[SSC-2013-ReExam] Official answerkey for T2 uploaded. IF Errors, contact their office on/before 7th October

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Mrunal’s UPSC GSM3-2020 Model Answer lecture: Science Technology, Internal Security Border Management Questions from last Mains Exam Solved!
  1. Official Answerkey: SSC T2 Re-exam 2013
  2. SSC Re-exam (20-July-Rest of India)
  3. MPPSC Prelim  2014
  4. UPPSC Upper Subordinate Prelim 2014
  5. UPPSC Mains 2013

Official Answerkey: SSC T2 Re-exam 2013

SSC had conducted CGL-2013 Tier2 Re-exam during 20 and 21th September. I’ve uploaded zip file containing official answer keys:


Alternatively you can visit official SSC page and download them.

Did you find error in Official Answerkey?

Then write letter/fax to following officer, along with question booklet code, question number with the authentic answer and explanation:

Shri Gopinath Nayak, US(Q.B)

Staff Selection Commission,

Block No.12, CGO Complex,

Lodhi Road, New Delhi.

FAX: 011-24364797

Deadline: 7th October

Remaining part of the article, is already know to you.  I’ll scan and upload the question papers of Tier2 soon.

SSC Re-exam (20-July-Rest of India)

Download link (including answers)

I’ve uploaded these papers
Morning Evening
  1. 152 SG 3
  2. 013 TM 2
  3. 687 RK 0
  4. 467 RN 3
  1. 623 MP 3
  2. 325 RJ 4
I don’t have following papers (atleast for now!)
Morning Evening
  1. 592 KH 4
  2. 682 L J 6
  3. 576 KM 3
  4. 129 MP 2
  1. 128 KJ 2
  2. 124 LG 5
  3. 016 MN 6
  4. 319 RH 7
  5. 426 SG 1
  6. 514 TN 2

For those who’re new to this game

  • Last year’s SSC CGL 2013 was cancelled due to Nakal-maafia in North India.
  • Then re-exam was held first in 7 centres of North India (April 2014)…..and later another re-exam for rest of India (July 2014).
  • Above link contains papers of both exams.

MPPSC Prelim  2014

It was held on 27th July 2014. Question papers for General studies paper 1, paper 2 and OFFICIAL answer keys, uploaded here

UPPSC Upper Subordinate Prelim 2014

It was held on 3rd August 2014. Following link contains, question paper and official answerkeys General studies paper1, paper 2 (Set-D)

UPPSC Mains 2013

It was held between 1 July to 17 July. following link contains GS1, GS2, Essay, Hindi and optional subject Public Administration and geography.


  • if links don’t work try with different browser- preferably google chrome
  • Download may not work with mobile browsers. Try with desktop PC/laptop.
  • All files in PDF format.
  • Courtsey Mr.Chandra Deo for arranging all these papers.
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184 Comments on “[SSC-2013-ReExam] Official answerkey for T2 uploaded. IF Errors, contact their office on/before 7th October”

  1. there are a bunch of mistakes in eng answer.Is it prepared by a fool… what kind of idiots are sitting in SSC ….

    1. hey frnds…there r mistakes in maths paper answer key also….in the graph/table ques….is there anyone who also find like this????

        1. no..last two ques answer is right..i m talking about first 3 ques and mainly about that finding ratio wala ques…m sure that my ans is right but in answer key of ssc of my set , wrong ans is given….

        2. yes my ans is also 7:19
          thanks hello…becoz of u, i checked my ans again and found that previously i checked with visu. handicapped answer key. therefore my last 5 ques’s ans were not matching..

  2. I wrote CGL 2013(tier 2) re examination held on 21-09-2014.I had done a mistake while filling the name in OMR sheet..My name is”P SUDARSHAN REDDY”.I have bubbled “P SUDASSHAN REDDY” then I requested the “SSC OFFICER” in the concerned center to make any change,but he told that whitener should not be used.So,I have again bubbled as”P.SUDARSHAN REDDY”with out strike off the previous one(i.e., bubbled two circlesin the fifth column i.e., “R and S”).I have tensed whether my OMR sheet will be evaluated or not.if not, whether there is any possibility to make correction .I am requesting you to do favour as soon as possible

    1. Whitner is allowed in ssc exams . You can use whitner to correct anything in omr.
      Even other exams like state pcs and upsc – whitner is allowed to correct name / rollno / mandatory fields but not for correcting any answers.

    2. unfortunately your paper is going to get rejected. you will get 0 marks……. better luck next time.

