official Answerkey: SSC T2 Re-exam 2013
  2. SSC Re-exam (20-July-Rest of India)
  3. MPPSC Prelim  2014
  4. UPPSC Upper Subordinate Prelim 2014
  5. UPPSC Mains 2013

Official Answerkey: SSC T2 Re-exam 2013

SSC had conducted CGL-2013 Tier2 Re-exam during 20 and 21th September. I’ve uploaded zip file containing official answer keys:


Alternatively you can visit official SSC page and download them.

Did you find error in Official Answerkey?

Then write letter/fax to following officer, along with question booklet code, question number with the authentic answer and explanation:

Shri Gopinath Nayak, US(Q.B)

Staff Selection Commission,

Block No.12, CGO Complex,

Lodhi Road, New Delhi.

FAX: 011-24364797

Deadline: 7th October

Remaining part of the article, is already know to you.  I’ll scan and upload the question papers of Tier2 soon.

SSC Re-exam (20-July-Rest of India)

Download link (including answers)

I’ve uploaded these papers
Morning Evening
  1. 152 SG 3
  2. 013 TM 2
  3. 687 RK 0
  4. 467 RN 3
  1. 623 MP 3
  2. 325 RJ 4
I don’t have following papers (atleast for now!)
Morning Evening
  1. 592 KH 4
  2. 682 L J 6
  3. 576 KM 3
  4. 129 MP 2
  1. 128 KJ 2
  2. 124 LG 5
  3. 016 MN 6
  4. 319 RH 7
  5. 426 SG 1
  6. 514 TN 2

For those who’re new to this game

  • Last year’s SSC CGL 2013 was cancelled due to Nakal-maafia in North India.
  • Then re-exam was held first in 7 centres of North India (April 2014)…..and later another re-exam for rest of India (July 2014).
  • Above link contains papers of both exams.

MPPSC Prelim  2014

It was held on 27th July 2014. Question papers for General studies paper 1, paper 2 and OFFICIAL answer keys, uploaded here

UPPSC Upper Subordinate Prelim 2014

It was held on 3rd August 2014. Following link contains, question paper and official answerkeys General studies paper1, paper 2 (Set-D)

UPPSC Mains 2013

It was held between 1 July to 17 July. following link contains GS1, GS2, Essay, Hindi and optional subject Public Administration and geography.


  • if links don’t work try with different browser- preferably google chrome
  • Download may not work with mobile browsers. Try with desktop PC/laptop.
  • All files in PDF format.
  • Courtsey Mr.Chandra Deo for arranging all these papers.
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184 Comments on “[SSC-2013-ReExam] Official answerkey for T2 uploaded. IF Errors, contact their office on/before 7th October”

  1. ssc cgl 2014 form kab nikla tha?

    ssc cgl 2013 re ke chakkar mein bilkul ghanchakkar ho gaya

    koi hai jo mere dard ka humdard ban sakay?

    1. bro SSC-CGL 2014 notification came a long time ago ( in jan-feb) …….. , you missed it because of ghanchakkarpantiii of cgl2013 ..
      but dont worry , try something else or wait for cgl2015 …
      there is always a good chance waiting for you .
      all the best for your future

    2. hahaha…sahi hai dost!
      koi nahi..i hope you have qualified the 2013 ka tier 1..
      and I pray that you make it to your desired job this time itself..


  2. ADMIT CARD FOR re exam of COMBINED GRADUATE LEVEL (TIER-II) EXAMINATION, 2013 (northern region) are out.

  3. Sir,It is requested that same thing may be provided in Hindi so that hindhi medium aspirant will be benifited.

  4. can anyone tell me about job profile of assistant in IB. And also difference in acio and assistant in IB.

  5. Prepare wholeheartedly for SSC cgl 2015. go through mrunal sir’s advice on the same. Additionally I would like to share my experience I.e. simultaneously look after bank PO, the key to success is to do practice papers rigorously of kiran publication/dhankar only(line by line) again and again for SSC, n take one PO/MT practice set of dhankar publication(latest) only and do practice of reasoning and General awareness. Continuously read newspaper thoroughly as mrunal sir had suggested ever do make imp notes regularly follow (preferably) DNA on zee news and samachar plus on dd news and any other news channel you would like to but avoid watching silly discussions by nuisance politicians and also abstain from daily serials and devote that time to practice a SSC set paper instead!!!

    1. I CAN suggest you to get it from book stall and it cost only 20 rupees for old 10 years unsolved papers.

      if you belongs to allahabad then you can visit katra market.

      are you taking history as optional??
      mine is also history.

      i want some help in this subject regarding previous cutoff and study material.

      please reply to my gmail id suiitkumar@gmail.com

  6. Ashutosh pandey,
    I am searching papers so dat I can decide which optional to take ..nt able to clear prelims dis tym

  7. SSC has uploaded Official Answerkey of Tier2 Re exam of 2013, conducted in September 2014.
    I’ve uploaded the article with the zip fil and links.
    Corrections in the answerkey can be sent to SSC HQ on/before 7th October.

