[SBI Associate PO] Request to share online exam question list, bcoz RTI can’t get it & future aspirants need it

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Majid Hussain
  1. SBI Associate PO: Why share experience?
  2. Online MCQ paper: 200 marks
  3. Descriptive paper: 50 marks
  4. Overall Attempt and wisdom

SBI Associate PO Experience Sharing?

  • but Problem with these online bank exams= Authorities don’t share the question papers under Right to information act (RTI)
  • So, it becomes difficult for the next years’ aspirants to gauge the trend-difficulty level.

Therefore, recently I’ve taken the initiative to get question list from readers.

SBI Associate PO 2014 question paper

  • RBI Assistant 2014 exam: Question list is now compiled in the article itself. click me
  • RBI Grade “B” Prelims: comments from page2 onwards.
  • IBPS PO 2014 Prelims: comments from page1 onwards.

One of my team mate Ankiit Srivastava is tasked with preparing list of topic wise questionlist for all of above exam. RBI assistant page already finished. Same will be done with remaining RBI, IBPS and SBI exams. Therefore, I request the players: share their experience in comments below, preferably in following format:

Online MCQ paper: 200 marks

  1. General Awareness
    1. Subpart Marketing- nature and no. of questions.
    2. Subpart Computer- nature and no. of questions e.g. security, OS, DBMS, networking etc.
    3. What was the span of current affairs (3 months, 6 months, 8 months..)
    4. How much was current affairs vs static theory?
    5. How much portion from banking and economy questions? Example questions?
    6. Within banking segment- how much current vs static theory?
    7. Did they ask anything from economic survey / budget 2014?
    8. How much focus on [PIN] persons in news, books, authors, awards etc.? Example questions?
    9. Overall nature- how many trivial GK type (e.g. how many crores allotted in xyz scheme- this type of questions asked in RBI assistant. so did SBI follow that trend?)
    10. Overall difficulty level and how many questions did you attempt in this section correctly?
  2. Reasoning (High-level)
    1. Variety of questions- sitting arrangement/ syllogism / input-out etc?
    2. Did they ask non-verbal reasoning? (Image based questions) if yes what variety? (Paper folding / mirror images / dice color etc.)
    3. Overall Difficulty level and how many questions did you attempt in this section correctly?
  3. Data interpretation
    1. How many DI sets given? Avg. no of questions per set?
    2. Difficultly level of DI sets- (A) easy questions but lengthy calculation (B) difficult questions but easy calculation (C) both questions and calculations were difficult.
    3. Did they ask any basic maths qs. like interest rate, profit-loss, time work etc. or was it entirely based on Data interpretation sets?
    4. Did they ask permutation combination probability and Venn diagrams?
    5. Overall Difficulty level and how many questions did you attempt in this section correctly?
  4. English language
    1. How many Qs from comprehension? Their length and difficultly level compared to SBI PO / CAT / CSAT/ RBI Officer?
    2. Did they ask separate questions on vocabulary, phrases, synonym-antonym etc? (or was it part of the comprehension passage e.g. what is the meaning of underlined word in passage)?
    3. Did they ask sentence arrangement sets like CDS and CAT exam?
    4. Did they ask sentence correction, if yes how difficult?
    5. How many grammar questions (active-passive, direct-indirect, do as directed.)
    6. Overall, Difficulty level and how many questions did you attempt in this section correctly?

Descriptive paper (50 marks)

  • Essay: List of topics given, which topic did you select? What was the word limit and marks?
  • Comprehension: how long was the passage? many questions and marks? Difficulty level?
  • Précis: did they give separate passage for précis? or were you asked to shorten the same passage from comprehension? and how many marks and difficulty?
  • Letter writing / report writing: topics and marks.


  1. Overall, how many question did you attempt (out of 200 marks)
  2. If you had appeared in previous SBI associate PO, what’s your observation about length-difficultly level of this year, compared to last year?
  3. Any other Wisdom and tips for future aspirants.

For more on banking exams preparation, visit http://Mrunal.org/IBPS.