    3. There wont be any problem for you in getting your OMR sheet evaluated as SSC has started allowing whiteners in its all exams. They have provided details of such nature on their websites. Besides, on OMR sheet they provide in instructions that if you want to change the choice of answer, then remove the ink completely from previously filled oval and fill the new oval. For other mistakes such as writing candidate name wrongly or spelling mistake in names, you should immediately write to ssc concerned. However I feel you wont face any adverse action from SSC as such mistakes are normal and are often committed due to inappropriate advices of invigilators and SSC knows it well so just chill and worry not.

  3. hello mrunal i already mailed you the remaining papers of ssc cgl Re-exam which was held on july.please check the spam folder on your mail.

    1. Hi kiran,

      As we know mrunal sir is busy these days in writing essays for mains students, may be he will not get time to upload those papers before 19/26. can you please send me the same mail.

  4. Im getting 114+94+122=330marks, sc category…which posts shall i get, plz somebody clarify…not thinking these marks are sufficient

      1. getting css is difficult for this score, last time the cutoff for interview post for sc category was around 330, Im also not sure tat which post wil get for my score…plz let me know about what others are getting in our category

  5. ssc cgl 2014
    when the admit cards of ssc cgl2014 will be available
    and how can we know that when the exam it is on 19 oct or 26 oct

  6. Sir I need help. I have filled the prelims form by selecting History as optional for mains examination but now I wanted to take Public administration as option. Can I change optional subject in DAF Detailed Application form

    1. I too have similar issue. I even tried to contact UPSC, but they are not responding.Let me know if you figureout.

  7. I filled up ssc cgl 14 application form twice,as I committed mistake in the first form.My exam is on 19 oct and I received my hall ticket.But this hall ticket is for the registration no which I got while filling the form first tym.But in ssc cgl notification it is mentioned that in case of multiple application the last form will be accepted.So what should I do now????

    1. You must be having the registration id of the form that you filled later. Just download your admit card online with that registration id.

  8. Anybody pls tell me where I can download question paper of SSC CGL 2013 tier 2. Is it uploaded in any website……

  9. Sir I have wrongly filled my dob as 20/10/1988 instead of 20/10/1987 in ssc cgl 2013 form. Please friends suggest me what should I do now?? Please I am very much tensed.

  10. Any body is able to download CGL 2014 admit card for Delhi region NR …..please reply ..they have not provided link to download admit card

    1. THey have now, but somehow even though I submitted on 31st, my center is “Tibdi, Haridwar” instead of Delhi.. Any suggestions?

  11. This is the most competitive CGL Exam till date.. The Cutoff for Interview Post shud be atleast 380-385……

    1. yes…just think positive…u r done wid ur part no point in wasting time as our beloved Mrunal Sir says..:)

    2. Last year the cut-off was 349 for interview call. But then, the prelims cut off was 82 or something… This year the prelims cut off was 106, you can guess the probable rise in cut offs accordingly.

    3. I think you have good chance of getting interview call. But your marks for making it to good posts wont be suffice so prepare if possible for CGL 2014. The competition for interview post would be very high as the exam is being conducted after long delay and much contorversy which in consequence gave ample time to students to prepare well. All the best


    my age is less than 35 years and above 30 years. and i belong to an ST category. i am eligible for 2 posts only.

    i had applied for SSC and when i checked for my admit card, it says Overage.

    i am certainly not over age.

    what should i do??? i am bit tensed now..

  13. sir n friends , when i had applied for ssc cgl 2014 (in feb) by that time i hadnt completed my degree but i have completed my degree now (in june) ..so AM I ELIGIBLE FOR S.S.C 2014 I have received my admit card so what to do ?? PLS HELP MY EXAM IS ON 19 OCT ..& when i filled my form i filled examination cnter as DELHI (2201) but in admit card my examination centre is AJMER (2401) is the similar problem with any other …pls do reply

  14. Hello friends, please don’t waste your time here by asking what post I will get for this score etc.. Nobody knows what will be Tier-2 cut-off this year. Let the result of tier-2 be out, then we can discuss. It’ll be good to invest time in preparation and studies.

  15. can any body tell me hw to download cgl 2014 admit card of karnataka region i tried in ssckkr.kar.nic.in but i couldnot find any link their

    1. you should check http://www.sscsr.gov.in

      i checked the site and it says that admit cards for ssc cgl 2014 has been dispatched and the same will be uploaded soon for downloading.

      All the best for your exam preparation :)

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