[Essays] November Week2: Nehru legacy, knowledge society, age of discontinuity (only Topiclists)

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Mrunal Polity Lecture
  1. Nehru related
  2. Indian Society, Culture & women
  3. Globalization
  4. Education, Science, Religion
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Nehru related

  1. Has India fulfilled Nehru’s vision of a liberal, democratic and united nation?
  2. What is the Nehruvian legacy? (this column in hindu)
  3. Nehru- the man who read history, wrote history and created history. (this column by Natvar Singh)
  4. Nehru- a global statesman, institution builder and humanist. (this column in hindu)
  5. Nehru- a teacher of precepts, a preacher of morals, an interpreter of religion and an ambassador of culture.
  6. The Founding fathers of the strong and democratic India.
  7. History has no other way of answering old questions than by putting new ones. (Karl Marx)

Indian Society, Culture & women

  1. Only a knowledge society can deliver the downtrodden from their dreadful despair.
  2. Bollywood movies: the collective fantasies of the Indians.
  3. Moral policing and the heckler’s veto in India (Context: Kiss of love protest)
  4. When freedom of expression goes against societal values…
  5. Indian society and its moral ills.
  6. The endless wait for justice in India.
  7. Politicization of crime.
  8. Good mothers are backbone of a great nation. (Napoleon Bonaparte)
  9. Educate a woman, educate a generation. (Pranab)


  1. 21st Century: The Age of Discontinuity.
  2. Internet: an open space for innovation, entrepreneurship, and communication.
  3. The collision of Indian, American and Chinese world visions.
  4. World at the brink of a new Cold War. (Mikhail S. Gorbachev believes new Cold war inevitable due to ongoing tension between major powers)

Education, Science, Religion

  1. Schools: the laboratories which produce the future citizens of a State. (Maulana Azad)
  2. Science and religion: two partners using different languages to tell the same story.
  3. Role and value of science for a developing nation. (Noticed this in a column, but seems unlikely to be asked because topic on similar theme already been asked in Mains-2013).

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119 Comments on “[Essays] November Week2: Nehru legacy, knowledge society, age of discontinuity (only Topiclists)”

  1. they wont do this time.. because they gave extra 2 attempts this year only.. so most probably this will be implemented from 2016 prelims.

  2. I think we should focus on studies rather than thinking too much on these mind diverting stuffs.

  3. Just copy-pasting this moral boosting article ….Hope it helps to all those aspirants worrying over Age Reduction ghost…including me !!
    On April 28th, 2014 a document related to decisions taken by the Government on Second Administrative Reforms Commission’s recommendations, was uploaded on the Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances (DARPG) website (It’s a department under the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions which is headed by the Prime Minister of India)

    The particular document which we are talking about has caused anxiety in the minds of thousands of civil service aspirants. The document talks about lowering the age limit to 26 and number of attempts to 3 for General (unreserved/open) category; 28 years and 5 attempts for OBC and 29 years, 6 attempts for the SC/ST category for civil service aspirants from 2015 exams itself.

    On the same website there are other documents uploaded under the heading – “Implementations of recommendations of 2nd ARC’.

    Note that the document was uploaded six months ago that too under ‘decision taken’ heading. It was the decision taken by the UPA government. It is not yet implemented.

    Some aspirants ‘discovered’ this document and posted it on public fora. Now, The Hindu has published a front page article on the issue, which is a good development (though the report is stupid and that too on front page)

    Now this will create uproar. The government will wake up to the fact that a relic of UPA is still lingering on its website. The government will be forced to take a decision – to implement this particular decision of UPA or not. And common sense tells us that it is very unlikely that NDA will implement UPA’s decision (now please don’t mention Aadhaar!)

    Meanwhile those who are giving Mains this year, and those who are preparing for 2015 exams, irrespective of your age, please continue your preparation without worrying about this particular development. What The Hindu has published is an old news. IAS aspirants were fast, journalists were slow. Now we have to wait and see how fast the present government is.

    Those who ‘discovered’ this document could have waited till the Mains-2014 were over and put it in the public domain. Well, ethics and EQ!

    We believe that this government is sane enough to remove/edit the document on its website and clear things fast. If not, it might have to get ready to face far worst protests than any previous governments have ever faced in recent history.