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282 Comments on “[SBI Associate PO] Request to share online exam question list, bcoz RTI can’t get it & future aspirants need it”

  1. though this article is for the next year candidates use, isn’t it like the level playing field is destroyed by those people who just gave the exam, u are telling the pattern of the question paper, eg: if they asking minister’s portfolio for some, they might ask in next papers for some other portfolio, all one has to do is learn the cabinet min names, isn’t it wrong to public this article while the exam process is still on. ?? u can ask for views , but dont make the comments public. (views are personal, critics prepare well instead creating hue and cry, all the best)

    1. See, everyone who is preparing contemporarily has an idea what all could be asked.Its ok till some point, but you see , if it was not internet than it was lip service earlier, and whats wrong if you know your enemy well enough before the battle?
      IF the question is that it is unfair for those candidates then i can say throughout the year you have on an average 3-4 PO exams (BIG games),so the ones who have it first in one exam are not always the same, So get your edge in other exams.
      But atleat all this makes the aspirant(especially first timers,people from rural background) a bit comfortable.

  2. My total attempt–106
    reasoning— 34
    DI———– 20

    the question paper is not of the difficulty level of the IBPS or the SBI PO level
    exams,the people who are going to give the papers in the coming weeks should try to attempt around 125 questions.
    with an minimum of 20 in each..with good level of accuracy,it would be a great chance.

  3. im damn sure u would have not posted this comment if ur exam was not on the very first day…in these exmas days are not compared..what matters is how u performed in ur shift..

    1. But in the admit card there is instruction given that reproducing the questions in any form or disclosure of questions is punishable.. No one reads tat.. But sharing the difficulty level will help others.. its true..

  4. Mrunal Sir

    The DI questions (charts and all) on computer screen takes a lot of pain especially in getting the data right. Its horrible and I really hate it like anything. But that is what called an ‘exam’.

    Any suggestions ? Besides getting used to umpteen mock tests.


    1. you can use scale by putting it on screen during exams however this problem is common for all so dont worry much. nd thats the reason i love pie charts . they are awesome. ;)

  5. GK part was easy when compared to reasoning. They asked about financial inclusion, micro economic and macro economic and recent current affairs questions related to economics.
    If one thorough with the current affairs of last 3 months, then he can easily crack GK part.
    My attempt – 44 questions.

    English part was average if we exclude comprehension questions since the topics given were not able to understand easily and the passages were lengthy.
    My attempt – 38

    I would say reasoning part was tough among 4 part. There were 2 seating arrangement questions in circular form and row form. These two were based on during positions and directions, I.e implicit questions. As usual, syllogism and equation questions were very easy.
    My attempt – 34 questions

    Data interpretation and analysis questions were average since they asked only two set of data interpretation questions and these were moderate. Decision making and conclusion questions were easy as they have not mady any trick in it.(direct questions)
    My attempt – 35

    Total attempt was 151.
    I can say that the exam was OK compared to SBI PO.
    If anyone is aspiring for bank jobs then he should have practiced problems on percentage, average, loss and profit, syllogism, equations and decision making and conclusion questions.
    All the best for everyone for their exam.

    1. Can you pleasr elaborate more on DI? I mean questions were asked from which all topics. On an average how many questions were asked from each topic in DI?

      1. 5 questions from each.. Ratio of men and women and total population given and questions based on tat.. like tat simple.. few questions needed more calculations.. but whn u read the question u can undrstand whethr it is easy to do or not and u can skip the lengthy questions..

    2. How many u attempted in ibps po?

    3. could you exaplain me about descriptive paper ??

    4. frm whr u studied GA?

  6. Can anyone elaborate the question pattern in Quantitative n English sections. and what was the difficulty level in Reasoning part when compared to IBPS PO n SBI PO exam??

  7. Sir i got you.. bt want to ask some different question .. i hope you wont mind..
    sir is that possible to get the feed back of your Services Selection Boards result.. [SSB for defence entry] through RTI?
    I am bit confuse and if yes then how to apply ..
    I want to know my lackings for the post of Officer in Army Staff..

    thanks for entertaining

    1. You can’t file RTI


  9. what was the previous year cutoff ???

  10. my reporting time is 8 am. it is impossible to reach by that time. I may reach 10 min late. Will there be any problem?
    Do they allow?

    1. if u already know that u may not reach on time then, do leave bit early for the exam…
      a bit of common sense….;)

  11. Anyone knows how to reach this centre from noida city centre metro stat? not able to locate on google maps . MS INFO LINE SERVICES A-33 2ND FLOOR SECTO R-64 NOIDA UTTAR PRADESH INDIA PIN – 201307 .