  8. Mrunal Sir…I am getting total 380 marks in cgle 1 and cgle 2 …any chances of getting interview call??

  9. hello sir! was wondering whether i have any chance of getting any post. SSC CGL total score (excluding interview) 311 . category- UR. thanks!

  10. it shows hw incompetent ssc is in itself ,, many errors in ssc answerkeys ,,what a level taking rectt exam and then asking same ppl for justification…..of errors,,,

    1. How many errors are there? There are many people boasting of securing about 350 in tier 2. I didn’t score to my hearts content in either of the paper as per the key published by them.
      Anyways, my total score is around 430, General Category. Can you give some advice or predictions? I failed at that SIDBI exam so finally gathered the guts to sum my score.

  11. Sir, tax assistant ki post k lie statistic graduation me ek subject hona chayie kya ? Tier2 me statistic ka paper dena jaruri hai kya tax assistant ki post k liye?
    Plz rply

  12. What are the chances for 425 score gen category in ssc cgl 2013 exam..? Central excise k chances kitne h..?

  13. hi frnds my brother got hallticket today for ssc cgl 2014 and his exam was on 19oct 10am. I have nt received my hall ticket yet.whether online downloading of hall ticket is ther or only offline mode pls reply

      1. I filled up ssc cgl 14 application form twice,as I committed mistake in the first form.My exam is on 19 oct and I received my hall ticket.But this hall ticket is for the registration no which I got while filling the form first tym.But in ssc cgl notification it is mentioned that in case of multiple application the last form will be accepted.So what should I do now????

        1. u can file a case as it was strictly mentioned in the notification that in case of multiple registration , the latest one will be accepted.

  14. SSC TIER II 2013 RE-EXAM
    TEST FORM NO. 234TM2

    Q.NO. 95. The sum of two numbers is equal to 20 and their difference is 25. The ratio of the two numbers is:
    A) 9:7 B) 7:9 C)3:5 D) 2:7

      1. beta logic gayi tel lene.. :P
        the question is wrong itself.. yet ssc has given the answer in the key! now you can guess why aspirants are frustrated..

    1. None of the options.

      I think, those who attempted this question will get the marks. So you can add 2 marks to your total :D

    2. hello, Leonidus, Arnab, Apoorv, Albin George..
      Thats the point i want to make
      Either the Question or the options are wrong.

  15. i feel there are too many mistakes in the eng ans key. currently consolidating my ans and the reasons i feel they are better.

    1. Yes even i agree with u….r u mailing ssc for answer correction…plz do it even m gonna do…more ppl den dey vl consider

      1. thats the current plan – but with multiple holidays next week, not sure if the post will reach and/or they will receive it. keeping fingers crossed. i am talking with different people on other forums as well.. majority of us agree that there are mistakes but are also skeptical if representations would actually bring any result.

        1. Even I have encountered many errors in Eng key.But what could be the basis of our sending a clarification. Are you planning on citing examples from English grammar books? Or just sending your view point?

          1. you can simply write to them in blank paper and justify the answer they will consider it.

          2. Without providing them source and referance we make our objection go unheard, so if you are taking whole lot of pain to write them then why dont to do little homework and come up with sources based on which you can counter the answers provided by SSC. Answers given in plain paper without authentication wont draw their attention hence no point in spending so much time and energy.

  16. Sir, what could be the minimum marks in ssc-cgl 2013 to get interview call according to you.. ? please reply..
    Thank you

  17. Arnab,

    Initially it appeared to me also thought that eng answerkey was wrong but then i cross checked them on net and found that they were indeed right. Now, I dont think there is any wrong answer in eng answer key. U also please clarify on net before posting any letter.

        1. hey frnds…there r mistakes in maths paper answer key also….in the graph/table ques….is there anyone who also find like this????

          1. which one…minimum rate of increase in sales..?..is this the quest u r refering to.?

      1. For this queston I think there could be mutiple answers. I googled the world and also searched for the word in Merriam Webster dictionery. In all sources it was indicated that both rattle and rumble is used for movement of trains for example -1. The train rumbles through town twice a day. 2. Train Rumbles Through Busy Thailand Market. 3. Suburban train rattles past our room. After looking at these examples I am pretty much confused as to how we can give submission to ssc for considering right answers where we ourselves are not clear about correct choices.

    1. i am pretty sure at least 5-7 of them are incorrect. i have used used net as well.. and grammar texts and past experience with GRE.

      1. m done wid d sending of letter…lets c kya hota hai…u guyz also plz write to dem regarding errors…

  18. Mrunal ji, I’m getting 394(116+138+140) out of 600 in ssc cgl 2013 re exam. I belong to UR n I prefer posting near my home town(rajahmundry, east godavari dist, andhra pradesh). Also the desk jobs. What are my chances? And from where can I know about this? Plz help me. Thanking u sir.

    1. hi susmitha….i think ur score is good enough to get the post u preferred……but nothing will be finalised until u attend interview as score in that also counts in the final merit list….all the best

    2. never waste time worrying about scores. yours is decent enough to start preps for interview. utilise your time doing the preps.

    Is there any special image editing software you are using… Please do help suggest me if any such is available..

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