    If you are aware of politics of this country then you know that this decision will never be implemented. So, relax and happily prepare for the Mains/2015 exam. If the government takes an ‘adverse’ decision – don’t worry, ours is democracy. People will be on streets.

    Note: If you are an youngster and wants government to go ahead and implement this particular decision, you may have to consider thousands of aspirants who leave their well paying software/other jobs and decide to enter civil services after they celebrate their 27th birthday. You may also consider educated women, who forcefully/voluntarily get married at an early age and then decide to write this exam to achieve something in life when they are nearing their thirties. Most importantly, please consider our rural aspirants and their problems.

    You should know that most ‘educated’ Indians discover real education after their graduation. Preparing for this exam is an education itself. Preparing oneself to prepare for this exam itself takes lots of time. We hope the government knows this fact.

    Let’s hope for the best. And we request all to calmly go on with your exam preparation until the government clears the air.

    1. I can’t agree more :)

    2. is there any age relaxation for married woman?i think you tried to mention that….do clarify….

      1. @ Risha : Not that I am aware ofbut please refer to 2014 cse notification.

        1. i thought so coz you mentioned somewhat,anyways i wasn’t aware of such a thing either,thanks for the reply.

      2. No…110% not……………………
        No reservation based on marital status in CSE……………………….

  4. Thanks for the article :)
    Feeling little relaxed………….

  5. Hello everyone,

    I am also aiming for the Administrative officer paper in insurance sector and I was advised by an AO that follow the mrunal sir’s blog since then I have been following your blog sir and really benefited with the valuable information provided but just one question…….. I haven’t found any specific section regarding the AO exam as there are for other competitive exams so if anyone could tell me which is a similar exam like AO so I could follow the study plan of that exam and prepare for the same.

  6. never thought that hindu will restore to sensational journalism…..stale news ko front page pe aise chaap re hain jaise koi breaking news ho…. bina baat ke panic failane ka kaam hai ye to

    1. Anyway The Hindu did a good job in the sense that it could create some uproar which would ultimately beneficial to aspirants. It will send a clear frustrations of thousands of youth to the govt. Political leader Vaiko from Tamilnadu commented on this news and demanded the govt to withdraw from its move. :)

  7. I have just resigned from Po in Boi to prepare for civil services I hope this is not true otherwise I’ll be in great trouble

    1. hello shardol.I too resigned from bank for CSE.

  8. this article in Hindu made me more challenging . The toughest enemy , the strongest me . i love it. let me take on UPSC . let the WIN win me .

  9. Mrunal sir! Please clarify about lowering of age limits as it is published in todys the hindu news paper

  10. In this regard we should file the RTI ..
    Can anybody suggest to which department this RTI should be filed.I think UPSC is not responsible for this issue.

  11. DoPT will notify abt this, I too have quit my job to prepare for CSE. Probably there wasnt someone to guide me so I kept my 26 – 30 years for attempts!

  12. i guess this is really getting too much every 2nd month someone publish this news..please can anyone tell me how should i file RTI…as its difficult to handle these news in middle of preparation…mrunal sir can you please ………..comment as everyone is waiting for it.

    1. he Narendra Modi government declared on Tuesday it was not considering any proposal to reduce the age limit of civil service aspirants in an announcement that effectively buried the UPA’s last-minute decision to bring down the upper age limit by four years.The government’s move came in the backdrop of newsreports that suggested the Modi government would implement the decision finalised by the government early this year.”There is no proposal before the government to reduce the age limit for civil services,” a government spokesperson said.Instead of reducing the age limit, the government has already announced that civil service aspirants – who may have lost out due to changes in the exam pattern — would get two additional attempts and consequential age relaxation.Government sources told HT there had been several attempts in the past to explore the possibility of reducing the upper age for the civil services examination, right from the Atal Bihari Vajpayee-led NDA government’s tenure.”But they were all nipped in the bud due to opposition from the political class that feels it would put rural candidates at a disadvantage,” a senior official said, conceding that the politicians “did have a point”.The official said the Manmohan Singh-led Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) too had been keen on reducing the age profile of civil service candidates but was not able to have its way.The empowered group of ministers asked to study recommendations of the Administrative Reforms Commission, however, approved the decision to fix 26 as the upper age limit for unreserved candidates, 28 for OBC, 29 for SC/ST candidates with an additional 2 years for physically challenged aspirants.”But this decision does not mean anything since all decisions of the previous government would be reviewed, and processed afresh,” an official said.