    1. Hi Vishwa,
      i got the same centre . Hope by now u must have appeared for ur exam.mine is on 30th.Guide me how to reach the centre.
      Thanks and all the best for your results :)

      1. Frm noida city centre metro stat u wil find many auto rickshaw guys who knows abt d exam… u just tell them abt exam they will drop u . they charge around 30rs , if u r sharing . 20 min ride …. All the best somit…:-)

  12. Hiii every1, can any1 tell me wat was d weightage for marketing? And what sources to b used for studying it? Plz:

    1. around 15-18 ques I guess.

    2. around 15-18 ques I guess.
      are you from Shajahanpur?

      1. No bro. im from pune, maharashtra.. Which books shall i refer 4 marketing

  13. hy friends i b p s rrb result declared i am not scored well
    but best of luck to all

  14. i b p s rrb result out. i am not scored well
    but best of luck to all

  15. I have attempted 136
    English: 35
    Reasoning: 29
    DI: 31
    GA: 41

  16. sbi associate paper was comparitively easy then ibps po . i have attempted a total of 130 questions. and all questions of descriptive paper . i think maths and reasoning was average and can be attempted easily. whereas marketing was tuff and ga was little bit tuff. anyway all best to others try to attempt 120+.

  17. My attempts 132 total and it was showing apart from total 6 marked for review (dont know about the same)
    English: 36
    Reasoning: 34
    DI: 30
    GA: 32

    Descriptive not able to complete the precis

    1. Same pinch bro…..i attempted 124 on 9th….and was unable to complete precis….due to negativity in mind after solving just 124 questions……i answered 120 questions in first 100 mins bt i spoil the whole game after dat….just 4 in last 20 mins…..mixed wid puzzle n cudnt be able to solve….it really really tough….den last 8 mins left nd i moved to DI bt b4 completing the data tym got over….alas….

  18. Hi…..can anyone post Reviews of todays SBI associates exam??…Please…

  19. mrunal sir! completed all 5qus but forget to click on “save next”. maximum candidate did like this. how bank will react on this mistake.

  20. Put a light on descriptive papers mark answered funda.. I forget to mark answer in descriptive paper. Plz reply… :(

  21. CWE for Recruitment of Officer Scale-I held on 06.09.2014 / 07.09.2014 / 13.09.2014 / 14.09.2014 / 26.10.2014

    Name of the candidate KUMAR ASHUTOSH
    Roll No. 2151131565
    Registration No. 1321113433
    Centre of Examination SATNA
    Social Category GENERAL

    Remark : We regret to inform you that we are unable to provide the marks obtained by you as your candidature for the examination has been cancelled since, based on the analysis of your responses carried out at IBPS, you have been identified to have used unfair means during the examination.
    In this context, you may refer to Clause ‘N’ of the detailed advertisement for Online CWE III for recruitment of Officers (Scale-I, II & III) and Office Assistants (Multipurpose) in Regional Rural Banks (RRBs), which has been reproduced below:
    “IBPS would be analysing the responses (answers) of individual candidates with other candidates to detect patterns of similarity of right and wrong answers. If in the analytical procedure adopted by IBPS in this regard, it is inferred/ concluded that the responses have been shared and scores obtained are not genuine/ valid, IBPS reserves right to cancel the candidature of the concerned candidates and the result of such candidates (disqualified) will be withheld.”
    mrunal sir i have attempted 172 questions in that exam and was quite confident of my positive result . sir above is the comment in my result . please sir suggest what should i do . please response . i am in great need right now. bcoz it can be a blot on my life sir.

    1. Dost i read ur comment above it looks that u did work hard but very unfortunate happened to u here i just wanted to say that be strong enough with that nothing in this world whether it be success or failure can cost u ur life. Life is a series of ups n downs. If u r right n feel that u have that potential then you should be mature enough to stand up and fight again as u have lots of option ahead. Prove yourself in lieu of mourning on the things which is a past now. Learn from past and look ahead. Don’t be afraid of aything nothing materialistic in world have such potential to defeat you man. Wake up behave like a “Mard” a hero of your own destiny.

      1. It is true that who stands in hard condition is called the man but I feel this thing to be an unjust to me and I think I must take a stand as tolerating the unjust is proving the allegation on me is right so I want to know what I should do?

