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Result PDF links

UPSC has uploaded result for CSAT-2014 preliminary exam

  • For Civil service click me ~16,900 candidates selected. (So Delhi-rumor that 20,000 will clear prelim turns out to be fake.)
  • For Forest service click me ~1100 candidates selected.

I stopped applying in UPSC since a long time, but the gang members cum content writers Rajtanil and Shivaram have cleared
Moral of the story: sharing knowledge with others, doesn’t reduce your competitive chances.

@those who couldn’t clear CSAT-2014

I know how much it hurts. In 2008, I gave my first prelim and despite high hopes, I failed. Why?

  1. I had underestimated Delhi and all India level competition. So while my preparation was ‘good’ but not ‘excellent’- in terms of number of hours spent every day in reading, revision and practice.
  2. Pushed too much luck in negative marking to cross imaginary cutoffs.
  3. I had relied on chronicle, wizard, CST for both current affairs and static-theory preparation using their ‘prelim-special history-geography-science’ etc. editions.
  4. I did not touch Hindu because I thought those magazines were sufficient. Besides Hindu paper wasn’t available at my place, so it gave me convenient excuse from that majoori.
  5. I read NCERTs and Laxmikanth, but in a causal manner, hardly any revision.
  6. I never bothered to solve past UPSC papers on my own – to find the source of question and topicwise trend. Otherwise I would not have made the mistakes number 3, 4 and 5.
  7. I did not maintain notes for anything.
  8. I did not prepare aptitude in exhaustive manner, only mugged up a few formulas and “read” a few sums. I was a math-hater therefore a grave-digger myself.
  9. In those pre-CSAT years, we had to give optional subject’s paper as well. In Public Administration, I had prepared Laxmikanth but, did not focus on Mohit, Prasad etc, nor did I maintain notes for the thinkers and their quotes.

Back in those days, internet was a ‘luxury’, and hardly any online resources available. All the “How-to” was concentrated only in the coaching factories of Delhi.

The world has changed a lot in last six years. But those who fail in prelims, they continue to make similar set of mistakes even today. and 2014, new factors crept in:

  • Anti-CSAT protests, whether Government will postpone the prelim or not? That uncertainty would have affected preparation of many.
  • CSAT-2014 was rather a trend breaker particularly in the environment-agro part as we saw during answer key analysis.  But in such unusually tough papers, the first timers make silly mistake of ticking too many MCQs on gut-feeling, in fear of ‘imaginary cutoffs’, thus dig their own graves.

Anyways, the debate over cutoffs, question quality, UPSC’s back-breakingTM and back-strengtheningTM moves- will never end. But at some point, you’ve have to find and rectify the mistakes. Otherwise, can’t hope for a different result, if you keep doing the same things. And the nature of UPSC exam is such that you’ll end up wasting 3-4 attempts without even realizing that time has passed so quickly and precious years of youthlife are gone.

  1. Large scale vacancies announced in ACIO and NICL. You can check their last dates on left hand navigation column.
  2. Soon IGNOU will launch registration forms for its PG programs for December cycle. do register yourself for any decent course of your choice.

As I keep saying never put all eggs in one basket. Always have “backup” ready in advance. The fact that you care to read this far- shows that you’re a serious player, and I’ve no doubt that you’ll be a successful person sooner or later. But Hard work, perseverance and at the ability to learn from mistakes= essential.

@Those who cleared

Congratulations. Next stage: you’ve to fillup a new form called “DAF application form”

detail civil service forest service
candidates cleared ~16900 ~1100
form will be uploaded on UPSC site 28th October to 11th Nov. 17 to 31 October
last date to print and send paper-post of that form to UPSC office 18th November 7th November
Mains exam starts from 14th December Sun. 22nd November Sat.

UnHelpdesk numbers

un-helpdesk because they rarely respond, and every guy gives a new or vague answer: 011-23385271,  011-23098543  or  011-23381125

RTI stonewalling continues

This time, Lord Curzone specifically mentioned in the result PDF itself that:

  • they won’t release Answerkey and cutoffs before entire process is over (i.e. 2015- after interview and final selection)
  • They won’t entertain any RTI in this regard.

I had won this case at CIC level few years ago, but UPSC went to high court. Since then just Taarikh pe taarikh and I don’t even have Sunny Deol to fight my case.

Result withheld
Civil service 407292 , 051913, 990000 , 990001 , 990002 , 990003 , 990004 , 990005 , 990006 , 990007 , 990008
Forest service None. lucky guys.

Mains Timetable (Civil Service)

This year’s timetable, yet to be uploaded. But here is last year’s timetable for reference for first time players. You can see 2 papers every day, hardly any holiday between two exams.

Important: this is last year’s timetable
date time paper
2 Dec. 2013 9 to 12 Essay
2 to 5 Compulsory English language paper
3 Dec. 2013 9 to 12 GS1
2 to 5 GS2
5th Dec. 2013 9 to 12 GS3
2 to 5 GS4
7th 9 to 12 Optional Paper 1
2 to 5 Optional Paper 2
8th 9 to 12 regional language paper

Mains Timetable (Forest Service)

click me to download PDF.