  13. GLOBALIZATION:The collision of Indian, American and Chinese world visions

    Vision imparts role on every individual, society or nations as a whole with mission to be carried on by every entity with them be it an individual, society or nations. Human being is the only species which is bestowed upon with responsibilities, duties while other species merely responses with its inward stimulus i.e a mere stimulus-response continuum. As every human, societies have their own vision the nations also have their own vision. In a world which accepts “might is right” as a philosophy of guidance, it always precipitates into collision of visions/ideas,a system of dialectical war. India, historically in a disadvantaged position being exploited by colonial Europeans has vision of freedom, equality, anti-colonialism, anti-imperialism as its core values embodied in Constitution of India- A living document. Being a newly independent country with immense responsibility shouldered upon in uplifting the masses economically, socially and politically India faces envy with china and united states the two world powers after 1991 soviet collapse. Indian doctrine on foreign engagement places 3 stage hierarchy with indo-peripheral(indian subcontinent) engagement occupying first priority followed by indo-asian and indo-world.Being a largest nation politically as well as economically, occupying center stage in south asia, india follows the policy of mutual co-operation with its peripheral bordered nation, even though being continuously battered by nuclear powered pakistan. there exists a system of instability inherently in those nations with point of inter as well as intra regional contentions. For eg: terrorist-ISI links as well as terrorist government contentions in pakistan, bangladeshi militias tormenting bangladesh as well as secular fabric of india. Yet the point of agreement among these nations as well as india is- economic backwardness.India takes prime leadership in maintaining regional stability by giving to the needs of periphery as well as satisfying its need from peripheral nations through trade, invesments, water sharing with upper and lower ripparian states etc. But these steps ensures short time stability of indian subcontinent, india as a whole must move beyond these local aspirations. hence comes the second-in-line of foreign doctrine, i.e engagement with asia. Now comes the dilemma for indian engagement, since it has to face powerful rival in asia i.e china which too has similar aspirations(can even be said global aspiration) like india. The point of disagreement arises between our nation and china culminates to geo-politics rivalry.South china sea which is bestowed with huge oil reserves acts as center attraction for energy addicted china as well as resource needed india. China also follows intrusion policy in indian ocean, encircling india by buiding ports for friendly nations like mynamar,sri lanka, pakistan etc. In order to review its struggling economy its plans for “maritime new silk route” policy building trade routes along indian ocean states. Even though india has answer to chinese maritime trade i.e “project mausam” connecting indian ocean border as well as littoral states, china is better positioned than india in formulating as well as implementing its maritime silk route. With withdrawal of american headed security forces from afghanistan whose present regime has indian friendly elements with it, the future regime will be hugely influenced by china-pakistan axis. India has to engage more with china to keep the region away from turbulence also to keep pakistan off the bay.Both indian and chinese drive for expansion in west and central asia is guided by securing energy reserves from those regions. In future there is a dire need for india to engage more with its powerful eastern neighbour i.e china. Moving to the 3rd stage of hierarchy is india’s engagement with world.With the dissolution of soviet union and subsequent primacy of united states,india opened its economy in early 1990s for western investments.India with its earlier socialist inclinations is often doubted by west for its association with soviet union and often ostracised by west. the situation changed later with india’s open door policy with west . Now comes the contentions with the west, with india’s regional aspirations is often countered by western hegemony. With waning american influence from global politics and subsequent rise of regional powers, the west forms new bilateral alignments to counter regional powers like india in global forum like climate change talks, investments etc. For eg recent climate change agreements between united states and china and existing voluntary reduction by european union, systematically places india for more binding agreements. This is on contrary to which india is yet to achieve economic benefits from globalization due to india’s late entry in world stage.Countering every move of india by new alignments by powerful western nations and resurgent china, our nation is desperately in need of over-hauling its foreign policy to avoid more future contentions and enhancing more benefits to be reaped upon in an increasing ly open world with new opportunities coupled with resource constrains and subsequent inter rivalry among nations.