        1. @ashu- ashu dont get disappointed. . it happens yar failure is only an opportunity to begin again. . .more wisely. . .
          take a days break. . . relax . . celebrate the fact tht u made an effort. . .pat urself. . .becoz it takes courage. . .to admit putting up ones marks . . . whn we dont make through. . .sumthg. . .and u sure r courageous. . . . watch sum motivational videos on youtube. . , . and
          start preparing again. . .:-):-)
          only whn we refuse to accept failure wil succes salute u. . .:-):-)

          1. Than for your support. I am trying to console . Thanx a lot once again. Let’s wait for ssc cgl key in that also 140 attempt and hopping to score 110. By the way this mis fortune is continuing as RBI assistant I scored 141 and not eligible for interview.

          2. @ashu: I completely get it…. I missed rbi grade b exam by 2 marks… rbi assistant my scores in reasoning and English and gk were 35 each out of 40 but I missed it becoz my quant score and gk score was above cutoff but still low… to make me through the overall cutoff….. my score in ibps rrb po is 104…. officers scale… again no use… I know I missed sbi po becoz of data interpretation section but I am still waiting to see the whole of the result……. what exactly went wrong…. and
            if u are expecting 110 in cgl tier 1 don’t waste tym start preparing straight away for tier 2…. u will definitely clear… I was also disappointed with my own score 104… but then preparing for next exam wisely is the only way out…

      2. My comment may be out of context but I don’t get it that how it is being related to MARD or Man!!! Even Women can also do the same. Let’s start choosing words wisely and sensitively !!

        1. its a proverb . don’t be confused . she is a man is widely used for the woman who shows some extra courage. so don’t take it otherwise.

        2. its a proverb. don’t take it otherwise . even ‘she is a man’ is widely used for the woman who show some extra courage in harsh situation.

          1. I know the meaning. If something is being used widely or for long then it doesn’t mean it is right. If I show courage then by no means I want to be called a man or be like a man. Lets stop using such gender discriminatory proverbs.

        3. Oh not at all out of context Madamoiselle! That was the exact response and most apt consolation he could ever hope for. A lecture on gender equality to someone worried of his future! May I call you ‘The Queen of Propriety’ or ‘Crusader of Her’??

    2. Fronds my good luck continued got 77 marks in ibps po exam and again not selected for interview..

  22. 15th evening batch..!!
    GK -IFSC full form, MICR-number of digits, and other easy questions..by reading hindu paper you can answer atleast 40
    Many sitting arrangements- both in data sufficiency and reasoning. Circular sitting is asked with facing outside and inside.
    DI -normal tables, series and graphs but time constraints. As mrunal bhai says…you need to identify which one leave more than which one to answer.

  23. by reading all the comments, it can be assumed that at least 140 questions should be attempted with 90% accuracy

  24. Does anybody know of any offical email id of SBI to communicate problems related to exam?


    1. Exam is conducted by IBPS, so any question regarding exam will be entertained by IBPS only.

    2. hi friend

      mail your problem to this mail id
      [email protected] or call on their toll free number

      Toll free Helpline Number for Candidate Queries: 1800 222 366
      (Available from 09:30 AM to 06:00 PM)

      Fax: 91-22-2854 2076

      Please note that w.e.f. 1st May, 2014 Helpline Number will be available from 09:30 AM to 06:00 PM on all days Except Sundays & Bank Holidays applicable in Maharashtra State.

      1. plz tell me how to increase score in ibps,koi kitna practice kre

  25. IBPS RRB ASS. scores 142 koi chance hai kya sir jib milne ka

  26. Hello guys, best book for marketing ???

  27. I too forgot to mark in the last question of descriptive section? I see many candidates with similar problem.Can we in some way bring this to the notice of SBI officials in charge of getting the paper corrected.
    I felt it was really silly to ask the candidate to write everything on the paper including the questions whcih not only led to time waste but also confusion regarding marking answers online?
    They cud have continued with the same format as last year.

  28. IBPS RRB officer-1- 125 marks(cutofff-80)…………..what are the chances?

    Also can anybody tell me a website to check bank jobs(That updates us about all kinds of bank jobs)

    Thanks in advance

  29. hello, can anybody tell me that if the spelling of my father’s name is wrong in the admit card then what will happen?

  30. Will SBI associate recruit every year for po and clerk???

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