1. SBI Associate PO: Why share experience?
  2. Online MCQ paper: 200 marks
  3. Descriptive paper: 50 marks
  4. Overall Attempt and wisdom

SBI Associate PO Experience Sharing?

  • but Problem with these online bank exams= Authorities don’t share the question papers under Right to information act (RTI)
  • So, it becomes difficult for the next years’ aspirants to gauge the trend-difficulty level.

Therefore, recently I’ve taken the initiative to get question list from readers.

SBI Associate PO 2014 question paper

  • RBI Assistant 2014 exam: Question list is now compiled in the article itself. click me
  • RBI Grade “B” Prelims: comments from page2 onwards.
  • IBPS PO 2014 Prelims: comments from page1 onwards.

One of my team mate Ankiit Srivastava is tasked with preparing list of topic wise questionlist for all of above exam. RBI assistant page already finished. Same will be done with remaining RBI, IBPS and SBI exams. Therefore, I request the players: share their experience in comments below, preferably in following format:

Online MCQ paper: 200 marks

  1. General Awareness
    1. Subpart Marketing- nature and no. of questions.
    2. Subpart Computer- nature and no. of questions e.g. security, OS, DBMS, networking etc.
    3. What was the span of current affairs (3 months, 6 months, 8 months..)
    4. How much was current affairs vs static theory?
    5. How much portion from banking and economy questions? Example questions?
    6. Within banking segment- how much current vs static theory?
    7. Did they ask anything from economic survey / budget 2014?
    8. How much focus on [PIN] persons in news, books, authors, awards etc.? Example questions?
    9. Overall nature- how many trivial GK type (e.g. how many crores allotted in xyz scheme- this type of questions asked in RBI assistant. so did SBI follow that trend?)
    10. Overall difficulty level and how many questions did you attempt in this section correctly?
  2. Reasoning (High-level)
    1. Variety of questions- sitting arrangement/ syllogism / input-out etc?
    2. Did they ask non-verbal reasoning? (Image based questions) if yes what variety? (Paper folding / mirror images / dice color etc.)
    3. Overall Difficulty level and how many questions did you attempt in this section correctly?
  3. Data interpretation
    1. How many DI sets given? Avg. no of questions per set?
    2. Difficultly level of DI sets- (A) easy questions but lengthy calculation (B) difficult questions but easy calculation (C) both questions and calculations were difficult.
    3. Did they ask any basic maths qs. like interest rate, profit-loss, time work etc. or was it entirely based on Data interpretation sets?
    4. Did they ask permutation combination probability and Venn diagrams?
    5. Overall Difficulty level and how many questions did you attempt in this section correctly?
  4. English language
    1. How many Qs from comprehension? Their length and difficultly level compared to SBI PO / CAT / CSAT/ RBI Officer?
    2. Did they ask separate questions on vocabulary, phrases, synonym-antonym etc? (or was it part of the comprehension passage e.g. what is the meaning of underlined word in passage)?
    3. Did they ask sentence arrangement sets like CDS and CAT exam?
    4. Did they ask sentence correction, if yes how difficult?
    5. How many grammar questions (active-passive, direct-indirect, do as directed.)
    6. Overall, Difficulty level and how many questions did you attempt in this section correctly?

Descriptive paper (50 marks)

  • Essay: List of topics given, which topic did you select? What was the word limit and marks?
  • Comprehension: how long was the passage? many questions and marks? Difficulty level?
  • Précis: did they give separate passage for précis? or were you asked to shorten the same passage from comprehension? and how many marks and difficulty?
  • Letter writing / report writing: topics and marks.


  1. Overall, how many question did you attempt (out of 200 marks)
  2. If you had appeared in previous SBI associate PO, what’s your observation about length-difficultly level of this year, compared to last year?
  3. Any other Wisdom and tips for future aspirants.

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