    1. is this essay being written by u??? or taken from somewhere else??
      if written urself then first of all very nice essay..i liked it.
      2nd thing if dnt mind would u like to share some good points regarding writing of an essay of g.s answers

      1. sorry its essay or g.s answers

        1. Yes fren i can share… but it may be very meagre compared with MRUNAL bhai… do continue following MRUNAL sir’s blog my sincere advice:)

      2. yes my dear friend this is my first essay venture.. i just recorded all my previous learning.. tats it.. no lift off

        1. thanks…for ur concern..
          i hope i could do better soon..
          i m just a begginner

  14. Sir,
    plz। add download option in pdf
    because print is very costly plz sir..

  15. I was not aware of the issue and I was shocked to see the front page news in the hindu. I hope this doesn’t gets executed. This exam demands a lot of psychological preparation or understanding from the person before even he firmly sets his foot forward. Not only has he to convince himself but also his dependents especially more in the case of a person from a economically lower, rural or oppressed section of the city.

    This decision if executed will go against the reason why this service was created. Inclusion of members from all sections of the society was and I believe still is the motto. The structure and eligibility conditions were designed to meet those goals. The second administrative reforms commission doesn’t stop with the lowering of the age limit, there is more on board and that worries me a lot.

    For aspirants from different disciplines they are talking about a bridge course. They are talking about a future where the basic eligibility would be to get qualified from a institute of public administration set up by the government. This particular move will greatly reduce the talent pool.

    Rather than blaming the hindu for the timing, I think publishing it on the first page has created greater awareness, it has the potential to put the government in a tight spot.

    I hope someone could clear the air of uncertainty as soon as possible, it is tiring.

  16. bhai log watch IBNLIVE …….says the notification about lowering age is out …… didnt expect such a retrograde step from MODI ….. regret to have voted for MODI …….. first they reduced SSC age from 30 to 27 ….nd now UPSC …….general category will be most affected …..this is certainly not the ache din we wanted !!!!

  17. After reading today’s Hindu, i could only think of the new song from PK ” BHAGWAN HAIN KAHA RE TU”

  18. Mrunal sir…hav mercy…kuch to bolo…yeh itna bhalta rumuor kyu .?? Has hindu lost all its senses.!!! Feel like cursing d journalist who posted dis on front pg…

    1. they should sack him?her.. caused a lot of unnecessary drama among students.

    2. don worry neeta.. continue ur preparation.. all these age reduction stuffs will end up to rumour.. keep in mind that there are lakhs of indian villages that is disconnected from indian communication fabric.. those lakhs of village may have many civils aspirants.. being democratic nation such preposterous affairs will soon water down.. never decrease ur mileage in preparation.. tats it.. rest all stuffs are trivial affairs..

  19. Govt says no to upa’s move to lower upsc age – hondustan times

  20. (Current Topic List) November Week 3
    1. Ethics & Rights issues
    * Centre to lower age limit for civil service aspirants

    Note: Content is already there in the comments section..

  21. same here juhi i am giving mains this time my first attempt three more left………….. i dnt thnk gov aisi stupidity karegi……..

  22. Wasted two hours worrying over this fact on hindu. I sort of had an other problem going on in the personal front, couple this with the news on upsc equals to emotional breakdown(mrunal style:)). But after reading the article posted by a raku i felt light. Why worry about things we don’t have any control over ? So i think its best to focus on our efforts to get better at cracking this exam. Even if the worst is to happen, you know what they say ‘you are never too old to set an other goal or to dream a new dream’!

  23. this is a clever ruse to lower the bargaining chips for csat…..a good mexican standoff.
    they’ll say we keep csat as it is or else age limit lowering….
    a clever gambit…..negotiating strategy is a top class one.
    they want to quell all protests and maintain status quo.
    CSAT vs Age reduction !!! that’s all it boils down to…

    1. Are bhai zyada dimag ke ghode na daudao hindu aur hindustan times ki report padho…khush raho aur padhai karo

  24. so finally for general category it is STILL 32 and 6 attempts right?? or are the morons vacillating again!!

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